Kyo Butsudan (household Buddhist Altars)/kyo Butsugu (buddhist Fittings)



Kyo Butsudan (Household Buddhist Altar:Kyoto is the birthplace of household Buddhist altars, which were first produced approximately 1,100 years ago. Since then Kyoto has produced the highest quality Buddhist altars. These are made from wood (pine, Japanese cypress, cedar or zelkova), ornamented with lacquer and sometimes with metalwork (gold or silver leaves, copper or brass).Kyo Butsugu (Buddhist Fittings):Buddhist fittings were first produced in Kyoto about 1,100 years ago. Even today, Kyoto is a major production center of the highest-quality fittings. Though Buddhist fittings are of great variety, they are primarily classified into those for Buddhist temples and those for household altars. Production of Buddhist fittings entails a great variety of handicraft techniques, ranging from woodwork to metalwork and lacquer work.