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Hosted by dubious twitter identity Former Legend and colourful racing identity SidPunts, Full Credit to the Boys is a Sydney based sports podcast where opinions, dick jokes and school boy humour are at Olympic standards.


  • It Got Loose


    We preview Origin 1, the Tigers force the Panthers into a rebuild and Peter V'Landys admits that he was wrrr...wrrr...wrrr...

  • The Penrith Origin Team


    Blues Selectors name Penrith, Cronulla dine out on Nachos and the NRL crap their dacks over AFL massive crowds in Sydney.

  • RIP Immortal


    We visit the Lady Garden Fitness Centre, the wheels are falling off at Canberra and we farewell immortal Lorrae Desmond.

  • Sex-Fact-A-Palooza


    The NRLs Sin Bin Round a roaring success, Adam Reynolds loves a challenge more than Nick Cotric and we launch Sex-Fact-A-Palooza.

  • The Drill Down 2021


    The Bulldogs are 6 inches deep in tears, the Bunnies cant win the comp, but the Sharks still can and the Drill Down returns.

  • Interview: Andy Raymond 2021


    George Williams realises its a long commute from England to Gee I'm Cold Stadium everyday, 2019 Ricky Stuart is starting to emerge, and Andy Raymond swings by.

  • Pornhub Comments 2021


    The Tigers offer Madge a free ticket out of hell, the Sharkies do former son Trent Barrett a solid, and Pornhub Comments return.

  • Interview: NRL Physio 2021


    Latrell Mitchell is heading off shooting and riding motorbikes for a few weeks, Jason Taumololo is getting treated like an Iraqi shoplifter, and NRL Physio swings by.

  • Has It Aged Well? (Music)


    The Tigers begin a 12 year rebuild, St George tattooists have RSI, we say bye-bye to the beautiful eyes of Johnny Morris, and we ask, has music aged well?

  • Interview: Neil Breen 2021


    We chat to one of our favourite blokes, Neil Breen about the hole the Broncos are in, the new Brisbane NRL team and fast horses. Plus North Korea drops a bombshell, and Trent Barrett goes under a lie detector.

  • Has It Aged Well....Nope


    The NRL's inaugural Injury Round a roaring success, 2018 Ricky Stuart has returned and we're here for it, and we ask: Has It Aged Well?

  • Interview: Scott Sattler


    Kevvie Walters is watching his coaching stats go on the slide, the Tigers still in the hunt for the 2021 title and we chat to Scott Sattler about the main suspect behind his father's disappearing jersey

  • Luke Brooks: Unleashed


    Round 1 shows us there is more bad teams than good ones in the 2021 NRL competition, News Limited has a crack at Cameron Smith, and Sid is loving the new K-Mart trackie dackies.

  • Interview: Wayne Pearce 2021


    We preview Round 1 of the NRL, cockfighting experiences its darkest days in the sport's history and Mr Apollo,Wayne Pearce swings by.

  • 2021 Pre Season Trial


    We tell you where every team will run in the NRL in 2021, the Broncos are finally showing some fight, and Redfern set to be rebranded as Heaven's Waiting Room

  • Bryan Fletcher + Joel Caine Trial and Train


    In a right of reply, we uncover the long history of Joel and Fletch on Full Credit to the Boys, and how their efforts here got them gig on the great SEN 1170 AM.

  • Interview: Bryan Fletcher


    We preview the Big Dance with Marty Lang, Scott Sattler and Robbie Kearns PLUS Bryan Fletcher swings by for his annual unfiltered chat. Download it now, before we delete it.

  • Interview: Gavin Badger


    Parramatta go searching for the next next next Sterlo, the Roosters need a bigger cap, and the great Gavin Badger swings by.

  • October Horoscopes


    2 Teams down, 6 to go in the NRL so we preview the second week of the Semi Finals in the NRL, plus Mystic Former delivers your October horoscope.

  • Drill Down: Wildcard Round


    We drill down on the 5 hottest topics including the Wildcard Round, the best of the sacked coaches and Top 3 sporting flogs. Plus Kevvie Walters lands a nightmare job and we volunteer to dance at the AFL Grand Final.

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