Stories From The Point:



A Collection of Audio Postcards from Point Richmond, California


  • Pastor Dan Damon

    21/08/2014 Duration: 07min

    Stories from The Point: While working on this episode of Stories from The Point, I kept thinking of the proverb, “If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.” Our guest, Pastor Dan Damon of Point Richmond’s First United … Continue reading →

  • Kit Eakle

    22/01/2014 Duration: 05min

    Stories from The Point: If you spend any time listening to live music here in The Point – or anywhere around the Bay for that matter – you’re likely to come across violinist Kit Eakle. He plays with no fewer than four groups and … Continue reading →

  • Mildred “Mid” Dornan

    01/07/2012 Duration: 04min

    Stories from The Point: If you come to Point Richmond, there’s no doubt you will want to take a drive through one of California’s oldest tunnels, the Ferry Point (Dornan) Tunnel. And when you do, you will exit on to a road named Dornan … Continue reading →

  • Nathan Trivers – Up and Under Pub

    26/05/2012 Duration: 05min

    Stories from The Point: Nathan Trivers came to Point Richmond to open his first restaurant – the rugby themed, Up and Under Pub and Grill. Trivers opened the pub in 2010, and within two years it has become a fixture in the area. This … Continue reading →

  • Vincent Stephens

    26/04/2012 Duration: 04min

    Stories from The Point: How does the saying go: “Good art is subjective”? Well, for pin-up and erotic art illustrator, Vincent Stephens, so is beauty. Vincent uses line drawing in a comic book style to celebrate his love of “big, beautiful women.” He does … Continue reading →

  • Hugh Shurley

    01/04/2012 Duration: 04min

    Stories from The Point: Point Richmond has a strong and continually growing community of artists. While there are several noted photographers in town, Hugh Shurley’s work is really very unique. In a world where the digitally mastered image is taking over, Hugh’s artwork is … Continue reading →

  • Steve Wyrick

    16/03/2012 Duration: 05min

    Stories from The Point: [Update: Steve passed February 2014. Services were held at Wilson & Kratzner Mortuary Civic Center Chapel, followed by a wonderful gathering of family and friends who met at his home here in The Point.] When my wife and I first … Continue reading →

  • Dee Rosier

    20/02/2012 Duration: 04min

    Stories from The Point: For this week’s edition of Stories from The Point, we meet with one of our neighbors, Dee Rosier, who has lived in Point Richmond for 53 years. In her audio postcard we get a wonderful glimpse of Dee’s sense of … Continue reading →

  • Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan

    11/02/2012 Duration: 04min

    Stories from The Point: There are so many wonderful people who live and work here in Point Richmond. And really, that is the inspiration that started this project – I want to share these voices with you! For episode 1 of the Stories from The … Continue reading →