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  • R&B Singer Ledisi: the voice & nothing but the truth

    08/10/2017 Duration: 24min

    This episode features conversation with the amazing and super talented Ledisi.  We are talking music, natural hair and why the truth is always her first choice. Plus Divine Martino joins us again with the latest celebrity news. Including hot topics like Tamar Braxton and her friendship woes and the one thing that might have Bobby Brown on edge right now.  Conversation opens with guest host Tameka Bright and Alysse Stewart and the D' Challenge ... 

  • Beer & Hash Browns featuring D.L. Hughley

    24/09/2017 Duration: 26min

    This episode marks the return of 2 Black Girls & Mic ... In this episode its conversation with funny-man, actor and radio host D.L. Hughley.  Press play to learn more about his 3rd book and how he views life from the perspective as a husband, father and protector of those that he loves.  Host Alysse Stewart is also sharing her views on being a supporter of others and their goals when at times being a hater seems to the first choice for others.  Plus all new its an entertainment update with radio personality Divine Martino.

  • Ep: 30 Hot like fire

    06/07/2015 Duration: 31min

    In this episode @2blackGirlsAndAMic discuss some the hottest trending topics right now, including Boris and Nicole's new talk show, Alysse being blocked by the Twitter account owned by @LLCoolJ, Eric Carner's legal wife and mother of his youngest daughter (outside marriage) battle over lawsuit, Bobbi Kristina death-bed-photos and more.   

  • Ep. 29: Love & Hip-hop, Celibacy & Free Giggles

    19/03/2015 Duration: 31min

    Don't wait!!!  Tune in and laugh with the host of 2 Black Girls & Mic @Alysse Stewart & @ShayMooreOnAir.  These two energetic, straight forward and entertaining radio host will leave you wanting more at the end of this 30 minuet episode.  They are talking all about good sex, bad sex and neighbors complaining about sex that's too loud.  Sounds like a lot of the S-E-X word but trust there is a lot more.  Like Creflo Dollar and his call for funds for a new church plane, breast-feeding babies with teeth, the crazy happenings on Love & Hip-hop #NewYork and believe it or not: the potential Kick Starter fund for Shay's new boobs - did she really say that? Press play to find out what's really going on with Stewart and Moore in this entertaining episode of 2 Black Girsls & A Mic. LIKE the show on Facebook (2BlackGirlsAndAMic) and holla at us on Twitter (@2Blackgirls and Instagram too.  Much love to you for the listen.  And a big hug for those that comment, share and follow the show here on #BlogTalkRa

  • Ep. 28: Don't tell mama I said it: We're back!

    24/07/2014 Duration: 19min

    In this episode the show host Alysse Stewart and Shay Moore place the spotslight on relationships. They answer the questions: Would you have sex in your mother's house? When was the last time and is your clock ticking and much more.  And as always the ladies talk about the celebrities just because.  Including the beef between Wendy Williams and NeNe Lakes.  This one is so in your face, you will find yourself laughing out loudd and blushing too. Follow the host on Twitter @ShayMooreOnAir & @AlysseStewart (@2blackGirls) Find them on Instagram too: @2BlackGirlsAndAMic, @AlysseStewart & @HeyShaymoore  

  • Ep 27: Conversation with author Carl Weber

    19/03/2013 Duration: 30min

    Author Carl Weber is back with the release of his new book The Man In 3B.  Just off a book tour he has made time to talk with Alysse Stewart and Shay Moore about his latest effort and he shares advice with aspiring writers.  That and so much more is coming your way once you press play.   LIKE the show via the button below and follow the show on twitter via @2BlackGirls *Also available on iTunes for listeners on the go.

  • Ep 26: A Talk With Cupid, Sexual Relations & Michael Jordan

    06/03/2013 Duration: 32min

    In this episode Alysse Stewart and Shay Moore answer the question, "Whatever happened to that guy that gave us the Cupid Shuffle?"  For those that don't have to ask about this man on the move and are well aware of the major moves he's making, you should press play to find out how his powerful journey began. As for your trending topics, Stewart and Moore are talking about Michal Jordan and the paternity suit he wants to go away.  And Diddy and his new "drink our water" adventure with Mark Wahlberg. Love request: Show your support by hitting that Facebook button below if you LIKE US, then follow us on twitter @2BlackGirls.  * The show is also available on Itunes - please subscribe and leave your comments.  

  • Ep 25 Alia Rose - daughter of R&B Legend Teena Marie

    20/02/2013 Duration: 29min

    Press play now and listen in on a two-on-one conversation with the daughter of R&B legend Teena Marie.  Alia Rose gives us a glimpse at the life of child growing up as an off spring of a celebrity.  She reveals the ups and downs and talks about new music from her mom and reveals the plans she has for the future. Please LIKE us via the Facebook button below and follow us on twitter @2BlackGirl. *This show is also available on iTunes   Show host: Alysse Stewart & Shay Moore  

  • Ep 24: Donell Jones - love, life and his music.

    09/02/2013 Duration: 20min

    Special Editon This episode is all about R&B sensation Donell Jones.  Listen in  now as Alysse Stewart and Shay Moore ask him questions about his music, family, love life and much more.  You will also get "your first listen"  of Forever, the title track from his new CD.  Fans of Donell Jones will get the opportunity to look into his world as they never have before during this interview so press play now. * Please LIKE the show via the Facebook button below and don't forget to follow us here on BTR http://www.twitter.com/2BlackGirls htttp://www.twitter.com/DonellJones96 (tell him you checked him out via 2 Black Girls & A Mic on BTR).    

  • Ep 23: Banshee's Deja Dee, Body Art, Jamie Foxx & more

    07/02/2013 Duration: 28min

    In this episode Alysse Stewart and Shay Moore share the mic with actress Deja Dee,  currently featured on the hit Cinamax series Banshee.  And like always they take a closer look at the trending topics and give you their take on the people, places and things making the headlines. Including the movie Django Unchained, the girl who let her boyfriend ink her face, the Grammy's and more. *LIKE the show via the Facebook tab below ... Thank YOU. Follow the show on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/2BlackGirls Contact our guest via twitter at http://www.twitter.com/DejaDeeTv *The show is also available on iTunes (please subscribe and comment).

  • Episode 22 Elmo's Blues, Paying for sex, Halle Berry +

    28/11/2012 Duration: 32min

    Listen in as Shay Moore and Alysse Stewart discuss the trending topics including the voice of Elmo facing sex charges, a man killed after winning the lottery and tonights big drawing. Plus the beat down that took place at Halle Berry's house and  so much more. Follow us on twitter @2BlackGirls    *The show is also available on iTunes.

  • Episode 21: #RHOA, Stephon Marbury, #Beyonce & More

    24/10/2012 Duration: 28min

    Listen in as Alysse Stewart and Shay Moore break down the latest trending topics.  This week they focus on Season 5 of The Real House Wives of Atlanta, Chris Brown's love triangle, the girl that died after drinking an energy drink , how much will it cost Stephon Marbury for his affair with the cook  and much more. Get free download of this show and past shows via iTunes.  You can also follow the show host  on twitter @AlysseStewart and @ShayMooreonAir    Please follow the show, LIKE it and comment.

  • EP 20: 50 Cent Gets Physical, Chris Brown's Love Thang

    10/10/2012 Duration: 31min

    Press Play now for some delicious chatter about the celebrities making the headlines.  This week Alysse Stewart and Shay Moore are taking a closer look at R&B Artist Chris Brown and giving their views on his reuniting with Rhianna.  Also on the list of topics: Bobby Brown and his daughter, Movie projects in the works and a word on Domestic Violence Month.  To connect with the show host follow them on twitter @2BlackGirls or www.2BlackGirlsAndAMic.com Free Downloads of 2 Black Girls & A Mic are also available on iTunes.  Please subcribe, comment and rate the show.

  • Episode 19: Telephone Love, Oral Love & Taboo Sex

    28/09/2012 Duration: 28min

      This weeks topics include true Confessions of a freaky advertising executive, the woman that married her father, the rap artist that smokes with his son and more of today'strending topics.    Please follow and LIKE the show now via this page.  Then follow Stewart and Moore on twitter to show your support via @AlysseStewart,  @ShayMooreOnAir and @2BlackGirls

  • Episode 18: Date No Show, Scary Birds, Hidden Pork and More

    19/09/2012 Duration: 31min

      The topics covered include:  Dates that cancel without notice, a look back on 9/11, family and relationship.   For more you have to press play now! Follow on twitter: @AlysseStewart , @ShayMooreOnAir and @2BlackGirls *This show is also available on Itunes *2 second delay on show start  

  • Episode 17: Patti Labelle Settles, Suicide, Chad Johnson +

    07/09/2012 Duration: 28min

    Inside this episode  the spotlight is on black men and suicide and how the black community handles the topic of mental illness via an Ask-The-Doctor- interview.  Along with conversation about Michelle Obama and her appearance at the Democratic National Convetion.   The latest on football star Chad Johnson, Patti Labelle and much more is  also featured in this episode of 2 Black Girls &  A Mic, hosted by Alysse Stewart & Shay Moore. Twitter connect: @ShayMooreOnAir, @AlysseStewart & @2BlackGirls This show is available via itunes  *Special guest: Dr. Keli-Koran Luchey - Lucid Pathways, LLC

  • Episode 16: The Sex Tape, Online Dating, Fitness Talk +

    29/08/2012 Duration: 29min

      Listen in as the host of 2 Black Girls & Mic discuss the trending topics and share details from their private lives.  Including the season finale of VH1's Love & Hip Hop part one, dating options via social media, NFL players that made the list for earning tons of money and fitness tips via special guest Trish Andrews.   Thank YOU for the listen and all others that helped move us over the 25K listen mark. *This show is also available on Itunes.  Please subscribe, rate and leave your comments. Press play often & share it with a friend. Contact the host: @ShayMooreOnAir , @AlysseStewart & @2BlackGirls  

  • Episode 15: She Beat His Shirt Off, Usher, Fighting Tots +

    22/08/2012 Duration: 29min

      In this episode of 2 Black Girls & A Mic Shay Moore and Alysse Stewart welcome guest Antonio Braswell to the show. Listen in as he describes life without  the son he yearns to someday meet and establish a bond with. His is a tale of a troubled youth, a group home and an adoption he would have never consented to if he knew back then what he knows now. Stewart and Moore also take you inside the courtroom for an update on the custody trail of R&B Singer Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond.  Before the show ends you will ask yourself how could three adults force toddlers to fight? And was mom right to beat the little league coach with a bat. Connect the hosts via twitter: @AlysseStewart, @ShayMooreOnAir & @2BlackGirls   Web pages: HeyShay.com, AlysseStewart.com &   The guest on this episode can also be reached via Info@2BlackGirlsAndAMic.com

  • Episode 14: Chad Johnson Loses All, At The Movies And More

    14/08/2012 Duration: 31min

      Tune in as the host of 2 Black Girls & A Mic discuss the stories making the headlines including  NFL football player Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson being  arrested for domestic violence, cut from the team  and having his reality show with his new wife  dropped from VH1's lineup.  They also cover the movies on the big screen and the 5K Walk / Run for Diabetes that they plan to participate in during the month of September in Atlanta.  This episode also features a surprise visit from author Eric Jerome Dickey.   Follow on twitter: @2BlackGirls, @ShayMooreOnAir and @AlysseStewart Web Pages: AlysseStewart.com & HeyShay.com  

  • Episode 13 Loving Stevie J, Slim Thug on Abortion & More

    05/08/2012 Duration: 31min

    Alysse Stewart & Shay Moore chat it up about the trending topics including the owner of Chick-Fil-la sharing his thoughts on same sex marriage and his supporters.  Moore & Stewart also talk about Rapper Slim Thug and his new book and his views on abortion and much more. Press play now for more details. Follow on twitter: @ShayMooreOnAir & @AlysseStewart and the main account @2BlackGirls   To learn more about the host via their web pages: www.AlysseStewart.com www.HeyShay.com        

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