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Currently Under Reconstruction: Welcome one and all! This blog/podcast is being rebooted. Join Gail-Marie and Stephanie C. Kernisan, two mixed queer sisters, as they talk pop culture, news, politics, feminism, intersectionality, and more.


  • Sound Check: MMJJ Reboot


    Sound Check: MMJJ Reboot: My sister and I have been toying with the idea of creating a podcast together. I was like, “what would we call it?” And she was all, “can’t we just call it Media Monkeys and Junky Junkies?” And I was like, “I guess we can…” This is just us talking and figuring out our mic setup. She thought it might be entertaining to others. 

  • Episode 19: Scar You For Your Days


    Episode 19: Scar You For Your Days: Probably one of the most spoilerific episodes of the show to date, Episode 19: Scar You For Your Days covers the 2009 thriller, ORPHAN as well as other evil child classics like THE BAD SEED and THE GOOD SON. But I never tell my listeners to skip an episode if they haven’t seen the subject matter, just listen to us instead! We’ll tell you everything you need to know and spice it up with our delightful commentary. So if you love movies about evil children, then tuck in and hold tight, because ORPHAN is an epic. For an extra lovable piece of media, check our website for Bootz Durango’s video review, “The Orphan.”

  • Episode 17: The Distant Future, the Year 3000


    Episode 17: The Distant Future, the Year 3000: Good news, everyone! This week’s episode is about the glorious adult cartoon, FUTURAMA. From the makers of The Simpsons, this fantastic sci-fi comedy rose like a phoenix from hilarity ashes after being cancelled in 2003, popular demand brought production back in 2008. Following Philip J. Fry frozen in 1999 and awoken in the year 3000, the show mixes the future with timely pop culture references and tons of glorious comedy gold. Special guest, Nick Melton and I also bounce around the topics of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the late, great Bea Arthur. Join us for the nostalgia, laughter, and what the hell, a couple of corndogs!

  • Episode 16: White=Crazy, Black=Cool


    Episode 16: White=Crazy, Black=Cool: Double Whammy! This podcast episode covers two topics. Kristina Dorsett and I do my first podcast on the medium of music. Our selection: The White Stripes! Coming out of Detroit in the late nineties, Jack & Meg White are two of the weirdest fucking people you’ll ever know about, but create some of the best music you’ve ever heard. Following a chat about their music and their documentary, Under Great White Northern Lights, we delve into love for the 2009 blaxploitation film, Black Dynamite! When his brother is murdered in a bad drug deal, Black Dynamite teams up with the C.I.A. and some of the baddest mamajamas from the streets to take down the drug cartel and those really responsible for his brother’s death. Both are super awesome with music to die for! Join us, won’t you?

  • Episode 15: Brad Majors is an Asshole.


    Episode 15: Brad Majors is an Asshole.: Let’s do the Time Warp again! After 35 years of absolute pleasure, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has become a CULTural phenomenon. Some of us grew up with it (me). Some of us managed to escape its magic all these years (JohnBo). Full of sex, gaity, rock n’ roll, and a whole lot of fucking nonsense, this movie is undoubtedly one of the classics. It’s what every cult movie dreams of being when it grows up. Join me, a self-proclaimed Rocky Horror “expert,” and John Boschini as we take away his Rocky Horror virginity in this week’s episode of Media Monkeys and Junky Junkies, guaranteed to thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you!

  • Episode 14: Left 4 Dead, Too!


    Episode 14: Left 4 Dead, Too!: Don’t you love zombie video games? I don’t, and even I love Left 4 Dead 2! Valve’s 2009 sequel to the best-selling zombie first-person shooter is 100% fantastic. Join myself and special guest Kelly Dove as we gush about our favorite game for the Xbox 360 and our great Fourth of July 2010 celebration. Happy Freedom Day to America, and Happy Hunting to the Survivors of Left 4 Dead 2!