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  • Parables: Dishonest Manager


    It seems incredible that Jesus would tell a story where the dishonest person is the one being commended, yet that is exactly what he does. But he is not praised because he was dishonest but because he used his limited time and resources well...

  • Shaped By The Gospel: Politics


    Politics is one of the subjects you’re not supposed to talk about at the dinner table…or in the pulpit. Yet, 1. The Bible talks about it, and 2. It is one of the most polarizing issues of our moment. So how can followers of Jesus think Christianly...

  • Parables: Treasure


    Jesus tells two short parables about the gospel as a treasure in a field and pearl of great price. The two men in the parable recognized the value of what they found, were determined to have it, sold everything they had to make the purchase, and...

  • Shaped By The Gospel: Race


    In light of the recent “black lives matter” demonstrations that took place around the world and the more recent tragic news from Kamloops about a survey of the grounds at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School that uncovered the remains of 215...

  • Youth Sunday: This Changes Everything


    What did you want to be when you were young? Did you want to be a firefighter, doctor, or police officer? Often as kids we can dream about what we want to be, but as we get older the reality of that question can become daunting. Its especially true of...

  • Followers of Jesus


    Pentecost Sunday transforms the way that we are called to follow Jesus because we are empowered to imitate his example. Peter shows us how we rely on the Holy Spirit in our ministry and the goal of using our spiritual gifts for the glory of God.

  • Evidence of a Changed Life


    When someone experiences a radical physical transformation, they often look completely different – sometime even unrecognizable. Likewise, when a person encounters Christ (as Saul did), they are radically changed! Do our lives reflect this change?...

  • A Terrorist Gets a Testimony


    What transpires in our text is the most famous conversion story in all of church history. While Saul’s conversion and commissioning are unique, there is still a great deal for all of us to learn by studying his.

  • Evangelism 101


    Philip shifts from mass evangelism in Samaria to personal evangelism on a desert road. We learn a lot about sharing the gospel with others through his example.

  • Simon Says


    If our enemy can’t divide, discourage or destroy the church through ravaging persecution, he will switch strategies and employ distraction. As the early church faced a threat of distraction that had the potential to derail it from its message (The...

  • When The Church Is Forced To Scatter


    The mission of the church continues (and even thrives) when it is forced to scatter due to persecution. This reality isn’t isolated to Acts 8. It has played out throughout church history and into our present day. The question for us is, are we...

  • The First Martyr


    The first martyr of the church shows us not only what it looks like to boldly face even death without wavering, but also what a commitment to the gospel looks like in showing mercy. Stephen prayed for the forgiveness of his enemies as we have been...

  • Easter Sunday: Glorification


    Today we celebrate Easter! And the resurrection and glorification that Jesus experienced is promised to all who believe in His name! Our text tells us that those 'whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and...

  • Good Friday: Death


    Anthropologist Geoffrey Gorer wrote that “in contemporary culture death has replaced sex as the new unmentionable”. By and large we don’t talk about death or see death, and yet we all still die. But when Jesus died in our place it changed our...

  • Perseverance


    Running the race of faith in Jesus requires perseverance. What assurances and resources do we have from God that will help us finish the race strong? The Bible gives us wonderful encouragements and important warnings for the journey ahead.

  • Sanctification


    Sanctification is the process by which we grow in holiness—becoming more Christlike—throughout our lives. Unlike some other aspects of salvation (eg. God elects, God regenerates our hearts, God justifies us), we play an active role with God in our...

  • Adoption


    Adoption is one of the most beautiful examples of how the love of God takes us from being strangers to being members of his family. We are given a new place to belong, the assurance of being his own and all the privileges of being part of his family.

  • Justification


    Justification and condemnation (its opposite) are legal terms. Both are pronouncements of a judge. Romans 1-3:20 reveals that we all stand condemned before God. That is our reality and it is just. Then in Romans 3:21 we discover that through the...

  • Conversion


    Conversion is our willing response to the call of the gospel. Conversion means “turning” and has two united but distinct aspects: Turning from sin (repentance) and turning to Christ (faith). Apart from turning in these ways we cannot be saved. This...

  • Regeneration


    Apart from a new heart we could not respond to the message of the Gospel in repentance and faith but would remain enslaved to depravity, sin, and death. God’s grace is so impressive that He chooses to transform our hearts so that we may become...

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