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  • The Talking Pie Podcast - 3/6/15

    03/06/2015 Duration: 42min

    Brought to you in association with THewitt44 Productions and Pitchtalk Want to have YOUR say in whats going on behind the scenes of Notts County? Come and join both myself Tom Hewitt, and Adam Hewitt, as we divulge into the crazy and unpredictable world of Notts County Football Club. Featuring: *2014/2015 Season Review * Other Side Of The Trent * Special Feature * Competition Giveaway "Funny, light hearted and informative. A must listen for all Notts County fans" For more information, or, if you would like to contribute to future podcasts, please email me on Alternatively, you may also wish to contact me via phone: *NOTE: This number is only used during pre-recorded and live podcast shows: 07972728887 For much information on our sponsors, Pitchtalk and THewitt44 Productions, please visit their respective websites: Pitchtalk - THewitt44 Productions - For more information regarding the Notts County Official Supporters