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  • Episode 46: Hot Air 2019 #4 Esser Solo

    17/05/2019 Duration: 17min

      BREEZE PODCAST: In this episode, host Greg Esser breaks down the Breeze’s recent performance against Ottawa and New York and discusses the upcoming games against Ottawa, Montréal and New York. He touts the early season successes and needed tweaks to the Breeze defense…

  • Episode 45: Hot Air 2019 #3 w/ David Bloodgood

    26/04/2019 Duration: 32min

      BREEZE PODCAST: In this episode host Greg Esser discusses the first two games of 2019 before sitting down with 2019 Breeze Captain David Bloodgood. They discuss collar bone breaks, the relationship between DC and Philly Ultimate, and playing the road trip game Mafia as a form of team bonding.

  • Episode 44: Hot Air 2019 #2 w/ Anthony McLean

    12/04/2019 Duration: 36min

      BREEZE PODCAST: In Episode 2 of 2019, third year Breeze Player Anthony McLean compares the 2019 Breeze to his 2015 and 2016 teams while singing the praises of Joe Richards and corgis. Enjoy! Catch the Breeze April 13 in their road opener on AUDL.tv, and then make sure to see them in person for their Home Opener April 20.

  • Episode 43: Hot Air 2019 #1 w/ Darryl Stanley

    27/03/2019 Duration: 33min

      BREEZE PODCAST: In Episode 1 of 2019, Hot Air Host Greg Esser and Coach Stanley discuss the changes to the AUDL schedule, the shiny new 2019 player roster, and what Lloyd Blake and Rowan McDonnell would look like if they inhabited the same body. Tune in for all this and more Breeze insider info ahead of the April 13 road opener on the Stadium Network – watchstadium.com!

  • Episode 42: Hot Air 2018 #11 w/ Darryl Stanley

    10/08/2018 Duration: 47min

      BREEZE PODCAST: In Hot Air Episode 11 of 2018, host Greg Esser sits down with Coach Darryl Stanley to discuss the successes and challenges of the recently completed 2018 Breeze season. Coach and commentator awards are bestowed on the Breeze’s top performers, puns are in the air, and predictions about AUDL Championship weekend are made. AUDL Championship Weekend takes place this weekend, August 11-12 in Madison, Wisconsin! If you...

  • Episode 41: Hot Air 2018 #10 w/ Joe Richards

    20/07/2018 Duration: 46min

      BREEZE PODCAST: In Hot Air Episode 10 of the 2018 season, host Greg Esser meets with 2nd year Breeze player Joe Richards to discuss the positives and one huge negative coming out of the final game of the regular season: Joe’s injury. Nonetheless, expect Joe on the sideline for the postseason with some choice picks for teammates to take over the defensive line and join him for a postgame...

  • Episode 40: Hot Air 2018 #9 w/ Christian Boxley

    11/07/2018 Duration: 32min

    BREEZE PODCAST: In Hot Air Episode 9 of the Season,  host Greg Esser sits with rookie standout Christian Boxley. They discuss the mood in Breeze camp going into the end of the season and playoffs as well Boxley’s desire to sky Jibran Mieser during the final home game of the season. The Breeze are gearing up to play their last regular season home game this Saturday, July 14 at 6:30pm...

  • Episode 39: Hot Air 2018 #8 Greg Esser Solo Cast

    22/06/2018 Duration: 27min

    BREEZE PODCAST: Hot Air Episode 8 takes a detailed look at the remaining schedule in the East Division and the Breeze’s playoff prospects. In addition, we take a look at what worked and what didn’t during DC’s big win over the visiting Toronto Rush June 9. Stay tuned for some bonus footage from the 2018 Breeze Open Tryout Sideline. The Breeze travel to face the Toronto Rush and Ottawa Outlaws...

  • Episode 38: Hot Air 2018 #7 w/ Marcus Thaw

    08/06/2018 Duration: 44min

    BREEZE PODCAST: In advance of the big battle tomorrow night against the Toronto Rush, Greg Esser sits down with Marcus Thaw to discuss the recent Breeze ​wins against New York and Pittsburgh. They discuss the mixed game between DC Mixed and Pittsburgh Supercell that took place last weekend, as well as Marcus’ opinions about horizontal stack and post-game ice baths. The Breeze take on the Toronto Rush this Saturday June...

  • Episode 37: Hot Air 2018 #6 w/ Rowan McDonnell

    25/05/2018 Duration: 38min

    BREEZE PODCAST: In Episode 6 of the season, Greg Esser sits down with first half of the season MVP Rowan McDonnell, who talks about the tough road trip to Toronto and Montreal last weekend. They discuss youth and equity efforts through the Breeze and AUA and fashion tips from Rowan’s mother. Come out to watch McDonnell and the rest of the Breeze take on the New York Empire on Saturday...

  • Episode 36: Hot Air 2018 #5 w/ Becca Arbacher

    10/05/2018 Duration: 42min

    BREEZE PODCAST: In Episode 5 of the season, Greg Esser sits down with Becca Arbacher. Becca is a member of the Breeze Equity Committee and captain of Washington DC’s Grit club team. They discuss the committee’s approach to decision making and the pathways being made toward equity during the 2018 season before taking a detour to discuss space travel.​

  • Episode 35: Hot Air 2018 #4 w/ Austin Bartenstein

    18/04/2018 Duration: 41min

    BREEZE PODCAST: Hot Air sits down with second year player, Austin Bartenstein, to review the notes from Breeze home opener against the Royal. We talk about focusing the team ahead of the 2018 campaign, Austin’s transition from Richmond to DC, and the heckling practices at the University of Mary Washington.

  • Episode 34: Hot Air 2018 #3 w/ Tyler Byrum

    05/04/2018 Duration: 41min

    BREEZE PODCAST: It’s time for the 2018 season! In this third episode of the year, host Greg Esser overviews the competition and then discusses the 2018 Breeze roster in depth with Breeze analyst and staff writer Tyler Byrum. They cover a talented crop of rookies, notable returners, and a few blasts from the past returning to the Breeze after seasons away.

  • Episode 33: Hot Air 2018 #2 w/ Nate Prior

    16/03/2018 Duration: 27min

    BREEZE PODCAST: In the second episode of 2018 host Greg Esser discusses the challenging 2018 Breeze schedule before sitting down with 2017 breakout rookie Nathan Prior, who is excited to get started on his 2nd season for the team. They cover the offseason, the ability to develop handler chemistry, and Nate’s aversion to soap.  

  • Episode 32: Hot Air 2018 #1 w/ Darryl Stanley

    20/02/2018 Duration: 36min

    BREEZE PODCAST: It's the first episode of 2018, so who better than head coach Darryl Stanley for host Greg Esser to get into details with about this weekend's open tryouts and his expectations and skills/talents on his wish lis? The two also discuss the season, and they even open the lid on the brand new equity committee the Breeze are in the final stages of forming.

  • Episode 31: Hot Air 2017 #11 w/ Alan Kolick

    27/10/2017 Duration: 34min

    BREEZE PODCAST: In this last episode of the 2017 season, host Greg Esser sits down with two-year Breeze superstar Alan Kolick to discuss some pretty significant topics. In addition to a deep dive into how the Breeze playoff victory over the Montréal Royal and subsequent loss to Toronto Rush played out, they cover knee injuries, new babies, and… a possible hiatus in 2018?!

  • Episode 30: Hot Air 2017 #10 w/ Delrico Johnson

    10/08/2017 Duration: 37min

    BREEZE PODCAST: In this episode host Greg Esser sits down with elite Ultimate frisbee veteran and first year AUDL and Breeze player Delrico Johnson. They discuss Rico’s approach to the upcoming playoff game against the Montréal Royal, how the 2017 defensive line came together, and gender and diversity in the sport of Ultimate.

  • Episode 29: Hot Air 2017 #9 w/ Matt Esser

    20/07/2017 Duration: 26min

    BREEZE PODCAST: In this episode host Greg Esser sits down with AUDL pro ultimate veteran, Philadelphia Phoenix D-Line captain… and his own brother… Matt Esser to discuss the past and upcoming 2017 games between the Phoenix and the Breeze, predictions for​ the Eastern Division Playoffs, and this year’s trend toward zone defenses.

  • Episode 28: Hot Air 2017 #8 w/ Tyler Byrum

    23/06/2017 Duration: 42min

    In this episode host Greg Esser sits down with Tyler Byrum, DC Breeze staff writer. They do a deep dive into the AUDL East playoff picture and stats.

  • Episode 27: Hot Air 2017 #7 w/ Rowan McDonnell

    09/06/2017 Duration: 37min

    In this episode, host Greg Esser sits down with Matthew "Rowan" McDonnell, DC Breeze captain, team leader in blocks, fledgling internet sensation (see below), and founding partner of the American Ultimate Academy.

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