Sermons Ron Ricley Ministries



Standing on the Absolutes of God


  • Living Righteousness


    Spreading the Gospel isn’t about us telling people.  It’s about living a life of peace and righteousness in front of others so they seek what we have.  In order to do that, we have to get our appetites under God’s dominion and learn to say “no”.  We can’t do that in our own will, but through His Spirit living in us.   Scripture:  Isa 42:1-9, John 1:10-13

  • All Things to All Men


    The Dispensation of the Gospel has been committed to us according to the Word.  What better way to reveal Jesus to the world than to live like Him?  It can’t be done in confrontation or self-righteousness, but as the Spirit leads in empathy, walking in ways that avoid offense and that draw men to the love He manifests to us and through us.    Scripture:  1 Cor 11:1-19, 1 Cor 9:16-22

  • A Word to Build (Hag 2)


    It had been 16 years from the end of the exile to Haggai.  People returned with a desire to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple.  They had the government and the priesthood, but didn’t have a prophet.  They couldn’t build without a word from God and neither can we.  We’re nothing without the Spirit of God indwelling us, leading us.     Scripture:  Acts 6:11-7:2, Haggai 2:1-7

  • The 3rd Beginning


    In the beginning, “Let there be light” (Genesis).  “In the beginning was the Word…” (John).  The 3rd beginning was the Book of Acts, men doing things as a continuation of the work Jesus did, moving in His Spirit and authority to teach, heal, prophesy, cast out demons and manifest His everlasting life & love to the world.  We’re in training – learning to crucify our flesh and move in His Spirit to accomplish His will.   Scripture:  Acts 2:29-33, 1 […]

  • Truth in Reality, not Ideology


    Pastor Ron teaches that the truth revealed in the Word is not just an ideology, but it’s a reality we can stand on in our lives that will get us through anything we might encounter.   Scripture:  John 14:6-7, John 13:33-35, John 1:1-4, John 2:18-19, John 6:15-27

  • Defiling the Temple


    In our carnal thinking, God can be dethroned.  The Holy Spirit indwells us, but we still need to grow up.  We ignore what the Holy Spirit tells us to get rid of.  We can stay carnally minded where we don’t receive the things of the Spirit.  Take out the trash or it builds up!  Pastor Ricley warns us that we can override what the Holy Ghost says and stay in infant in Christ.   Scripture:  1 Cor 2:1-3:3, 1 Cor […]

  • The Right Wedding Garment


    We have received an invitation from God to the marriage supper.  Jesus’ Bride will be arrayed in white linen, granted to her by God.  We don’t want the wrong garment, we don’t want religion or to put our trust in anything in this hour except for Him.  We’ve entered into a covenant relationship with God.  He will do His part if we do ours – surrender to His will.  Zeph 1:2-9, 2 Kings 23:1-14, Matt 22:1-14, Rev 19:1-18, Luke 17:20-37

  • Church Needs To Learn Sorrow


    God is a God of relationship – relationship with us and our relationships with each other.  We’re to love as He loved.  We were born to show the world empathy and sympathy that can only be learned by walking through difficult places as He did.  Scripture:  Matt 12:34-42, Ezek 24:15-27

  • The Importance of Rest


    The Sabbath is the only commandment God forced Israel to keep, it was that important to Him.  In Hebrews we’re reminded that there “remains a Sabbath to the people of God.”  We’ll rest in man or we’ll rest in God and we’re in training.  Scripture:  Gen 42:16-25, Ezek 36:16-22, 2 Chron 27:14-23, Heb 3:5-4:2

  • God Has A Plan


    The world is full of questions re things.  What we know is that He has a plan and it’s all going to turn out the way He wants.  Increase in violence, selfishness, hatred has been prophesied in the Word & we see it coming to pass.  We can have confidence the plan He has will come to pass.  Jesus wasn’t going anywhere until the disciples had the divine revelation of who He was.  Once He knew they knew He was […]