Relentless Roger And The Caveman Doctor



Roger Dickerman and Colin Champ are merging the worlds of personal trainer and doctor. Listen to them simplify the journey to a healthy life, as they bring you the latest in exercise, nutrition and mindset.


  • #79: Back to the City of Brotherly Love

    03/11/2015 Duration: 58min

    Dr. Champ's triumphant but brief Philadelphia return, Relentless Fitness studio, Spartan Race, Japan, Japanese cuisine and culture, vegetable consumption, kobe beef, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, prebiotics, raw almonds, safe starches, plants and Paleo, amylase, varying your exercise routine, dynamic stretching, yoga, exercise versus movement, post workout carbohydrates, coffee check in, Wright Brothers, On Writing, Lil Wayne and Gary Vaynerchuk, inputs and outputs, consuming versus creating

  • #78: You Know What to Do but Do You Do It?

    23/10/2015 Duration: 58min

    Dr. Champ's trials, Misfit fitness trackers, Relentless podcast, positive and stimulating people, social circles, long-term sustainability, rabbit holes, mental stress, psychology of habit, controversial motivation, polarization, float tanks, escape mechanisms, green exercise, push-up challenges, eliminating mindless eating, Blink, ambitious people, continuous improvement, and self-driven education

  • #77: We All Float on Again

    14/10/2015 Duration: 46min

    Float tanks, Halcyon Floats, ketones, blood glucose, car ride stress, biohacking your breathing, cancer and luck, workout partners, food preparation, purposeful inconvenience, "relentless" stress relief, being comfortable spending time with yourself

  • #76: Our Hot Tub Time Machine - A Lost Episode

    06/02/2015 Duration: 53min

    The cost of getting lean, coffee recommendations, short distance races, and mastering your money

  • #75: Breakfast of Champions

    17/10/2014 Duration: 39min

    Franco Harris and Misguided Medicine, skipping carbs pre-workout, talking all things breakfast, making exercise a part of your life, workout partners, grass-fed whole milk, and Kevin Kelly

  • #74: Miles Over Marathons

    17/09/2014 Duration: 44min

    Ketogenic diet state of the union, low carb vs. low fat, ideal bodyweight, mile races, sprints, lettuce wraps, procrastination monkeys, stress monsters, and comfort zones

  • #73: Slapping Your Cell Phone

    14/08/2014 Duration: 36min

    Finding Our Hunger, ice bucket challenges, bacteria soap, confidence, process and spot, importance of exercise, Thrive, cell phone usage, and stepping outside your comfort zone

  • #72: Misguided Medicine

    08/08/2014 Duration: 38min

    Misguided Medicine, Relentless Transformation, training shoes, dietary fat, 5-minutes of exercise per day, do something, bone broth, grass-fed dairy, James Altucher, and setting an example

  • #71: Your Questions Our Answers

    25/07/2014 Duration: 45min

    Steve's Club, chiropractors, pedometer inaccuracies, best strength exercises, American vs. Russian kettlebell swings, options for more dietary fat, and combining fat and carbohydrates

  • #70: Shocking Bad Habits

    11/07/2014 Duration: 42min

    #Thinspiration fallout, alcohol and muscle growth, shock devices and bad habits, television cons, 6x6 workouts, grilling, and making fitness fun

  • #69: #Thinspiration

    03/07/2014 Duration: 41min

    Spartan Race training, soccer playing, Paleo Grilling, glutathione supplements and tumors, plastic bottles, obesity costs and risks, Neanderthal poop, calorie restriction in animals, pedometer reviews, bike riding, Nate Miyaki, oxtail bone broth, and our thin skinned society

  • #68: The End of Fat Shaming

    20/06/2014 Duration: 34min

    Time Magazine, Dr. Oz, weight of nations, skinny sidewalks, Primal Run Geek, burn reps, supplement check, and the Tim Ferriss podcast

  • #67: Setting the Float Tank Scene

    13/06/2014 Duration: 40min

    Eating or skipping breakfast, last call for alcohol, evolutionary medicine, Hu Kitchen, PaleoFX, float tanks, open mindedness, Rise Bars, and Generation Iron

  • #66: It's Getting Hot in Here

    06/06/2014 Duration: 44min

    Decrease in grocery bills, greater expense greater satisfaction, Transformation, food and teeth health, hyperthermic conditioning, older adults and walking, Steve Maxwell, background walking, and biodynamic wine

  • #65: Trap Bar Island

    29/05/2014 Duration: 43min

    IDEA fitness conference, Americans and protein, Body Shape Index, food labels, repetitive programming, school lunches, the "next" goal

  • #64: Evaluating Your Vices

    27/02/2014 Duration: 47min

    Integrative Health Symposium, wrapping up the cleanse, alcohol and longevity, coffee pros and cons, vegetables and what they're grown in, eating behavior and health parameters, micro workouts, making time for the outdoors, bugs in your food, and straw man arguments and Paleo frustration

  • #63: To Judge or Not to Judge

    12/02/2014 Duration: 47min

    Twin brother diets, fat doctors, women vs. men in sleep quantity, a high rep multiple set exercise structure, and accountability partners

  • #62: Guess Who's Back

    30/01/2014 Duration: 38min

    Relentless Nutrition, children's fitness, making stress your friend, oxytocin, acute and chronic stress, hypertrophy training evidence, pre-workout enhancers, diet and cancer articles, and identifying harmful habits

  • #61: Muscle Mania

    20/12/2013 Duration: 47min

    23andMe update, changing behaviors, cold weather carb cravings, the many health benefits of muscles, PaleoFX guest post, adding strength to treadmill inclines, adding muscle, final Bulletproof coffee review, bone broth, chia seeds, focused meditation, and not reverting back to old behaviors

  • #60: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    13/12/2013 Duration: 50min

    PaleoFX, 23andMe and the FDA, Crossfit, Mark Rippetoe, cholesterol and cancer, low impact work in the cold, workout music, Upgraded coffee, almonds and kidney stones, holiday commitment, and Paul Walker and mean people

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