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  • Episode 4

    22/06/2013 Duration: 01h06min

    Catch up with Eric, Austin, and Zack! Learn more about the man known as Zack "Alien Butt" Sizemore as well as supplement recommendations by Austin!

  • Episode 3

    24/05/2013 Duration: 01h13min

    Eric and Austin catch up since last episode then the Great Cliff Wilson comes on and talks about his contest ideas and diet/training theories with Eric!

  • Episode 2

    11/05/2013 Duration: 01h01min

    Eric Gibson, Austin Dossey, Zack Sizemore, and Bree Harbin discuss balance and the bodybuilding lifestyle. Also, Zack gives the run down on the bachelor weekend shenanigans from last week!

  • Episode 1

    07/05/2013 Duration: 01h04min

    Eric Gibson and Austin Dossey discuss diet theories in the first podcast!