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  • Episode 3: A Conversation With Wes Hoffman & Vern Ross

    02/01/2015 Duration: 49min

    An informal conversation with Wes Hoffman & Vernon Ross. Apologies for the audio quality. We were testing new equipment - but we cleaned it up as much as possible because of the gems we hope you get out of this podcast. Today, we're talking about how to overcome social awkwarded from social media/digital space to real world, and our personal experiences being a digital brand, and networking in the real world. Wes is the founder of Treehouse Networkshop, and a man of pure genius. Get out to a Treehouse Event as soon as you can to pick his brain and see what makes him tick. Follow him on Twitter @Treehousenetwrk. Vernon Ross is also known as @RossPR. He is fearless, brilliant and a great friend of mine from the board of Social Media Club. Check him out at to learn more about his work and to subscribe to his podcast.

  • Ep 2: 4 Lessons learned from one year in small business

    10/11/2014 Duration: 18min

    Danni takes a look back at four lessons learned at one year anniversary mark for Blank Page Marketing. 4 Lessons Learned from One Year in Small Business: AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION Please excuse any typos as this was completed with audio dictation. Welcome to Social School. My name is Danni Eickenhorst, and today we’re going to talk about the first year of a small business. I wanted to talk a little bit about Blank Page Marketing, because last week we hit the one year mark for Blank Page and it was a really meaningful moment for our business and our team. Next week, we get to have a party and celebrate (because I’m big on celebrating milestones). It really got me thinking about the sharable lessons that I’ve gotten from my first year as an entrepreneur and what would I share with others thinking about taking some of the same steps. A little bit of background, when I first decided to go out on my own it was 2007 and I had my own company, and the first time around it was mostly content focused. I’ve been given some f

  • Episode 1: Ridiculously Simple Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Your Marketing Strategy

    22/08/2014 Duration: 18min

    Marketing continuing education for professionals. In today's episode, we tackle the top questions you should ask yourself about your marketing strategy - whether you're already underway or about to kick off. For more about Blank Page Marketing, visit Tweet questions and feedback to us at @BlankPageSTL. Find Danni on Twitter at @STLDanni. Social School podcast listeners qualify for a 10% discount off of any of our online courses by using code SSPODCAST at Limit 1 per person.