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A very personal podcast, often funny, always spontaneous and natural. Conversations about our lives. Always broadcasting from an "undisclosed location" somewhere in the world. A new show every Tuesday!


  • On The Lam episode #271

    12/07/2019 Duration: 30min

    On The Lam episode #271 by Bill Telfer & Daver Zuchowski

  • On the Lam #270

    09/07/2019 Duration: 30min

    We're back!

  • Episode #269 (The Case of the Crooked Horseshoes)

    14/11/2017 Duration: 01h21min

    Episode #269 of the "On the Lam" podcast. SPECIAL HOLIDAY SEASON TREAT -- the first ever read through of the radio play "The Case of the Crooked Horseshoes" by Bill Telfer, an episode from the fictional 1947 radio show "The Casebook of Bobber Maxwell, Two-Fisted Detective." [DIRECTOR'S NOTE: Since this is only a recording of a first read through, some parts may be hard to understand... I would recommend earbuds or earphones, depending on your listening device. If you would like a Word.doc copy of the script to follow along with, just direct message me with your email address. -- B.T.]

  • Bonus Episode #1 (Mavis' story)

    21/02/2012 Duration: 16min

    This is On the Lam's very first "bonus" episode! It actually is a recorded conversation that Daver made just prior to our recording Episode 1. The four of us (Daver & Frenchie, and Mavis & Bill) were on vacation together, and Mavis started telling the story of "The Missing Checkbook." As she began, Daver got out his new portable microphone which he decided to test on Mavis' story [and since it was a first time test, this explains some of the volume variations in the recording]. Mavis' tale evolved into a rather interesting little discussion on how sometimes things just disappear -- objects you know have not been "stolen" but somehow vanish nonetheless. And somewhere in here, Mavis kneels on a blueberry.