Truth Or Dare With Lake, Billy & Blair



Two girls, one from Seattle, one from Malibu, and a New York Rogue thrown in to give the male perspective on it all....talking about dating, sex, men and relationships. Raw, off color at times, always hilarious. Dating tips and tactics sure to either destroy any chance of ever seeing them again, or enchant them beyond recognition....could go either way. Getting the upper hand. Tricks men use on women from their own mouths an vice versa. Instruction on how to apply sales techniques to relationships and dating. Very enlightening. Tell All Interviews with serial daters. Dares of each other and follow up interviews with the subjects of the dares to find out what REALLY happened. True Stories of how T.O.D. techniques succeeded or backfired. Insights into Love, Dating and Relationships. Men's secrets revealed by Men and Women's secrets revealed by Women. Compare and contrast of the two. Sometimes offensive, very Irreverent, Glib, a tad Arrogant, but no more so than Howard Stern.
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