Previously Engaged



A podcast about relationships, marriage, and a walk with hosts Jess and Tyler as they plan their own wedding.


  • PE Episode 2 - Premarital Counseling (ft. Nic and Kat!)

    11/01/2016 Duration: 01h08min

    Today we talk about how to build a good foundation with premarital counseling, and we hear from our first guests Nic and Kat about how their new marriage is going. Don't forget: you can write in to the show at!

  • PE Episode 1 - Resolutions

    01/01/2016 Duration: 50min

    Welcome to the show! It's 2016 now, and Jess & Tyler are planning a wedding. Join them as they talk about what makes a good relationship, resolutions for the new year, and feel free to write in to the show at