Ian's Health Radio



Ian's Health is a podcast series discussing all matters health. Hosted by Ian Entwistle, each episode will focus on important topics in health, wellness, nutrition and fitness. There'll also be help from guest experts from the health and fitness world to navigate the science and reveal clear, useful information.


  • Ian’s Health Radio E11 – Why Diets Fail


    We welcome back James Walker and introduce Joe Robinson in this episode of the podcast. There’s plenty of discussion on why diets fail and other health related topics. We also answer listeners’ questions. Language may offend some. These are our opinions and views only. Advertisements

  • Ian’s Health Radio E10 – Personal Trainers, Steroids & Meal Replacements


    A rant about the fitness industry from Ian Entwistle and James Walker. We discuss personal trainers, steroids, and dramatic body transformations. We also take a look at weight loss products, the meal replacement industry, and artificial sweeteners, while answering listeners’ questions.

  • Ian’s Health Radio E09 – Common Health & Fitness Mistakes


    Why are you not achieving your health and fitness goals? We discuss the common mistakes people make in and out of the gym, including how you do your workouts, stress, sleep, nutrition and more! Language may offend some.

  • Ian’s Health Radio E08 – Calories


    In this episode, we discuss the calorie theory and ask, is it necessary to count calories? We also discuss listeners’ questions about returning to exercise following illness and the best exercise for fat loss.

  • Ian’s Health Radio E07 – Protein World Controversy


    In this episode, James Walker is back again! We discuss the recent Protein World advertisement, exercise for weight loss, body image and much more! Language may offend some.

  • Ian’s Health Radio E06 – James Walker Part 2 Q&A


    James Walker returns to the Ian’s Health podcast! In this episode, we answer your questions, covering the big lifts, training programmes, vegetarian protein options and more! Language may offend some.

  • Ian’s Health Radio E05 – Sam Feltham


    ‘Slimology’ author, Sam Feltham joins us for this episode. We discuss his book, recent diet research and whether exercise is useful for fat loss. Sam also describes his own, interesting self-experimentation. For further information check out Sam’s website smashthefat.com.

  • Ian’s Health Radio E04 – James Walker


    In his own unique style, with use of colourful language, James Walker, Personal Trainer, gives his top tips for success in your workouts. We discuss how best to achieve your health and fitness goals in and out of the gym.

  • Ian’s Health Radio E03 – Zoe Harcombe


    Zoe Harcombe, obesity researcher and author joins us for this episode. We discuss counting calories, the obesity epidemic (cause and solutions), poor public health advice and personal responsibility. Zoe also shares her views on recent obesity features in the media.

  • Ian’s Health Radio E02 – Fitter Food with Matt Whitmore and Keris Marsden


    In this episode, I discuss various health and fitness topics with Matt Whitmore and Keris Marsden, including diet, calories, obesity, public health and exercise. Matt and Keris are health and fitness professionals based in London and authors of the book, ‘Fitter Food a lifelong recipe for health and fat loss’.

  • Ian’s Health Radio E01 – Introduction


    Introductory episode of the Ian’s Health podcast. This episode explains what the podcast will be about and gives some tips and advice for people wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle in 2015.