Positively Overcommitted



A podcast about the bright-side of an overcommitted, OCD, crafty life


  • Episode Seven: In like a lion?


    Sooooo much has happened over the last month. I’m rambling through this one.

  • Episode Six: The Rabbit That Wasn’t


    ✸Yarn -test knitting -my hate of cotton yarn on cheap needles ✸Thread -grandma’s sewing machines -flour sack towel stitching ✸Sugar -per tammy’s request -more vanilla cupcake trials -peeps ✸Life -the rabbit that wasn’t -going to see Meghan! ✸Crazy -going back to school ✸Coming to my senses Saw: Gnomeo & Juliet Thanks for listening!

  • Episode Five: New Year, New Crazy


    ✸Yarn -Yarn was touched for the 1st time in over a month ✸Thread -I finished a quilt!!!! ✸Sugar -Secret ingredients ✸Crazy Life -101 goals -Year in review -I finished my hutch ✸Coming to my senses I have not come to my senses this week at all, so I need to talk about camp! -space still […]

  • Episode Four: To-Do Novel


    ✸Thread -Paper snowflakes ✸Sugar -24 cupcakes -48 sugar cookies -70 oreo truffles -1 batch candy coal -marshmallows ✸Life -Bill Vann ✸Crazy -My to-do list -I was featured on KnittingContessa! ✸Coming to my senses Heard: Silence Saw: Christmas decorations Thanks for listening!  

  • Episode Three: Christmas Crazy & Creepy Crawlies


    ✸Yarn -not a thing ✸Thread -sewing machine drama -quilts ✸Sugar -Rice crispy treats with homemade marshmallows ✸Life -Thanksgiving -lice epidemic ✸Crazy -work volunteering ✸Coming to my senses Heard: Kina Grannis Saw: through new glasses from EyeBuyDirect.com Touched: little things Smell: winter Taste: toaster strudles Thanks for listening!

  • Episode Two: The Sound Of Scissors


    ✸Yarn -mittens -vivian ✸Thread -machine still broken -manual reading discoveries ✸Sugar -caramel apple pie -vanilla bean ice cream -bake-a-long ✸Life -christmas came early -hair cut ✸Crazy -christmas plans ✸Coming to my senses: Heard: i love math (played at the end of this episode) Saw: dexter Taste: deer sausage ✸CampKIP

  • Episode One: An Intro

    07/11/2011 Duration: 19min

    ✸A little about me ✸The things I like to do Segments I have planned for the show: ✸Yarn Bob’s birthday mittens ✸Thread My halloween costume Broken sewing machine ✸Sugar Crockpot applebutter Caramel apple cider cookies ✸Life Ear piercing ✸Crazy Refinishing a hutch ✸Coming to my senses Heard: Ben Folds at the St. Louis Symphony Saw […]