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  • Episode #18: What’s Going On


    Episode 18: What’s Going On The Stumptown Vegans play catch up, while discussing current events in the vegan world, dining with allergies, and recent Portland culinary happenings. Show Notes: Australian Wool Bamboo Sushi Cafe Yumm Cakewalk Baking Company ChixStix Japanese kabobs … Continue reading →

  • Episode #17: Sustainable Dining


    On this episode, the Stumptown Vegans tackle the issue of sustainable dining.  Webly shares her expertise on the subject of sustainability and Jess makes the necessary compost jokes. We discuss sustainable practices, dining options, and tips. Stumptown Vegans Episode 17: … Continue reading →

  • Episode 16: Vegan Bakery Showdown


    Episode 16: Vegan Bakery Showdown The Stumptown Vegans are joined by special guests for a lengthy blind taste test and critical discussions of vegan muffins, scones, chocolate cake/cupcakes, gluten-free selections, and cheesecake from local vegan baked goods providers. Disclaimers and … Continue reading →

  • Episode 15: Healthy Spring Dining


    To balance the vegan Portland indulgences of deep fried vegan corn dogs, mini pies, multiple vegan bakeries, and coconut battered oreos, the Stumptown Vegans discuss their favorite healthy and nourishing dining options in this fresh, springtime podcast. This includes the … Continue reading →

  • Episode 14: The Popularity of Vegan Cheese


    Episode 14: The Popularity of Vegan Cheese Webly and Jess sit down for a riveting conversation about the current advances in vegan cheese, and reflect on just how far commercial and homemade vegan cheeses have come, historically. They contemplate: The … Continue reading →

  • Episode 13: 25 Great Vegan Foods for $7 or Less


    Listen as the Stumptown Vegans unveil their picks for 25 Great Vegan Foods in Portland, OR for $7 or less. This is modeled after recent similar listings by Willamette Week and ExtraMSG, except this time – it’s all vegan! The full listing is … Continue reading →

  • Episode 12: Vegan Wine Discussion and Local Chocolate Review


    Episode 12: Vegan Wine Discussion and Local Chocolate Review Webly and Jess sit down with Jess, a local vegan and professional wine steward, for an in-depth conversation about wine.  Jess, the wine steward, touches upon her personal favorites, what isn’t vegan about … Continue reading →