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  • BC62 | At The Office


    Bit of a short episode this week, Been really busy with my first week at work, so appologies to The Freak Network & Rainbow Podsquad for no contributions. He is hogging up my libsyn space LA Ex thing New Job Office Culture New Collegues Appologies forgot to close with contact details (blonde moment) Other Stuff [...]

  • BC61 | Help Amy Find Her Moral Paralell


    In Todays Episode Of The Bubblecast… Just woke up and not prepared! Jeffz Craving BubbleCast Szammy Is Employed! Commited a sin (smoked in the house) Quit Smoking For 3 Days Then Relapsed Sunbaved But Got Sunburnt Instead Of A Tan Bank Business FUCK HSBC! Islamic Awareness Welcome To Forrest! Big Brotherness Guantanamo Bayness Reality Shows [...]