2 Pints In



Comedians Jeff Schouela and Paul Baluyot interview the most eccentric people from all walks of life.


  • 2PI S2 E7- Tranna Wintour

    30/09/2013 Duration: 31min

    2 PINS IN spoke to Trans-Gendered and unconventional personality Tranna Wintour! He dresses in women’s clothes, does the makeup, the whole 9, and brings the glamour to the party. Not a fan of labels, Tranna explains why and how his transformation came to be. A fascinating discussion with a truly colorful character.

  • 2PI S2 E6- Hollywood Part 2 (Crazy Stories)

    23/08/2013 Duration: 15min

    Montreal street legend "Hollywood" shares some of his greatest stories from his crazy life.

  • 2PI S2 E5- Hollywood Part 1

    16/08/2013 Duration: 27min

    2 PINTS IN sits down with Montreal street legend "HOLLYWOOD!". He's a crazy character who claims to have a PHD, a PanHandler's Degree, and we believe him! He's also the reason we started this podcast. Enjoy Part 1 of a 2 part series.

  • 2PI S2 E4- Weatherman Frank Cavallaro

    16/07/2013 Duration: 32min

    Frank Cavallaro has been a household name in Montreal for many years. We think he controls the weather. He was nice enough to sit down with 2 PINTS IN to discuss his career and how he ended up as the city's most recognized weatherman. (BTW, he hates winter)

  • 2PI S2 E3- Chantal Desjardins

    05/05/2013 Duration: 41min

    Chantal Desjardins does it all; radio, television and even the occiasional comedy show. 2 PINTS IN sits down to discuss how it all began, going back to her childhood in Winnipeg, her move to Montreal and her busy life on the airwaves. She is perky, humorous and fun to listen to, enjoy!

  • 2PI S2 E2- NDP Dan Quinn

    04/04/2013 Duration: 41min

    2 PINTS IN talks politics with Dan Quinn. Dan is young, hip and a member of the New Democratic Party. We discuss his beginnings as a teen, running 2 campaigns, his time spent with Jack Layton, as well as his time as a teacher and radio show host. A very compelling interview for all.

  • 2PI S2 E1- Irish Mike The Cab Driver

    08/02/2013 Duration: 22min

    Irish Mike has been driving taxi's for close to 35 years. 2 PINTS IN talks to him about his beginnings, how Montreal has changed, driving Pierre Elliot Trudeau, brushes with violence, and some other great stories that helped shape his career as one of the city's most celebrated cab drivers.

  • 2PI Episode 12- Porn Star Vandal Vyxen

    08/12/2012 Duration: 47min

    2 PINTS IN sat down with the lovely and talented Vandal Vyxen. We talk about her life in porn, how she got started, relationships, sex and so much more! She is super cool, so much fun to talk to and look at!

  • 2PI Episode 11- Blind Waiter/O.Noir

    23/11/2012 Duration: 51min

    2 PINTS IN sat down with Matthias, a legally blind waiter who works at O.Noir. Listen to this very interesting discussion in which Mattias talks about serving tables while being visually impaired, his university studies, and how he's addicted to the rush of biking downhill at high speeds. You’ll enjoy this!

  • 2PI Episode 10- Professor David McGimpsey

    09/11/2012 Duration: 48min

    2 Pints In sits down with one of Concordia’s favorite Professors. David McGimpsey teaches creative writing and poetry for which he was recently nominated for a Governor General’s Literary Award. David discusses his humble beginnings as a writer, adventures with his students and his music band Puggy Hammer. He’s a gnarly guy.

  • 2PI Episode 9- Disabled Motivational Speaker Michael Lifshitz

    30/10/2012 Duration: 01h03min

    2 PINTS IN sat down with an amazing man. He was born with Multiple Congenital Musculoskeletal Abnormalities. In addition to wearing an artificial leg, Michael walks with a cane and uses a wheelchair for longer distances. Despite his obstacles, he still managed to achieve an MBA, became a chartered accountant, sold his practice, and is now a stand-up comedian and motivational speaker. "We all face challenges, mine gets me better parking spots." - Michael Lifshitz www.MichaelLifshitz.com

  • 2PI Episode 8- Tattoo Artist/Sin City

    21/10/2012 Duration: 42min

    2 PINTS IN discusses tattoos and body piercings with one of Montreal's finest tattoo artists, Cory Crosbie from Sin City!

  • 2PI Episode 7- Sam the Doorman

    12/10/2012 Duration: 52min

    If you’ve ever been on Crescent street, you’ve passed Sam the Doorman at Sir Winston Churchill’s, Winnie’s and Karina’s. He’s been working there for over 20 years and is head of security for all 3. He’s seen it all, and has some great stories about drunken confrontations, celebrity sightings, and kids with fake ID’s. We called him Steven Segal, and we think he liked it.

  • 2PI Episode 6- The Green Phantom

    04/10/2012 Duration: 53min

    2 PINTS IN gets behind the mask of professional wrestler THE GREEN PHANTOM! Get inside the head of a guy who throws himself through tables, squashed his own testicle, endures concussions, and loves every minute of it. Also a great story of his encounter with Jake the Snake Roberts!

  • 2PI Episode 5- Ray

    28/09/2012 Duration: 36min

    2 PINTS IN sat down with a 67 year old man who’s been through many hardships: Homelessness, sexual abuse, witnessing his father's death, the murder of his best friend, drug addiction, and through it all, he still considers himself lucky. This is a very touching and intense discussion about the life of our new friend Ray.

  • 2PI Episode 4- Jimbo's Pub & The Comedyworks

    28/09/2012 Duration: 24min

    2 PINTS IN sat down with Ian and Dennis to talk about the history of Montreal’s beloved Comedyworks and Jimbo’s Pub. They work there, and are cool guys.

  • 2PI Episode 3- Guitar Man

    28/09/2012 Duration: 37min

    Don, aka “The Guitar Man”, has been entertaining Montrealers for over 40 years. You may recognize him by the “Cat in the Hat” he keeps on his guitar case, or by his booming voice to classic Pink Floyd tunes. Either way, the man is a true Montreal street legend. Listen to Don talk about his nightly adventures, his run-ins with the cops, and a few celebrity stories along the way. (No one died in the taping of this podcast)

  • 2PI Episode 2- Hotel De La Montagne Closes

    28/09/2012 Duration: 49min

    Hotel De La Montagne, which resides in the heart of downtown Montreal, and is famous for its rooftop pool/terrasse, is closing its doors on Sunday. So 2 PINTS IN sat down to reminisce with the man whose been there for 30 years. Listen in to Daniel Lamoureux, as he recounts some classic stories about working there for 3 decades!

  • 2PI Episode 1- Spoons Guy

    28/09/2012 Duration: 23min

    Cyrille, aka, “The Spoons Guy” was kind enough to grant us an interview in English. In our discussion, we learn about what he was doing before his Spoons fame, his conflict with Ogilvy’s, a few crazy stories with fans, and his opinions of Montreal.