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WYC Radio publishes radio stories and audio works made by students at Westbury Youth Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. twitter.com/WYCRadioWYC Radio, the Radio Programme of Westbury Youth Centre, produces radio reportages, podcasts and audio works from Westbury and wider Johannesburg. If you commit youll learn both the technical and expressional skills needed in radio work: the use of field recorders, studio equipment and editing software hand in hand with sound design skills and the basics of radio journalism.WYC Radio brings in surviving stories, hopeful stories, hard but not scandalised stories, views, wisdom, challenges, awareness, funny stuff, encouragement, non-googlable history, questions, humor, paths of life, art, challenges, legacies, all these in order to inspire people and to bring up issues that we, young WYC Radio reporters and audio enthusiasts wish to bring up. In high quality audio work. In order to take the public speech of our communities in our own hands and to showcase the rich ways of field work radio production often forgotten in the busy and studio-centered radio world.WYC Radio can also entail deeper sound engineering work, e.g audio IDs and radio adverts for interested, advanced students. Youll find these kind of works done so far by the tags of #ID or #advert.Who do we work with?From the perspective of contacts and cooperation, radio professionals come to Westbury Youth Centre and WYC Radio students visit radio organisations and radio stations. Our key partner in Jozi is a renowned community radio station Eldos FM 87.6. WYC Radio students' top stories and top entire talk shows are frequently broadcasted on Eldos FM. Dankie ma se kind for great cooperation, Bevelyn & co! Awe, any other radio station in Jozi, if you want to jump on this young revolutionary radio train, please let us know. Our small devoted team at the Die Kaas se Stasie station is open to all suggestions.Our international partners include e.g. various educational institutions in Helsinki, Finland (both upper secondary and university level radio schools), a radio station called Kaupunkiradio as well as many independent musicians.How is it done?All our studio equipment (microphones, mixing console, connectors) as well all the digital fieldwork recording equipment (mostly Zooms) are donations from radio partners of Westbury Youth Centre: mostly Finnish musicians, radio stations and sound engineering professionals. We edit our work with free professional quality sound editing software: Studio One Free. The podcasting work is done with free professional quality studio software: Radio DJ and Audacity. The software used in WYC Radio are chosen based on their quality and free accessibility.Who is doing WYC Radio?The passionate students. From the facilitating perspective WYC Radio was initiated and established during the period of September 2014 June 2015 by two Finnish teachers, Matias Harju and Kaisa Osola. Starting from July 2015 they operate as minor fundraisers and international supporters of the programme from Helsinki, Finland. WYC Radio is now proudly lead by a tree-membered team of Martin Bouwers, Chellon Palmer and James Seetelo. Martin Bouwers and Chellon Palmer are former students of the programme. James Seetelo works as the Social Media facilitator of WYC. Many of the 20142015 students are still firmly around and operate their podcast shows and reportages in our very own working space at Westbury Youth Centre: WYC Sound Hub a.k.a. Die Kaas se Stasie. A new intake of students will start in August/September 2015. Follow the details at WYC Radio Twitter and WYC Facebook: facebook.com/WestburyYouthCentre.*Sounds fancy? Theres practically no budget allocated for running WYC Radio. To support the programme and to keep radio work in Westbury alive and kicking, come to Friends of WYC Radio: friendsofwycradio.wordpress.com.


  • Uncle Couzen's Lounge Episode-20: Westbury's Toasties King and Queen.

    14/04/2016 Duration: 43min

    In the late 80's Westbury was infested with gangsters that had no mercy towards other gang members. During that time the community had a form of entertainment to help them forget about the daily violent activities and it was called "Toasties" Bridget Munnik, a community leader and a well known social worker partnered up with Charles Louw, an activist and a comrade, to give us a taste of their former life. They gained the reputation of King and Queen of the dance floor. Aunty Bridget and uncle Charles joins Uncle Couzen in studio and takes us on a waltz down memory lane from one club to the next showcasing their amazing craft. The good news to this story is that the gangsters traded in all their weapons to strut their moves on the dance floor. Just goes to show how powerful this medium is. Photo by Martin Bouwers

  • Uncle Couzen's Lounge Episode - 19: Our Soil Is Our Gold

    02/03/2016 Duration: 01h16min

    Let me start off by reminding you of the importance of our culture, food and our health, without these we are merely existing. Meet Miche Fabre Lewin and Gathrone Hardy two researchers who have a passion for sustaining the earth. Uncle Couzen meets with them at the Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry School, for an in depth interview where they inform us on just that. They unearth their collaboration with the school with regards to their coming together and proudly speak about the future with reference to our current environment. Listen carefully as they reveal the benefits of mother earth and come to the realization that our soil is our gold. Photo By Alsenio Philander

  • Uncle Couzen's Lounge Episode - 18: Music Was My Comfort

    03/02/2016 Duration: 37min

    Matthew Kidmore, a young man from deep in the rural Northern Cape province, came to Johannesburg known as the city of gold. As he got to Jozi, he discovered that the music industry was on track and since he had a passion for music he started creating music. With both his parents deceased he had no support, the music industry was a hard place to get in and so he decided to study at a local institute while holding on to his dream. He was homeless for a while but music became his comfort. Music - Matthew Kidmore - Physical Ballance - Makuapeni a.k,a side chick

  • Uncle Couzen's Lounge - Episode 17: Drugs Was My Daily Bread Until I...

    01/10/2015 Duration: 45min

    Rafique Ferguson, born, bread and buttered in Westbury, got hooked on drugs at a very early age in his life. He was addicted to drugs for 20 long years. We through either personal experience or the experience of our families know the end result of drugs. It either results in mental and or physical scarring, prison or death. He luckily escaped death. Sit down with Uncle Couzen in Uncle Couzen's Lounge and listen to the story of a remarkable man. Music Black Daimond - When I Smoke Black Daimond - Gangta Holliday Photo by Unknown

  • Uncle Couzen's Lounge - Episode 16 You Keep What U Have By Giving It Back

    17/09/2015 Duration: 01h08min

    SOMEONE just got paid! Billaal Hendricks a.k.a Cosmic Sky just got his first pay check from his newly signed record label, as we sit with dollar signs in our eyes. Uncle Couzen is joined in studio by Your Girl T (Natasha Hein)and Billaal, who has opened a music production class at the Westbury Youth Centre. He has a total of 9 students, thus far. Mr Cosmic Sky has been on Uncle Couzen's Lounge before, https://soundcloud.com?q=my%20music%20rocked%20berlin a few weeks ago and i only played a few of his latest tracks. On this particular show we dig into his first album(that he created, mixed and produced} and we also hear about the lack of support that his mom has been giving him. Here's what he had to say... Music by Cosmic Sky Photo by Unknown

  • Uncle Couzen's Lounge - Episode 15: Is Drugs a Spiritual Battle

    12/08/2015 Duration: 34min

    Women's month edition: Women of worth In August we celebrate women's month in South Africa and how fitting is it that Uncle Couzen has a women in studio? The women in questioning is Megan Hahn, who can be described as strong and beautiful. She shares her story about her 10 year battle with drug abuse. She, two months ago, decided that enough was enough. She is a work in progress and she deserves to be celebrated and supported. Find out more on Uncle Couzen's Lounge and listen in on how this women overcomes her spiritual battle. Music in order of appearance: Hunger for life: The Nuri Ladder to the stars Photo by Matias harju

  • Uncle Couzen's Lounge - Episode 14: My Music Rocked Berlin

    25/06/2015 Duration: 37min

    Bilaal Hendricks, a young man from Westbury, Johannesburg has a dream of becoming a producer. How it all began... It all started when he agreed to do a few DJing gigs for his friends and the rest is history. Or is it? He later went on and produced his own EP, which opened a few doors locally. Mr Cosmic Sky, as his known, reveals to Uncle Couzen just how he had to hustle to make himself known to the world. His big break finally came when two famous DJ's, Dimetry Vegas and Like Mike heard his music on SOUNDCLOUD requesting his permission to play his music at one of the biggest music festivals in Berlin, Germany, which is called Tomorrow Land. The fruits of his labour did not end there. In May 2015 he got signed by one of South Africa's biggest recording labels, Afrika Motion. Temporary photo (waiting for the right one) by Matias Harju

  • The Classroom / Phapusi – Lenaneyo 8: Mmuisano katsa magadi

    08/06/2015 Duration: 35min

    Ke ago amogela mo lenaneyong la Phaphusi, ke kgaolo ya borobedi (8). Mme lenaneyo lone le bua ka tsothle tse resa dirutiwang ko sekolong. Ma-Aforika bale bantsi ba setse ba ingangatletse ka ngwayo ya bona, golo gantsi ga gotliwa mogo tsa setso. Bontsi jwa bone ba setse ba duela magadi ka dikgomo. Magadi ke eng? Goreng magadi a tshwanetswe ke gorerwa? Ke mang yo o maleba goka rera magadi? Ke bone gole botlhokwa gore ke tlhophe James Seteelo gotla gobuisana le ene katsa magadi, gonne James o ile a tlhoya tsebe fa gone go rerwa magadi aga kgaitsadiagwe ko lapeng. James o utlwileng? Retla utlwa ka ene. Music: Ngoma by Groff, feat. Black Tablet and Tona We've Got The Balls by The Plastic Explosives Photo: Matias Harju

  • Uncle Couzen's Lounge – Episode 12: From A Teenage Drug Dealer To A World Class Pastry Chef

    01/06/2015 Duration: 35min

    Awe couzens, meet Kelvin Joel, a guy from Westbury west of Johannesburg, South Africa. He dropped out of school at the tender age of 12 and started selling drugs for a gang leader, as the story of a young guy often went those days. But as time went on, he was provided with shelter by a local church under conditions that he would take over the cooking for the church members. It was not long after that Kelvin fell in love with cooking. Without the idea that it would change his life forever. Later he managed to complete school and received a diploma in hotel management. He met up with pastry chef Linda Kotze and won a scholarship in Atlanta, US, where he discovered he wanted to be a pastry chef. Not long after he was offered a job at one of South Africa's top hotel groups and became the first black pastry chef to work at Sandton Sun Hotel. It did not end there. Kelvin also represented South Africa at the Culinary Olympics in Germany 2003. Today Kelvin runs the successful Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry sch

  • Uncle Couzens Lounge - Episode 11: Are Kids Spoiled And Endangered By Technology?

    25/05/2015 Duration: 31min

    Welcome to another one of Uncle Couzen’s special and crazy Lounges. I’m always very unlucky when it comes to invited quests’ showing up. But the show must go on! Uncle Couzen fought back, and this Friday’s episode turned out to be uitsteekend, a show to remember. A big thanks goes to Dick Solomons, a social worker at the Westbury Youth Centre, and Keisha Maconi, a good friend of mine and a student of life, who came to join me on a very short notice. 

Today we debate how technology has evolved and what impact, both positive and negative, it has on our kids. The elderly people often say, that things were better in the old days when there was less technology and more played games and hung around in huge groups. But as time has gone by, things have become a lot more dangerous and kids are placed in the safety of their homes with more technology. Their gadgets have become their best friends – or their worst enemies. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Is there a right or a wrong? Please listen and comment. Music in ord

  • The Classroom - Episode 7: What happens in lobola negotiations?

    22/05/2015 Duration: 31min

    Welcome to the Classroom! This is the seventh episode of my weekly show, all about the things they never taught us in school. When the South Africans fall in love and get married, they still, up to this day, pay lobola for the brides-to-be. What is lobola exactly? Who is suppose to negotiate and decide on lobola? What do you say or talk about when you negotiate lobola? How much is it? For this love negotiation Classroom I am joined by James Seetelo, a young Tswana man who happened to hear his sister's lobola negotiations. Music: Love Story by Shezzy.K Wedding Song by Bill Frueh Photo: Martin Bouwers

  • Uncle Couzen's Lounge - Episode - 10: Scent Of Portia's Bakery

    13/05/2015 Duration: 19min

    If you listened to Uncle Couzen's Lounge Episode 9, you already know this super strong, sexy and succesful woman. Last week she joined Uncle Couzen in studio, but because the magic of her work happens in her Bakery, I could not resist a chance to pay her a visit. Portia Esau opened her own Bakery three years ago at her home and since 2015 she has been running her business at the premises of Together Action Group in Westbury. When I got to the bakery I was overwhelmed with the scent of freshly baked cakes. Red Velvet in particular is one of Portia's signature cakes. Come inside to learn how it was traditionally made and how to check when the cake is baked to perfection. And how did she come about renting this bakery? "That's a story on its own." And the story is here. Music: Jak De Priester - 'n Foto Photo: Natasha Hein T.A.G. Together Action Group (www.facebook.com/pages/Together-Action-Group/482610968433642) is an organisation that does a lot of community work in Westbury, like an afterschool program a

  • The Classroom in Setswana - Lenaneyo 6: Make your Way to Professional

    13/05/2015 Duration: 32min

    Welcome to the Classroom, a show dedicated to all the things they never taught us in school. This is my second episode in Setswana. Areyeng! If you listened to episode 4, The Classroom with Steven Pienaar’s former coach Clive Wessels, you already know this guy. Thabang Loeto is a talented soccer player from North West. He’s on his way to professional soccer, so the front row asks: How do you take care of the talent you have? What are you doing to make it work for you in the future? What do you think about the tips that Clive Wessels gave to you a few weeks ago? Do they work? And all in all, can your hard work take you somewhere you wish to be? Music in order of appearance: Whatever feat Gucci Mane/young Dro by QMachette Chat Cox: Who Wan't it Photo: Lyndlee Johnson Phaphusi - Lenaneyo 6 : Itirele tsela ya gago goya porofeshenale Ke ago amogela mo lenaneyong la Classroom, Ke kgaolo ya borataro (6) ebile ke lenaneyo la bobedi (2) ka leleme la Setswana. Mme lenaneyo lone le bua ka tsotlhe tse resa dirutiw

  • Let's explore Anything and Everything - Episode 2: Chickchat

    11/05/2015 Duration: 28min

    Put three beautiful ladies in a studio. Get a beautiful chickchat. Right? Right! This week I explore how women react to questions from the opposite sex. What questions? Questions like the biggest sacrifices we've had to make to achieve a goal, do girls snore, is a woman's place in the kitchen. Who's the opposite sex? It's guys that are on my social networks. Who are the women? They're Calista Petersen, a black eyeliner fanatic, and Deanelle Van Greenen, a hair color enthusiast. So sit back, relax and lend your ears to somewhat weird, crazy and funny questions. Photo by Martin Bouwers Music in order of appearance by Beverly Girl: Go with what you got Beverly Girl: Move on PS. One more thing before I let you listen, there's a few technical issues in the beginning of the show.

  • Let's Explore Anything and Everything - Episode 3: Mother's Day Edition

    08/05/2015 Duration: 32min

    Brand new week, brand new episode. For the sake of the 10th of May, I wanted to pay tribute to all the mothers in the world. I also, for the very first time, wanted to have two guys in the WYC Sound Hub studio, with me. So it's about to go down! Drum roll please. Miss T introduces you to Martin Bouwers and James Seetelo. They are as crazy as I am, as they were willing to engage in this profound, sincere and hilarious discussion about their relationship with their mothers. So sit back and have a listen. Photo:
Chellon Garth Palmer Music:
 Black Diamond: Intro

  • Uncle Couzen's Lounge - Episode 9: Baker Mom's Hard-earned Recipe to Success

    04/05/2015 Duration: 33min

    Portia Esau is a beautiful, smart, sexy and successful woman who changed her stars by baking. She joins Uncle Couzen in his lounge and starts by giving credit to her grandfather for influencing her way to the kitchen. However, not all was good and well for young Portia in Westbury. She had to keep her dreams on hold for many years. She worked very hard, in many corporate jobs, even overseas, to put food on the table for her family – and witnessed how her brother almost destroyed his and the whole family’s lives through drugs. What motivated her even more was the loss of a very close family member, and her drive grew even stronger, when she became a mom. Uncle Couzen introduces you to a superstrong woman who always praises God for her blessings. And now, after a lot of hard work and struggle, she has her own successful bakery in Westbury. Here's her recipe to success. Music: Louis Presentation - I'm Free Photo: Natasha Hein

  • Uncle Couzen's Lounge - Episode 8.2: "Bang of the gun: everything stopped and everything started"

    28/04/2015 Duration: 32min

    In a community filled with terror and violence Roystan Le Bon, a 13 year old teen, shot and killed the man who terrorised him and his family. Now a professional actor and rapper. In this second half of his story Roystan tells us how he found himself in acting and music, and how he is giving back to the very same community. If you missed the first part of the story, episode 8.1, where Roystan tells us what happened in 1995 when everything stopped and everything started, you can listen to it here https://soundcloud.com/wycradio/uncle-couzens-lounge-episode-8-part-1 Music: Black Diamond aka Roystan Le Bon - Isolated Star Photo: Chellon Garth Palmer

  • Uncle Couzen's Lounge - Episode 8.1: "Bang of the gun: everything stopped and everything started"

    24/04/2015 Duration: 37min

    In a community filled with terror and violence Roystan Le Bon, a 13 year old teen, shot and killed the man who terrorized him and his family. Now his a professional actor and rapper. Roystan shares his story with Uncle Couzen on what exactly happened that year in 1995. How everything stopped and started at the very same time. This first half of Roystan's story ends by the gates of prison. In the second half, Episode 8.2, the story goes on how he survived prison and how his doing all he can for no kid to live through what he did. You can listen to the second half of this incredible story here https://soundcloud.com/wycradio/uncle-couzens-lounge-episode-8-part-2 Music: Black Diamond aka Roystan Le Bon - Trails and Tribulations Photo: Chellon Garth Palmer

  • Let's explore Anything and Everything- Episode 1: How to survive in this world?

    21/04/2015 Duration: 28min

    "How to survive in this world?" was my very first podcast show. How I survived it? Hmmmm, have a listen. Tell me! Have you ever wanted to know how someone other than yourself survived moments in their life? Wonder no further. I'll introduce you to Roelle Stuurman, a very wise and passionate woman, who shares with great eagerness four life defining moments that she had to survive in this world. So borrow me your ears and explore how to survive your first interview or even the death of a loved one. Photo by Matias Harju Music in order of appearance by Track Jackit: Questions Answered The Plastic Explosives: Keep It Up

  • The Classroom - Episode 4: How to make your way to become a professional soccer player?

    20/04/2015 Duration: 26min

    Welcome to The Classroom, a show about all the things they never taught me in school. This is my 4th episode. Finally on soccer! Who took Steven Pienaar, a world class soccer player from Westbury, to the proffesional football teams? Clive Wessels, my guest of today. Clive Wessels joins the Classroom to talk about how he helped Steven Pienaar to go professional and how young talented players can build their career in football. "Baby" also tells us what he is doing now to help his community. Go, Westbury Argentina! Music : The Plastic Explosives: We've Got the Balls Photo : Chellon Garth Palmer

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