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Customer Management IQ is a forum for sharing ideas, best practices and solutions within the business community. The emphasis of Customer Management IQ is on peer-to-peer communications within the Customer Management community.Simply put, you can interact and share solutions with an incredible network of authoritative sources and practicing professionals. It's easy. It's fast. It's free.And it enables you to find from your peers a method, a solution, a proven best practice that solves your specific problems when you need it solved.Customer Management IQ offers a steady stream of front-line content that is timely, relevant, practical and has been validated by practitioners. We have day-in, day-out contact with movers and doers in the Customer Management world.


  • Interview with Brian Vellmure Talks About CRM Evolution, Enterprise 2.0 and A New Social Landscape

    30/06/2010 Duration: 28min

    Interview with Brian Vellmure, Business Strategist, CRM Specialist, Profit Driver, Problem Solver and speaker at CRM Evolution, August 2nd-4th in New York City. Tune into this podcast for a sneak peak on Vellmure's program and what the CRM crystal ball holds for our industry.

  • Interview with Esteban Kolsky, Social CRM Consultant, Strategist, Thinker and Blogger

    25/06/2010 Duration: 26min

    Former Gartner Analyst Esteban Kolsky addresses key learnings in social CRM in addition to misconceptions about Enterprise 2.0, social media and customer management.

  • Interview with Milan Katz, Director of the Contact Center at Unity Healthcare

    25/06/2010 Duration: 22min

    Listen in on this interview for a sneak peak of Katz' session at the International Contact Center Exchange Conference in Miami this October!

  • Interview with Andrew Hull of RightNow Technologies

    22/06/2010 Duration: 21min

    In this interview Andrew Hull talks about the importance of the multi-channel customer experience. He will share case studies with us from and MySpace.

  • Interview with John Jantsch, Author of The Referral Engine

    22/06/2010 Duration: 24min

    Interview with John Jantsch, author of The Referral Engine. In his book THE REFERRAL ENGINE: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself (Portfolio), marketing expert John Jantsch offers practical ways to harness the power of referrals for a steady flow of new customers. In this podcast Jantsch explores how the Referral Engine can drive businesses from your own network, and keep new customers coming back for more.

  • Interview with David Vap, Chief Solutions Officer, RightNow Technologies

    10/06/2010 Duration: 21min

    In this interview with David Vap, Chief Solutions Officer of RightNow, we address new and exciting contact center technologies. RightNow is a provider of Cloud Based CX Software solutions that improve customer experience. Hear about why RightNow is focusing on mobile and social technologies and what's in store for 2010.

  • Interview with Michael Thomas of Engagement

    03/06/2010 Duration: 31min

    Michael Thomas, Principal of Effective Engagements, talks with Customer Management IQ about social business strategy and why CRM is the most exciting technology space today. Michael is a well established authority on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Social CRM strategies and best practices. Michael is also known for his understanding of the Social and Mobile audience and how to engage this group on their terms.Effective Engagements is a Social CRM Consultancy promotional company and Director of Social CRM Strategies with Social Strategy1, a managed social media monitoring and strategy solution.His expertise in CRM and Social Media has given him great insights into Social CRM strategies and assisting companies extend their current CRM strategies to the Social CRM realm. He was named one of the Rockstars of Social CRM by the Social Media Listening Platform solutions Radian6 and serves on their Social CRM Leadership Council.

  • Interview with Ngenera's Lauren Hall-Stigerts on Social CRM

    02/06/2010 Duration: 16min

    In this interview Lauren Hall-Stigerts talks with Customer Management IQ about some of the exciting software and technology developments from Ngenera and other key learnings from the Social CRM Summit in Atlanta this year.

  • Interview with Daniel Ziv SEM, Verint

    19/05/2010 Duration: 23min

    Interview with social media guru Daniel Ziv on social business strategy and how it impacts the contact center.

  • Interview with Shannon O'Connor, VP Strategy, Verint Solutions

    18/05/2010 Duration: 56min

    In this interview find out how you need to be leveraging VOC in your contact center with Shannon O'Connor, Regional Vice President, with Verint Solutions, a leading provider of Actionable Intelligence® solutions and services for enterprise workforce optimization and security intelligence. O'Connor answers your pressing call center technology questions!