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Visit A podcast hosted by Marta Mazzoni featuring--Candid and comedic conversations -Travel Inspirations- Pop culture-General Nerdery -Pittsburgh, PAA lifestyle podcast that blends interesting people from her hometown with her passion for travel, Marta is a minimalist solo traveler at heart, and loves to explore the world for interesting cultural experiences. Twitter @icantfindmartaInstagram- @martaonthemovepodcastFacebook -Marta On The Move, and on The Epicast Network- Email comments to Tell me what you want to hear next!


  • #135 Video Podcast Miguel Angel Navarro from Barcelona Talking about Food and Drink

    05/05/2020 Duration: 19min

    Yes, this is a HUGE leap for Marta, folks. She is a moron about figuring out technology, but many thanks to the huge help of friends, namely Brad over at Leveling Up Your Game, I was able to achieve this. This aren't really interviews, they are meant to be travel inspirations. We will sometimes chat about food, wine, living like a local, what they are watching on quarantine, etc. the conversation ebbs and flows, and it is fueling my spirit to be able to connect with people all around the world. That is what we are looking for right now, connection. I hope you enjoy these episodes. I am not sure if I will stick with video after all this is done (Honestly, seeing my face live is super weird), but while this is all going on, you will. This episode features my great friend Miguel! We talk to Miguel about food and drink in Barcelona region and also traditional cooking methods for paella. We met Miguel in Barcelona while traveling because we noticed his paella cooking class. It was the best time and we remained clo

  • Pgh Artist's Gallery Airbnb "Interview's with the artists" - Joe Groom

    17/03/2020 Duration: 11min

    Joe Groom is a Pittsburgh artist who owns a company called Paint Monkey. A studio where locals and travelers can come be creative. Check them out at their homestead location.

  • Pgh Artist's Gallery Airbnb "Interviews with the Artists" -Joyce Werwie Perry

    17/03/2020 Duration: 12min

    Artist Joyce Werwie Perry on the Art Gallery Airbnb. Joyce is a knife painting oil artist located in Pittsburgh. Her work has been featured around the country. Check it out at the James Street Gallery or over at Book at stay at the Artist's Gallery in Pittsburgh  offering an interactive and immersive experience for it's guests. Tour the home and enjoy local premier artist's works while tuning into audio interviews with the artists, local musicians and authors writing short stories paired with each piece in the home.

  • Picture Yourself Having a Minimalist Traveling Lifestyle Which Includes Your Work.

    13/03/2020 Duration: 29min

    #134 Jennifer Link - How to live a Minimalist Traveling Lifestyle and Travel Fulltime for Work. Hey all! Sorry to take such a long break, but winter and my onesie were calling to me to chill out for a bit and slow down. I am back and super pumped to talk about the theme for this year for the podcast which is all about travel. This year, will be interviewing folks from various towns abroad to hear the inside scoop on where they live, why they love it there, and what you need to know before you plan your visit. I will also be talking to people who inspire me with their travels domestically that have paved a new life for themselves. Why the sudden focus on travel? I am taking a six month trip for my 40th birthday next year! I figured this was a great way to inspire myself, and get me pumped to take on the planning for this epic journey. If I am being honest, it is a bit scary and intimidating, BUT if the solo travels in my past have taught me anything, it is that being scared is a great sign! It means you are st

  • Nick Adkins Co-founder of Pink Socks Life

    19/11/2019 Duration: 39min

    Tis the season I say for giving and kindness. There is no better guest I can think of than Nick Atkins. If you happen to see a man wearing a kilt around town, that is probably Nick. Long beard, usually rocking a hat and kilt, and a distinct pair of socks. Bright pink ankle socks with moustaches strewn upon them. I was introduced to Nick through a mutual friend Larry Gioia.

  • Actor Chazz Palminteri stops by Marta on the Move to chat about his musical- "A Bronx Tale" coming to Pittsburgh

    24/10/2019 Duration: 40min

    #132 Actor Chazz Palminteri talks about his musical A Bronx Tale When I was younger, being Italian and having an older brother mean that I got to watch movies I never would have gotten away with at my age. Namely, a good bit of gangster themed flicks. One name I grew up watching was "Chazz" Palminteri. You knew his voice before you even saw him on screen (A credit to a good bit of his voice over work). Chazz starred in some of my favorites from the 90's- Analyze This, Mulholland Drive, Jade, Diabolique, and one of all time top 10- The Usual Suspects. But one movie spoke volumes when I was younger about a father, and the mob boss who influenced his son back in the 60's in the Bronx. The film was called A Bronx Tale, and Chazz Palminteri played Sonny the mob boss, starring opposite Robert De Niro. Unlike other gangster films of the 90's- Casino, Goodfellas, Mobsters, just to name a few, A Bronx Tale spoke about interracial love as well as the conflict between father and son. I had no idea at that time, or years

  • London Calling! Two Days in London and how to spend them.

    18/09/2019 Duration: 48min

    #131  Two Days in London- What to see, eat, drink, and skip. So you decide to take a quick dip into London. I hear you! My hubby and I recently returned from a trip that included two days in London, and then we took the Eurostar train to France and spent the last 7 days of the trip in the Normandy region and then finished in Paris. We split this trip up into 3 podcasts for easy listening and access to our favorite spots in each area. In London we wanted the BEST food, the coolest folks to meet, the weirdest shows, and of course to check out the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. There is so much more to do in London, mind you, but this was just a taste. So tune in to hear our favorite spots, our trip itinerary, what to get passes for ahead of time, and some of the fabulous places we found in London. Also what to do when you miss your Eurostar train to Paris. :/ Hello Darlings Immersive Event Jikoni Jikoni- so good We saw something off in the distance and were so relieved this was a hot d

  • #130 Jessica Anne Marino from JamDancer talks Pittsburgh's dance scene.

    11/08/2019 Duration: 51min

    #130 Jessica Anne Marino from JamDancer Pittsburgh There are some times you just want to dance. if you are me, that just happens to be about 80% of the time. I love moving my body and rocking out letting loose and being free. I had always wanted to be a dancer when I was a kid but maybe I started late, maybe I was too pudgy, or maybe the scene with those girls in that snobby class was just NOT ME. AHEM, I digress. The point is, I love dancing and I have a hard time finding places in Pittsburgh where I can take a dance class. Not to say they aren't out there, they are! It is just overwhelming to try to look up exactly when, where, what it is all about. I wanted one place that had it all on a calendar. Enter Jessica Anne Marino who runs JamDancer online. A website that brought a newsletter right to my email box, showing me exactly where I can go to rock my body out. We chat about her dance background, schooling, what being a professional dancer does to your body and mental health, and accessibility for kids and

  • #129 Brian Edward from "Burgh Vivant" talks arts and culture in Pittsburgh

    21/07/2019 Duration: 41min

    #129 Brian Edward from Burgh Vivant When you meet humans that have your same tastes it is the best feeling in the world. I had a feeling when I danced with Brian Edwards at the City Theatre Gala that I had to get to know him better. He may be one of the only people I have met that has more interests than I do, and that is a compliment because I truly believe in trying ALL things you may find of interest. One of the passions of Brian is to lift up the culture and arts scene in Pittsburgh through Burgh Vivant. Pittsburgh has no shortage of talent, culture and arts, we are lucky to have an abundance of it in fact. The only thing is, if you don't have platforms such as Burgh Vivant featuring these events, you may not know to get up off the couch to go see them. So tune into their reviews, subscribe to their newsletter, and go to their events to support this non profit to keep them up, running and driving forward in the name of the arts. Join us as we talk about our love of kitsch art, how to people can live their

  • #128 Costa Rica Guanacaste travel tips!

    18/07/2019 Duration: 47min

    #128 Costa Rica Guanacaste Region Tips I am extremely late with this post,(actually I forgot to post it how fun!) but wanted to record an episode about my husband and I's trip to Costa Rica. I left early for this trip and volunteered for a sea turtle conservation project (more on that later), and then met up with Phil afterwards.  Costa Rica is a fabulous trip from the States because of it's cheap flight pricing, two different convenient airports, acceptance of the american dollar, and a good population of english speaking locals. It is also a great spot for adventurers that love to get outside. We chat on this episode about getting outside and on their popular zip line at the famous Witch's Rock, and riding ATV's to secret beaches, along with the diving around the area and renting jet ski's. We also talk (of course) food, drink and more while you are there. We visited Guanagaste region during their dry time of the year in January. If you are looking for the more tropical enviorment with all the peacocks and

  • Billy Kidd- Fabulous Female Magician Visits Liberty Magic Ep 127

    02/06/2019 Duration: 28min

    #127 Billy Kidd- Rockin Female Magician I grew up thinking of all magicians as male, I am sure most of us have. It is the way they have been portrayed through media through stories, and truly it HAS in history been a man's occupation. The top hat, the goatee, and infamous coat was imbedded in my psyche from childhood until today. 2700 bc marks a man that is the known to use the first ever performance of magic with the use of balls. From 400-1000 men were known to perform magic with the use of cups and balls AND at this time magic was associated with witchcraft, but I haven't read about men being killed for it. In 1584 Reginald Scot publishes a book revealing conjuring secrets of magic that results in many of the books being burnt, 1876 the publication of Modern Magic written by professor Louis Hoffman releases, 1918 Houdini performs his first vanishing act, and so on. Listen, there are SO many more male magicians and moments in history recorded online that I am not mentioning, the point is that hardly any of

  • Tips from a Master Gardener in Pittsburgh episode 126

    26/04/2019 Duration: 50min

    #126 Gardening in Pittsburgh with Kyle Ethan Fischer Spring is here! Do you feel it? Are you, like me, pacing around your garden looking for the newest bulbs to blossom, or perennials to possibly return? Do you mutter to yourself the following questions- "Is my lavender coming back? It better be!", "What the hell did I plant here?", "What else can I plant here?", "Are pots on sale yet?", "Why the hell isn't my clematis growing yet!?" If you have said one of these questions to yourself (or a variation), you are a gardening nerd. CONGRATS! You have entered into a phase of your life that you probably never even considered would happen. You are older, you are wiser, and for some reason flora just gets your gears going. I realized I had the gardening bug years ago after buying my home. It didn't happen instantly as a homeowner, but over time, I needed to get my hands dirty, and I needed my own vegetable garden. I wanted tomatoes to fill my land, and I have always wanted figs. I dreamt of them since I was little, a

  • Chuck Leavens from WZUM talks Pittsburgh Jazz

    07/04/2019 Duration: 47min

    #125 Chuck Leavens from WZUM talks Pittsburgh Jazz Pittsburgh has a rich history in Jazz, that I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t know about until the past few years. In the 20’s and 30’s we were a haven for artists and a blossoming ground for talent that influenced jazz history around the city. It came from New Orleans on the river boats with the first ever African American Jazz band to travel North. It grew from there and seeped into the souls of citizens in the town. Pittsburgh’s roots are intertwined with Jazz legends like Lena Horn, Billy Strayhorn, and today with roger Humpheries, Joe Negri, Thomas Wendt, Etta Cox and so many more. It is one of the reasons I wanted to feature Chuck Leavens on the podcast. He is the voice and creator of WZUM Pittsburgh’s Jazz Channel.  He has a voice that could cut through frozen butter with ease. His story is epic and evolving. Proving once again that Pittsburgh houses some of the most creative and interesting people I have had thenpleasure of meeting in my life. Lea

  • Ryan O'Shea Talks the Future of Technology on Marta On The Move Podcast

    22/03/2019 Duration: 42min

    #124 Ryan O Shea Technology is scary. As I am drinking my new addicting matcha with almond milk, and typing on my laptop that I desperately need to A. Update, or B. Buy a new one. I say to myself NOOOOO keep it the same. Marta! I am terrified of the unknown, the new gadget, the learning and stretching of my brain that I cannot control, and frankly think I am too outdated to learn. Anyone else feel like that? I hope so, I hope it isn’t just me. Secretly terrified my laptop will die, and I am forced to face another new form of technological breakthroughs that will "simplify" your life. LIES I TELL YOU! I am scared of “Big brother” but try not to dwell on it. I have a fear of my niece and nephews being cyborgs and latching onto their internet devices from young age and never letting go. Ready Player One is real in my mind and it scares the ever living shit out of me, yes entices me. If it doesn’t scare you, you probably didn’t grow up before the 80’s. lol Stick with me here, I hope I still have you reading. ther

  • #123 "Khuraki" Explores The Story of Five Strong Afghan Refugee Woman In Pittsburgh Through Food.

    03/03/2019 Duration: 38min

    #123 Real Time Interventions All around us in Pittsburgh there are refugees that are displaced in our city, trying to make a home, adapt to our Pittsburgh lifestyle, and also keep their roots and traditions alive and vibrant. Some woman are trying to do that by opening an Afghan restaurant in the city and are raising funds for it. Enter Real Time Interventions. This theater company is one of my favorites because they take their love of theater, intimate experiences and fold it into topics that are hard to swallow in today’s world. They make these subjects digestible and relatable to all. What is more relatable than food? Everyone loves to eat, and the kitchen is known as the heart of the home, the dining table is where the conversations flourish. People meet across different cultures through cuisine. Rusty Thelin and Molly Rice run Real Time Interventions. Their show called “Khuraki” which literally means “Food” in the Afghan language , pairs an actress with a afghan refugee woman in Pittsburgh. It strives to

  • Fair Moans Collective - A Pittsburgh Group Bringing Sexuality Into the Light

    10/02/2019 Duration: 31min

    #121 Fair Moans Pittsburgh How about an episode that is JUST in time for the commercially popular Valentines Day! Woot! I myself am not the greatest fan of Feb 14th, but I do love a day that reminds you to love with all you got and to appreciate those around you. I also get really excited when some of my topics fall right into place perfectly timed. This subject is one of them. Plus I am super into the Netflix show Sex Education. I heard about Fair Moans on Facebook from an event they were hosting called Dirty Talk 101, I was instantly intrigued. I researched them further to find out what they were, and why I hadn't't heard of them sooner. For anyone that knows me, I loveeeee talking openly about sex. I feel (especially in the United States) that with a majority of the population it is a taboo subject. We can talk about violence, guns, and more, but sex? Don't go there! FOR SHAME! I have always been an advocate for sexual education, and truly curious in nature when it came to my own sexuality. At the young ag

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