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An interactive radio show that studies today's headlines and attempts to make sense of the real intent from a spiritual perspective.


  • Commonalities Zombies and Democrats Share

    22/10/2014 Duration: 48min

    Our boarders are now wide open; inviting Ebola carriers to enter our nation while other sufferers are being flown in. Many find this appalling and occurring at a staggering rate. The ex-community leader who serves as president ignored the medical community as his resource for Czar of Ebola and instead appointed a lawyer to that leadership position. Obama has deployed our military directly into the dredges of this disease.Is Obama savvy in his attempt to contain this disease? Or, is what's demanded to contain the disease the polar opposite of today’s efforts and actions? Is Bill Gates the proper person to stand vigilant over this virus? He is, after all, best known for his software system that was intentionally engineered to attract and accept viruses?And, is there another wave of news coming regarding the Ebola virus? Are Ebola victims returning from the dead? Is this eerily similar to massive amounts of zombie related video games, movies and television shows?

  • Kim Jong-un – The Ultimate Case Study of a Godless Society

    15/10/2014 Duration: 40min

    Only a fool with scant business savvy enters a contract in the absence of clearly defined limitations and penalties. The overreaching demands of today's atheists are vague, ever changing, aggressive, and progressive and at best, now demands accountability.Globally, atheist persecution of Christians, especially children, has skyrocketed and without proper authority. This has damaged the fabric of world security and become an emergency-level event.Whether an atheist is working as an accountant, shoe salesman or is Kim Jong-un, forcing an absence and vacuum of all God demands accountability and comes with responsibilities. So, the questions are, what would limit a modern day Western atheist? If security breeches occur, will death eventually become the proper deterrent from an atheist’s perspective? Exactly what extremes and pleasures will an atheist demand to mandate the life that every child leads?

  • Private Central Banks - The Actual Cause of All Wars

    08/10/2014 Duration: 59min

    Since the Revolutionary War, at the very least, all wars have been caused and funded by private central banks—forcing debt-based currency at interest on the global population. War is massively profitable to central banks—windfall-profit kind of BIG money. Banks and their commerce were the causes of WW1 and WW2. You can rest assured central banks will be the cause of WW3.America now has none of our national parks because of the Federal Reserve over-printing money, nor do we own our mineral rights or oil rights on those lands, held hostage as collateral for overprinting money.BE STING TALK RADIO walks you through a litany of little known historical facts that are not taught in history class but are completely verifiable. These facts prove war is money and money is war.This show also defines the contrast between pure good and pure evil—involving God and Satan and with his subservient mass media, more than egger to sell us Satan’s lies and deceit.  

  • “God, Satan and 9/11"

    24/09/2014 Duration: 52min

    www.bestingtalkradio.comThe last official duty performed by President Eisenhower warned our nation of the impending doom once the influence of the military industrial complex found itself inside our governance.  Does the official story of that day’s events hold water? What reality is spelled out with the events of 9/11? What role does the Bush family history play? Is there a smoking gun?These questions and many more answers unfold in this video called, “God, Satan and 9/11"

  • Science - Naked, Standing Before Us

    17/09/2014 Duration: 51min

    The community we call science is now backed with power and conducting a full frontal assault on the global society. The possess everything from powerful institutions of higher learning, corporate funding from global corporations and front men working the stage like illusionists in Las Vegas.But the real science community is killing populations with genetically modified foods, artificial sweeteners, drugs, lies and deceit. They say nothing of this while mandating the public discourse regarding intelligent design and the existence of God.They even become bold enough to mock believers at public events, glad-handing for corporate interests.Tonight’s show conducts a realistic study of what the science community is really all about.