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A weekly podcast about new comic books. Patrick, John, and Chad talk about the latest Image, DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse releases, along with some indie comics, trade collections, news, and more. You can follow them on Twitter at @32pages2staples.


  • Episode 54: The Poorly Timed Election Issue Episode

    15/12/2016 Duration: 01h16min

    In this episode, Chad and Patrick catch up on comics from the past couple weeks, including two election-centric ones. They also discuss their favorite type of annuals, what works and doesn't about "Invisible Republic," and the oddly compelling Antarctic Press. Here's the complete list of titles featured this week: Batman Annual #1 Faith #5 Ms. Marvel #13 Invisible Republic #13 Saga #40 Flintstones #6 Unfollow #14 Cannibal #3 Savage #1 Island #13 Batman #12 This week's music is "Run to Your Mama" by Goat. Contact us with comments, questions and suggestions @32Pages2Staples or 32Pages2Staples@gmail.com.

  • Episode 53: Put Some Effort into Your Comics Reading

    01/12/2016 Duration: 01h10min

    With John off saving his family, Chad and Patrick try and catch up on a couple weeks of comics, amid talk of Luke Cage and illegal arms dealing, what level of risk you're comfortable with in exchange for super powers, and Trekonderoga. Here's a complete list of the books discussed: Thanos #1 A.D. After Death Book One Ether #1 Harbinger Renegade #1 Black Monday Murders #4 Chew #60 Jessica Jones #2 Horizon #5 Wonder Woman - Brian Azzarello Run Wonder Woman #11 This week's music is "Come On Give Up" by Menace Beach. Follow us on Twitter @32Pages2Staples!