Congress Of Forms



Congress of Forms is a podcast consisting of recorded essays, philosophical reflections, and conversations about various aspects of being human.


  • Ep 4: America (Part 2)

    17/12/2014 Duration: 58min

    December 2014. In this fourth episode, Christy talks with folk musician Diane Cluck about American landscapes and how they make their way into her songs.

  • Ep 3: America (Part 1)

    16/11/2014 Duration: 59min

    November 2014. In this third episode, Christy asks a retired Army colonel, Vietnam veteran, Rhodes Scholar, and history instructor Paul Miles about why we should study American history.

  • Ep 2: Dreams

    19/10/2014 Duration: 01h01min

    October 2014. In this second episode, Christy asks Princeton neuroscientist Michael Graziano what a dream is.

  • Ep 1: Vocation

    21/09/2014 Duration: 01h02min

    September 2014. To better understand the concept of vocation, Christy speaks with two baristas, a rabbi, a professor of German literature, a professional viola player who quit music after an injury, and a recent Ph.D graduate who has decided to become a monk.