God Knows What



Provocatively hopeful! God Knows What offers conversation and interviews about current events, cultural issues, and religious topics, from a faith based perspective.


  • Easter, Bill Maher and The End of the World

    05/06/2011 Duration: 29min

    Tom talks about Easter, the Bill Maher documentary "Religulous" and the Harold Camping prediction about the Rapture and the end of the world.

  • The Secret

    29/09/2009 Duration: 29min

    For some reason, I had been of the impression that the popularity of “The Secret”– that book Oprah puffed a couple of years ago– was on the wane. I was recently proven wrong when I spoke with a bright, articulate young man who had just moved to the U.S. from Peru. He was deeply engaged in the book’s message. Then I did a little more digging and found out that it’s still a bestseller and there are a number of very popular websites and “spiritual teachers” promoting it (and thereby proving its truth?). So what’s it all about? The author claims it’s at the heart of Christian teaching… is it? That’s what I’ll be examining this week on the God Knows What podcast.

  • More Meaningful - Part 2 of an interview with Carolyn Schoenborn

    23/07/2009 Duration: 29min

    This week is the second part of the interview with Carolyn Schoenborn, executive director of Life Journey Ministries. This week, Carolyn talks about what it means to have a vocation in today’s corporate culture, and about her work with Life Journey Ministries.

  • Meaningful Work - An interview with Carolyn Schoenborn

    14/07/2009 Duration: 29min

    This week on God Knows What Tom talks with Carolyn Schoenborn of Life Journey Ministries about how work can be more than just an occupation. This is the first of two programs that examine how faith transforms our life at work.

  • Christian Economics - An interview with Professor William T. Cavanaugh

    09/06/2009 Duration: 59min

    Is the free market really free, and what exactly does that mean, especially when it comes to Christian life in a consumer culture? Tom interviews professor William T. Cavanaugh about his book "Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire".

  • Who was Jesus? Interview - Dr. Jeffrey Gibbs

    01/06/2009 Duration: 59min

    Who is Jesus and what did he really teach? This week, Tom interviews New Testament scholar Dr. Jeffrey Gibbs.