Apollos (iPod)



Download the weekly PDFs by searching for Apollos on www.newfangled.wordpress.com There isnt much about Apollos in the Bible, but we know that he was a man who was mighty in Scripture and that he also worked closely with Paul and the other disciples. For this reason, we can only imagine that he saw many signs and wonders as many stories were recorded about how these early Christians walked in the power of the Spirit. Apollos is a class taught by Jamin Bradley at the Free Methodist Church building of 1208 Greenwood. It is meant to train disciples to walk in the power of Scripture and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Where many churches focus strongly on one or the other, Apollos is meant to teach a balance between these two aspects of Christianity.


  • Healing: Session 2

    26/10/2011 Duration: 01h14min

    Watch the video of this presentation on Jamin's youtube channel. Search for Apollos at www.youtube.com/jamminwithjamin Or just follow up with it on Jamin's blog by searching for Apollos at www.newfangled.wordpress.com

  • Prophecy

    11/10/2011 Duration: 01h38min

    Both Moses and Paul wanted to see all of God's people engage in prophecy, but many Christians today aren't even sure what exactly it is. Even more so, most have no idea how they would go about practicing this spiritual gift. Learn more about prophecy with Pastor Jamin and the Apollos class at 1208 Greenwood: A Free Methodist Church in Jackson, MI.

  • Dreams

    29/09/2011 Duration: 01h19min

    This week at Apollos we looked into interpreting dreams. This is one of the supernatural ways that God works that I've experienced most so I figured what better place to start? On top of that, we all dream which makes it an even better place to start! Learn what dreams are from God, what dreams are from demons, and what dreams are just straight up natural. Grab the PDF for this at www.newfangled.wordpress.com Once there, search for Apollos.

  • Introduction and History

    20/09/2011 Duration: 55min

    For the first session of Apollos, we listen to Jamin's testimony of how he found the Spirit at work today. We also take a look into how the Spirit has been at work within the Methodist tradition.