Kungaloosh Forever! Farewell Adventures, At Least For Now...



Fellow Adventures, we have hit September, officially 27 days left till D-Day with little to no hope remaining. All that we can do at this point is hope and pray that our tactics have worked and will continue to work, if not now than in the future. Continue to complain and write letters, keep up the good fight! As of now we are ceasing our broadcast. It's been a good run this summer and we've enjoyed meeting everyone. Brandon's email is in his profile and you can contact Val at valgirl@cheerful.com. We're also on Facebook. Take care and keep hope alive, Kungaloosh Forever!!


  • Adventure Friday

    30/08/2008 Duration: 14min

    Share your most adventurous story and battle out for our ADVENTURER of the WEEK! :)

  • Manic Monday with Bryan

    26/08/2008 Duration: 46min

    Brandon is unable to make it, so Bryan filled in. We play several clips and take a few interesting calls leading to an interesting discussion regarding the direction Disney is taking.

  • Friday Fone Fun

    23/08/2008 Duration: 01h32s

    Its the weekend! Tell us what adventurous things you are doing :)

  • Val's Wacky Wednesday

    21/08/2008 Duration: 31min

    Val hosts, you call!

  • Adventurers Day!

    19/08/2008 Duration: 01h42s

    In honor of the Adventurers' Club, tell us your most adventurous story! Ever survive death? Wrestle an alligator? Spend the night in a haunted house? TELL US ABOUT IT!

  • Friday Fever: Kungaloosh!

    16/08/2008 Duration: 01h40s

    Party hard as we celebrate the amazing Adventurers Club through your calls, stories and maybe even a few surprises...

  • Val's Wednesday War Room!

    14/08/2008 Duration: 30min

    Keep fighting the good fight with co-host Valerie! :) Share stories and ideas about the Adventurers Club and how to save it.

  • Operation Save AC

    12/08/2008 Duration: 01h40s

    Let us continue the march! Save the Adventurers Club at the Walt Disney World Resort's Pleasure Island!

  • Where Sleeping Adventurers Lie

    09/08/2008 Duration: 45min

    Brandon returns and admittedly feels defeat. Should we be resigned to defeat or should we endure? Ideas, thoughts and commentary.


    07/08/2008 Duration: 26min

    Your calls and thoughts on Disney's decision to close this vital part of Walt's legacy--and how we can stop it.