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Listen to interviews with martial arts masters from around the world. Learn about the history and development of different styles and how martial arts continue to develop today.


  • Interview with Justin Waggle, creator of the first ever Kung Fu 'Lineage' board game

    20/03/2014 Duration: 35min

    Justin Waggle has been working for the past 2 years developing the concept of "Lineage" the strategy game. It is based on Chinese and Taoist principles and incorporates the philosophy of martial arts as an integral part of game play. "Lineage" the board game is currently running a Kickstarter campaign and they only have 11 days left to raise another $20,000. Take a look at the campaign video below and see for yourself. Show your support and you will receive a copy of the game or one of many other "backer prizes" when the game is in production. If they don't reach their goal of $40,000 by the end of the campaign, they will have to start from scratch! Check out Justin's company Gray Wolf Games:

  • Interview with Kimeda Takeshi Sensei - Head of the Aikido Yoshinkan

    20/03/2014 Duration: 42min

    Kimeda Takeshi Sensei talks about the philosophy and history of Aikido. Learn how he blends martial arts together and practices them separately and together. Check out the video of Kimeda Sensei performing at a demonstration below. And don't forget to check out "Lineage" the board game and show your support on Kickstarter for this great game. Lineage - The Board Game

  • E39: How to Appraise an Antique Katana with Weapons Expert Rafael Kosche

    14/10/2013 Duration: 48min

    Learn how to tell what went into the intricate making of each unique antique katana. The sword smith's signature, interestingly, is not the first thing you look at when evaluating the quality of the sword. Rafael shares some really great insights on this very interesting facet of history.

  • Tai Chi: The Perfect Exercise - Interview with Author, Master Arthur Rosenfeld

    15/05/2013 Duration: 28min

    Master Arthur Rosenfeld joins me for a short interview to discuss his new book with a unique perspective on Tai Chi and the myriad of benefits that it offers its practitioners. The book, "Tai Chi - The Perfect Exercise" will be released on June 4, 2013. For more information visit Master Rosenfeld's website: And preorder his new book now: Tai Chi--The Perfect Exercise: Finding Health, Happiness, Balance, and Strength

  • Transformation Through the Martial Arts

    19/03/2013 Duration: 57min

    An in-depth interview with Kajukenbo and Siddha Yoga practitioner Professor Barbara Bones. Hear how her profound experiences in both the outer and inner arts contributed to transformation for herself and her students. The video of this interview is available at Some background on Professor Barbara Bones: "My training in the martial arts began in 1971 in the art of Tae Kwon Do. I migrated to Kajukenbo (Gaylord Method) in 1972, being drawn to the freedom and creativity of the art. I am now an 8th degree in Kajukenbo. For many years I competed in tournaments and was named one of the top five female competitors by Black Belt magazine in 1975. After 1976, my focus changed to teaching. Along with Sifu Joyce Towne, I started Amazon Kung Fu in Eugene, OR. Many students reached the rank of black belt during those years including Professor Coleen Gragen, Sifu Anne Moon and Chief Instructor Aaron Ibbotson. My training in Modern Arnis was with Professor Remy Presas. His teaching inspire

  • E36: The Greatest Lessons from 2012 and what 2013 will bring

    10/01/2013 Duration: 18min

    In this episode I read several of the contributions made to the latest book "The Greatest Lessons from the Martial Arts". To submit your greatest lesson to the second edition of the book, go to: Also, the two new members of my family, due in March, are sure to bring about lots of change in my life. So I'm going to play things by ear and not force myself to do things that will be to taxing on my time until we get into the swing of things. That said, I'm not sure when the next episode will be published, but if YOU are interested in hosting this show, or being a guest host for one episode, or a few episodes, please give me a call or shoot me an email and we can talk about it further. 207-370-4298 /

  • Improve Your School's Enrollment with Mike Dolpies

    29/11/2012 Duration: 47min

    How is the business side of your dojo doing? You don't have to answer that.. (Just get Mike's free DVD) It's a hard industry, don't feel bad. Today I speak with former school owner Mike Dolpies who was able to bring his school out of the red and make over $1,000,000 in sales in just a few years. Since then he has devised a program to help other school owners succeed in their martial arts business while still having time to enjoy teaching and running their classes. He is the author of 5 books and has also been on Fox Morning News several times to share his success as well as Business of Martial Arts?? Let's admit it, most of us prefer teaching classes to running a business. But it's a necessary evil. Thankfully it has become a big enough industry there are people out there with some great strategies and cool tips and tricks. Mike is offering a FREE DVD to all school owners to help them improve their business systems and their approach to running their martial arts school. I have it and

  • Character Before Karate - An Interview with Kancho Deena Naidu

    15/11/2012 Duration: 53min

    Kancho Deena Naidu was the sixth graduate from the Japan Karate Do College under Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei. His training was hard and unforgiving but coupled with soft lessons of philosophy. Deena talks about his training with this world famous karate master and how he brought those, very Japanese principles across cultures to South Africa and then to Australia. Find out more about Deena Naidu at his Goshin Digital Dojo: Find his books at Santuary 108:

  • How Does Karate Motivate You?? Interview with Karate World Champion Clint Cora

    02/11/2012 Duration: 30min

    Clint Cora is a karate world champion the author of "The Life Champion in You" among many other books. He talks in this interview about his martial arts background and becoming a world champion competitor. But now he uses martial arts as a teaching tool, not in the dojo, but in corporate keynote speeches about becoming a better person. By applying philosophies from the martial arts you can improve many aspects of your life and increase your comfort zone. Clint also has a tragic and impactful personal story that he shares on this show and explains how he has overcome this tragedy and now uses this experience to help others overcome difficulties of their own. Clint's book: The Life Champion in You Personal Development Course - The Action Plan Creator How to Get a Pharmaceutical Sales Job Potty Train Your Puppy with a Litter Box

  • MALP Founder Tim Johnson's Background on Hiyaa Podcast

    12/10/2012 Duration: 43min

    Here's an interview with a dashing, riveting man by the name of Tim Johnson... Yes the guys over the Hiyaa Martial Arts Podcast had me on their show a couple weeks back and I think you'll appreciate the conversation as it sheds some light on the history of the Lineage Project and where we're going in the future. I also had a chance to share a little bit about my martial arts background as well. David Jones over at Hiyaa is a great guy and they have a really fun new podcast at: If you haven't heard it yet, go check it out, I think you'll enjoy it.

  • Interview Second Generation Krav Maga Expert Guy Dar from Israel

    28/09/2012 Duration: 29min

    Guy Dar is a second generation Krav Maga expert under Emi Lichtenfeld, the creator of Krav Maga. He is also the creator of the Self Defense Krav Maga online training course. As chief instructor of Full Contact Krav, Guy started his training in Krav Maga in 1980. He was authorized as a Black Belt and a Krav Maga Instructor in 1989. In this interview we talk about the basic concepts of Krav Maga and how it was developed in an area where there has been constant violence and fighting for centuries. The effectiveness of Krav Maga is being realized in the United States and all around the world even more every day. With all the violence in his area of the world, this art HAS to be efficient and effective and we talk about what makes it such an attractive art to soldiers, women, children and seniors alike. Mr. Dar was personally trained by Eli Avikzar through the last 15 years of Eli’s life in a special class of Eli’s top instructors. Guy became one of the highest ranked students of the late Master Eli Avikzar. Gu

  • The Making of the Katana - Interview with Rafael Kosche, Authority on Asian Weaponry

    13/09/2012 Duration: 01h05min

    What makes the Katana Blade so incredible? When and how was the technology developed? What are the best swords on the market today and how did we uncover the secrets of the Samurai? Learn about the basic metallurgy of the katana blade and what gives it it's unique and legendary characteristics. Rafael is an expert in Asian weaponry and has helped movie producers choose appropriate swords for films such as Kill Bill and the Last Samurai. If you're in the Los Angeles area, check out Rafael's seminar on Japanese sword making on September 22 at the Martial Arts History Museum. Find more information on Rafael Kosche and his weapons at: Rafael has also been on the History Channel discussing the history and legends of the katana, you can see a short clip below: And if you're looking to find the best blade made today, don't look for "Hanzo" steel from Kill Bill, you'll want to check out Paul Chen's "Hanwei" swords made from traditional materials in the traditional way: Golden Ori

  • Interview with Paul Wilson of Karate Cafe, Part 2

    09/08/2012 Duration: 54min

    The second part of my interview with the esteemed Sensei Paul Wilson of Karate Cafe. This time Paul talks about what has changed since he has been teaching and training. Elements of Judo, Jujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts have begun to be incorporated into Karate schools, however he stresses the importance of focusing on "depth" of training as opposed to "width". What's the difference between an MMA school and a diverse traditional school? Is there a saturation point for MMA? What has been added to the curriculum of Shorinji Ryu? Also, Paul offers two great tips that you can incorporate to help you improve your daily training.

  • Episode 28 - Interview with Paul Wilson of Karate Cafe on Shorin Ryu - Part 1

    08/07/2012 Duration: 32min

    Co-host and producer of another Karate podcast "Karate Cafe" comes to visit us at the Martial Arts Lineage Podcast. He talks about the influences of traditional Okinawan Karate and the different permutations of Shorin Ryu which has lot of Chinese influence as compared to other Karate styles. The word "Shorin" is the Japanese translation of the Chinese "Shaolin". He shares his thoughts on the way things might have been taught in ancient times and how that differs from or is similar to today's methods. Check out more about Paul Wilson at where him and his co-host have regular discussions about everything related to karate and life.

  • E27 - Wuxia and Other News

    24/05/2012 Duration: 22min

    It's official! My wife and I have sold our house and we're moving to the great state of Maine. It's been crazy trying to keep up with all my projects and pack up the whole house, but it's all coming together and we're both very excited for the move. In this episode I talk about Wuxia or an old form of Chinese literature based on fantastical (or historically accurate, you decide) tales of martial artists or other heroic figures. These stories exemplify the ideal qualities for what we think of as a humble, honorable and righteous warrior. If you like these podcasts, please don't forget to leave feedback on iTunes, it feels great to hear from all you guys and gals out there. I'm making lots of dangerous friends these days! I like to know I'm not making dangerous enemies! Stay tuned for the next episode with Sensei Paul Wilson of the Karate Cafe Podcast! I think you're really going to enjoy it. Have a great day!

  • E26 - Interview with Sifu Shi Yan Ming, Warrior Monk and Abbot of the USA Shaolin Temple

    22/04/2012 Duration: 33min

    "From the time you wake up till the time you sleep, sharpen your blade." A great interview with Sifu Shi Yan Ming, 34th generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk and founder of the USA Shaolin Temple in New York. The temple is designed to be a working replica of the original Shaolin Temple and will house disciples of kung fu as well as orphan children in need of guidance. Sifu Shi Yan Ming has been featured on the History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC, TLC, even MTV and many others, and is known the world over for his efforts to keep Shaolin Kung Fu alive and well in the modern world. Find out more about Sifu and the USA Shaolin Temple project at:

  • E25 - SGM George Pesare speaks about Professor Nick Cerio's Lineage

    28/03/2012 Duration: 24min

    A quick interview with Senior Grandmaster George Pesare to clear up some concerns he felt after listening to a recent episode of this show. I'll be working with SGM Pesare to release the second edition of his documentary DVD "Early Kempo in New England" which documents Nick Cerio training as a white belt under SGM Pesare at his kempo school in Rhode Island.

  • Episode 24 - AJ Perry on Marketing your Martial Arts School

    17/03/2012 Duration: 31min

    AJ Perry from Australia speaks of training with Jeff Speakman and his experience with Dan Inosanto. He's got some great techniques for improving your school's marketing especially for bringing on new kids to your school and methods to keep them entertained. We talk about his new books "Martial Games for Kids" and his other free product the "Games Day Blueprint". This is a downloadable PDF that will give you absolutetly EVERYTHING you need to help you set up a "Games Day" at your school that is specifically tailored to bringing in new business and strengthening the existing student base. AJ has left NOTHING out of this PDF and wants to share it with you to help improve your school. I think it's great that the development of martial arts and new strategies can be shared so easily with other instructors and school owners all over the world these days. Download the Martial Arts Games Day Blueprint directly for FREE. This is a must have! Thanks AJ! Check out his Martial Games for Kids website to watch a quic

  • Episode 23 - Interview with Diana Lee Inosanto, 'The Sensei' and God-daughter of Bruce Lee

    06/03/2012 Duration: 41min

    In this interview Diana Lee Inosanto discusses her childhood and what it was like growing up with the infamous Dan Inosanto as a father and Bruce Lee as her God-father. We also talk about her film "The Sensei " which she wrote, directed and co-starred in - an amazing movie that reflects how beneficial the martial arts can be for developing young people. We also talk about the impact that media has played in the expansion of martial arts in recent history. Finally Diana Lee Inosanto and I talk about her role in the upcoming documentary on Bruce Lee called I am Bruce Lee. Check it out on Spike TV premiering March 7th!

  • E22 - Interview with Shihan John James

    16/01/2012 Duration: 44min

    Shihan John James is currently the vice president of the Kempo Lo Kahi association of America. But in past years has had the opportunity to call himself a student and disciple of the revered Professor Nick Cerio, who was the founder of Nick Cerios Kempo and also helped to popularize kempo karate in New England. Prior to Professor Cerio’s passing in 1998 Sensee James was appointed to the executive board of Nick Cerios Kempo. He’s contributed to the martial arts lineage project and helped me to understand some of the intricacies of Professor Cerio’s lineage and is going to share with us some interesting discoveries he’s made in the history of Kempo during fact-finding missions in Las Vegas. In this episode he tells us about what it was like training with the revered Professor Cerio - a legendary name in Kempo Karate in America who passed away at a young age, but not before contributing great developments to the style of kempo karate. Shihan James talks about some of the technicalities of Nick Cerios lineage a

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