Flow With The Go



Flow With The Go is a show that will introduce new ideas and concepts about society, culture and anything that comes to mind. We ourselves are curious, and we like to look at situations from all angles and present the information in a way for you to draw your own conclusions. While mainstream media outlets are continuing with the status quo the information age is happening around them. We just want to do our part to awaken our fellow human beings. Be good to each other.


  • Episode #6 - Declaration of Independence: Yesterday and Today

    04/07/2013 Duration: 34min

    In this episode we celebrate the people of our great country be breaking down the Declaration of Independence. We point out the the great document is as powerful in today’s context as it was in 1776.

  • Episode 5 - Tibet and It's People

    25/06/2013 Duration: 45min

    In this episode we discuss the situation that happened in 1949 when the Chinese government committed genocide on the people of Tibet and expelled their government. We speak about Tibet’s relationship with the UN, the cold war involvement in the situation, the CIAs involvement, Nixon’s historic trip to China. Is there any future hope for the Tibetan people? Would technology have changed Tibet’s fate? Why is there a media black out of the current situation?Make sure to follow Rangzen on FaceBook.

  • News and Notes #1

    16/06/2013 Duration: 27min

    This episode introduces the short format show I am calling "News and Notes". These shows will be a bit shorter and cover several topics. In this show we talk with Ben about PRISM, Monsanto, Woolly Mammoths and Fetal stem cell donations.Here are some links to articles we cover.PRISM :http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/06/nsa-prism-data-mining_n_3399310.htmlMonsanto: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/05/31/monsanto-found-guilty-of-chemical-poisoning-in-france/Woolly Mammoth: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/05/31/187581614/report-of-liquid-woolly-mammoth-blood-prompts-clone-talkFetal Stem Cell Donation: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn21185-fetus-donates-stem-cells-to-heal-mothers-heart.html

  • Episode 3 Conspira-Truth

    28/03/2013 Duration: 51min

    In Episode 3 we talk about controversial events where if you were one of the early people speaking about this you were labeled a nut job, conspiracy theorist. These types of things have happened throughout history and we start with the more recent and move back in time. Items discussed include, the government mass bullet buy, drones over America, the war on drugs, the privatized prison system, the assignation of Martin Luther King and more. Hope you enjoy.

  • Episode 2 - Hidden History

    03/03/2013 Duration: 55min

    Here we talk about artifacts from history that are interesting and controversial. Objects discussed include the Antikythera Mechanism, Fisher Canyon Footprint, Crystal Sculls, Impossible Fossils and the Baghdad Batteries.

  • Episode 1 - FEMA / Police State

    07/02/2013 Duration: 01h06min

    In this show we explore FEMA and the ever increasing police state. Intro and outro music by ROAC out of Denver Co.

  • Episode Beta 2 - The Money Supply Discussed

    02/02/2013 Duration: 42min

    We discuss the money supply, how its created and other things.