Brooklyn's Finest Podcast



The Brooklyn's Finest Podcast is the one and only podcast dedicated to coverage of the Brooklyn Nets. Hosted by Chris Hooker. Part of ESPN's TrueHoop Network.


  • 11/1: Scott Salomon, Jeremy Gordon

    01/11/2013 Duration: 29min

    First episode of the season! Chris talks to the world's most confident Heat writer, Scott Salomon (@scottsalomon) of SB Nation's Hot Hot Hoops and Jeremy Gordon about tonight's Nets-Heat matchup, the greatness of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade's health, the Nets 0-1 start and more. Feel free to leave comments and please subscribe to us on iTunes.

  • 7/1: Brendan Jackson, Jeremy Gordon

    01/07/2013 Duration: 35min

    Chris breaks down the blockbuster Nets-Celtics trade with Jeremy Gordon (@jeremypgordon) and Brendan Jackson (@celticshub).

  • 4/26: Devin Kharpertian

    26/04/2013 Duration: 38min

    Chris is joined by Devin Kharpertian (@uuords) of The Brooklyn Game to break down the first three games of the Nets-Bulls series, the Billy King extension, the future of PJ Carlesimo and more.

  • 4/19: Jeremy Gordon, Ricky O'Donnell

    19/04/2013 Duration: 35min

    Jeremy Gordon and Ricky O'Donnell (@SBN_Ricky) joins Chris to preview the upcoming Nets-Bulls playoff series.

  • 3/30: Spencer Hall

    30/03/2013 Duration: 35min

    Chris talks with Spencer Hall (@saltcityhoops) from Salt City Hoops about tonight's Nets-Jazz game, the return of Deron Williams, the development of Derrick Favors and more.

  • 3/27: Jeremy Gordon, Danny Nowell

    27/03/2013 Duration: 34min

    Chris talks with Brooklyn's Finest's Jeremy Gordon (@jeremypgordon) and Danny Nowell from Portland Roundball Society's Danny Nowell (@dmnowell) on tonight's Nets-Blazers game and the futures of both organizations.

  • 3/21: Kirk Henderson

    21/03/2013 Duration: 25min

    Chris talks to Kirk Henderson (@KirkSeriousFace) from ESPN TrueHoop's The Two Man Game on last nights Nets-Mavs, Deron Williams' non-decision to play in Dallas, March Madness and more.

  • 3/18: Jeremy Gordon, Jameson Draper

    18/03/2013 Duration: 47min

    In the first episode of the Brooklyn's Finest podcast, host Chris Hooker talks to Brooklyn's Finest managing editor Jeremy Gordon on the new site and outlook on the season as well as previews tonight's Nets/Pistons match up with Jameson Draper from Piston Powered.