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In an age of unprecedented information sharing Truth B Told stands as a pillar of raw, unfiltered candor representative of the generation it was derived from. Three co hosts, from different walks of life, come together to offer their thoughts on various subjects. Although they may not always agree, it is guaranteed that listeners will always be provided with upfront and honest opinions. Embark on this journey of exploring one's thoughts in order to find truth in self and society. Join our hosts as they explore the world through conversation and offer their vulnerability as evidence of their individual truths.


  • S2E7: AI: Is Your Future Secure?

    15/10/2017 Duration: 01h56min

    Truth B Told’s curtain call finishes as strong as we started. With our special guest and subject matter expert Eric Downing we dive into the current state and future of artificial intelligence. Is your job safe? How reliant will you be? We also discuss our top 3 shows of all time, is it okay to cry?, and the traumatic events following Charlottesville. Thanks for riding with us and being a fly on the wall. Originally recorded on 8/20/17

  • S2E6: Pre-30 Crisis

    15/10/2017 Duration: 02h05min

    As we are at the penultimate episode of Truth B Told podcast we embark on the anxieties, fears, and excitement of turning 30. What do we have to look forward to and what have we already accomplished? Should we allow social constructs to cloud our path? We also discuss current event topics such as the text suicide trial, Lil Duval's attack on the LGBTQ+ (etc?) community, and much more. Originally recorded on 8/6/2017

  • S2E5: The Fall From Grace

    15/10/2017 Duration: 01h56min

    What’s up world? On this episode of Truth B Told, originally recorded 7/23/17, O decided to go on vacation so we called our friend John Igo back up to the studio. We talk about new music, Game of Thrones, Mayweather v McGregor and more.

  • S2E4: Where's The Fight Party At?

    18/08/2017 Duration: 02h34min

    [Originally recorded 7/9/17] In this episode of Truth B Told we introduce a new co-host John Igo! If you're familiar with TBT then you know Igo from being a guest last season as well as hosting our Think Tank event this past February. Plus - Self Love/Hate, McGregor vs Mayweather, Uber Cab Confessionals, Kardashian Drama, and plenty more! Intro/Outro by Chasey Peralta Engineered by Yoka Music playlist by @BostonHipHop

  • S2E3: Nostalgia (RIP Prodigy)

    09/07/2017 Duration: 02h05min

    On this episode we talk about the role nostalgia with in our music, relationships, and life as we reflect on the passing of a hip hop icon. Music by Chasey Peralta Engineered by Yoka

  • S2E2: The Game 5 Theory

    24/06/2017 Duration: 01h58min

    What's up World? The TBT gang is coming heavy this summer. Season 2 Episode 2, during the heat of the 2017 NBA Finals, we Take a look at the on and off the court controversies surrounding Lebron James. Is the NBA rigged? Do wealthy people of color experience racism? Did Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher cross the boundaries? Tune into this classic as we dive in on these questions and many more.... Intro/Outro Music by Chasey Peralta Engineered by Yoka Music playlist by @BostonHipHop

  • S2E1: Stay Woke

    22/06/2017 Duration: 01h42min

    We're back! Kickin off season 2 right where we left off. 2017 has been a busy year in the headlines and the notion to Stay Woke is more real now than it's ever been. Come be a fly on the wall as K Boogie, GoodMath, and O discuss current news, uber cab stories, the idea of what ifs, and more... Intro/Outro Music by Chasey Peralta Engineered by Yoka Music playlist by @BostonHipHop

  • The Trump Card

    01/12/2016 Duration: 01h48min

    What's good world, we conclude this season of Truth B Told Podcast with the reactions of our host and dear friends to the 2016 presidential election. "Who has the answers?!!?" "In this crazy world." Enjoy Music by: Chasey Peralta Engineered by: Yoka (Fam Production)

  • Tupac Taught Me Black Lives Matter

    01/08/2016 Duration: 01h02min

    On this month's episode of TBT we are joined by two guests @originalkadeem & @iampgoods to discuss their art and messages in music. We even found time to run down a top 5 DOA debate. Make sure to check out both of these artists, as well as the prelude to this conversation on our SoundCloud page. Music By: Chasey Peratla Engineered By: Yoka (Fam Production)

  • Relationships: Men, Women & Our dark passenger

    01/07/2016 Duration: 01h20min

    Team TBT back at it again as we kick off the 4th of July weekend with some truth. On this episode O tries to evaluate where he stands in the relationship world as we bring on NEW voices and minds to dissect the ideas around relationship values ,sex, dark passengers, and interracial relationships. Special shout out to our guests Sid and Toni Toussaint for letting the podcast world in on their views and opening our minds to the perspectives of strong women of color. Music by Chasey Peralta; Engineered by Yoka (Fam Production)

  • Culture Vultures 101

    01/06/2016 Duration: 57min

    What's up World? First of the month means the truth is here. On this episode we dive into cultural appropriation and go over some do's and don'ts of borrowing from another culture. So get into your zone, sit back and peep the vibe. Be blessed as always. Music by Chasey Peralta; Engineered by Yoka (Fam Production)

  • Buzzfeed is WorldStar for White People

    01/05/2016 Duration: 41min

    Team TBT is back at it again. On this 5th installment of the podcast series we debate Black Lives vs All Lives vs Blue Lives. In the process we find time to debunk some common misconceptions about these types of arguments. Hit us up on Twitter and IG @tbt_podcast and let us know what you want to hear discussed next. Much love. Music by Chasey Peralta; Engineered by Yoka (Fam Production)

  • Is There Balance In A Digital World?

    01/04/2016 Duration: 44min

    Today we find ourselves stuck in a virtual dimension that we are making into a reality. Where likes, shares and swipe rights are given more value than some real life accomplishments. Come and be a fly on the wall as K Boogie, GoodMath and O discuss balancing life with social media. Music by Chasey Peralta; Engineered by Yoka (Fam Production)

  • Maze Running

    01/03/2016 Duration: 45min

    As we bring Black History Month to a close, our hosts dive into themes of modern oppression and draw some interesting parallels. Engineered by Yoka (Fam Production)

  • No Role Models

    02/02/2016 Duration: 01h03min

    First things first, rest in peace Uncle Phil. In this podcast we explore who our role models are and their impact on us as individuals. As well as how they influence trends across different generations and demographics. Shoutout to Steve. Engineered by Yoka (Fam Production)