Spell Weight Loss With Beth Spellacy



After years of "dieting" and searching for the right answer to lose my weight, I have finally hit on the real answer, healing from the inside. Join me on my path to weight loss as I heal the mind which, in turn, heals the body.


  • Spell Weight Loss #5: Turning Around The Negative


    Let’s talk about how we can take the difficult and negative things that happen in our thoughts and in our lives and turn them around through different methods. The negative will happen for all of us, that much is certain, let’s figure out how to manage through them and sometimes even turn it around!

  • Spell Weight Loss #4: Talk About Success


    Remembering to notice the times when we are successful at things that move us toward health beyond the scale and celebrating them. I had some of those successes, so come and have a listen and tell me your successes!

  • Spell Weight Loss #3: Self Trust


    In Episode 3, I delve into the idea of having enough trust in myself to not use a food blog. It’s a much bigger issue that I thought! Come check it out and enjoy! Please comment with any of your thoughts about this concept.

  • Spell Weight Loss #2: Body Acceptance


    Is it really possible to accept our bodies the way they are right now? I discuss this and much more on Episode 2 of Spell Weight Loss. Come, listen, enjoy and comment!

  • Spell Weight Loss #1: Back to Business


    My name is Beth, and this is episode 1 of my new podcast Spell Weight Loss.  In this episode, I introduce myself and tell my weight story and the effects of going to therapy. I’ll go through what I am doing nutritionally, how fitbit is working for me and emotionally what steps I’m taking to heal […]