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Blooming Inspiration is all about helping others connect to God's heart while they embrace identity, discover passions, inspire those them & live full lives. Blooming where you are planted is the first step to living your wildest dreams.


  • Episode 12 | Blooming Inspiration Radio-The Little Taco That Could (Scott&Susan Wooley)

    05/01/2013 Duration: 4571h00s

    Scott and Susan Wooley share the inspiring story of how God's hand has guided them to a place of walking faithfully with Him and following His lead into the business of Food Truck owners and vessels of His glory. This show originally aired on internet radio (FBRN.US) in the Inspirational Bowl at the FishBowl Radio Newtwork on December 13, 2012.

  • Episode 11 | Blooming Inspiration Radio | "Making Christmas Special" w/ Lynnell Tysl

    27/12/2012 Duration: 5043h00s

    Our host, Michelle Bentham, is joined by Lynnell Tysl in the studio to talk about holiday planning in joyful seasons and seasons of change. They discuss everything from family holiday traditions, traveling plans, how to navigate seasons of change through death or even just empty-nesting, and how to center your holiday around Jesus as the reason for the season. This show originally aired on 12/6/2012.

  • Episode 10 | Blooming Inspiration Radio | Joey Allison - God's Waiting Room | 11/29/2012

    04/12/2012 Duration: 4787h00s

    In this podcast, Joey Allison, Pastor of Next Generation Worship and Creative Arts at Harvest Church in Watauga, Texas, shares about what it means to value seasons of preparation and waiting while learning to walk in your giftings, calling and the purposes of God. Joey understands well that blooming where you are planted is the first step to living your wildest dreams. Jump in and partake of this inspiring testimony of God's goodness in seasons of waiting and developing the heart of His children to accomplish Kingdom Purposes and live full lives.

  • Episode 8 | Blooming Inspiration Radio | Dreams, Visions & Prophecy and Thanksliving 11/08/2012

    04/12/2012 Duration: 3776h00s

    In this podcast, our host, Michelle Bentham, shares from her heart in two segments. The first is a message God has burned upon her heart from Matthew 1-3 about personal revelation that comes from God through Dreams, Vision and Prophecy. In the second segment, she shares about what it means to live a thankful life from a blog post titled: "Thanksliving for Thanksgiving."

  • Episode 9 | Blooming Inspiration Radio | "Liberating Captives 11/15/2012

    30/11/2012 Duration: 5290h00s

    Anne Ashton, Lauren Aycock and Valerie Cooper join host, Michelle Bentham share about their work with incarcerated youth. These women partner with various prison ministries and projects to provide art camps, mentoring and transition opportunities for at-risk youth serving sentences in North Texas Juvenile Detention Facilities.

  • Episode 7 | Blooming Inspiration Radio | LeadHer w/ Jesi Steiber & Stacey Bengtsson 11/01/2012

    06/11/2012 Duration: 4493h00s

    Jesi Steiber ( and Stacey Bengtsson (InsideOut Ministries) join host, Michelle Bentham, to share about their new ministry adventure with LeadHer Ministries ( all about equipping and empowering women to lead where they are and so reach their full potential in Christ. Jesi also shares about her journey walking out freedom from fear and discovering her destiny and identity as a writer. Jesi is a featured writer with This show originally aired on Thursday, November 2, 2012 from Arlington, Texas.