Yak My Ear Off



Guy with too many hobbies plays radio and tries to find some interesting people to interview. Art, artists and photography are a loose focus.* New episodes posted every Tuesday.


  • Episode 5 - Back in the Game!

    15/08/2012 Duration: 11min

    Just a re-introduction since I will be re-starting this podcast on my own and in a new direction :)

  • Episode 4 - Vibrator Injury, Alternative Medicine & Steve Jobs, iPhone, Snoop & Partying.

    14/10/2011 Duration: 11min

    Rob & Michelle talk about a lady suing vibrator company for injuries, Steve Jobs alternative medicine, iphone, Snoop Dog and English record setting vegetable grower and Michelle going to party.

  • Episode 3 - Nude Photos, Cleavage, Toons & Rock Stars.

    07/10/2011 Duration: 16min

    Rob & Michelle talk about Ryan Kesler's nude photo that might look a little gay?, Kristy Clark Cleavage, Steve Jobs dead, ipod's, ipads, Bevis & Butthead, Simpsons, Sarah Palin, Rihanna, fat Axl Rose & Guns n' Roses.

  • Episode 2

    23/09/2011 Duration: 13min

    Rob interviews photographer & filmmaker David Karnowski about the work he's doing and what he's been up to. You can find David's work at: http://www.davidkarnowski.com http://vimeo.com/channels/davidkarnowski http://www.facebook.com/davidkarnowskidotcom

  • Episode 1

    14/09/2011 Duration: 20min

    This is our very first go at this podcast. We talk about Lady Gaga, Entourage, wealthy hoods, facebook, sex, money, irish slaves and millionairs winning the lottery.