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HUGO was born to be unconventional and innovative just like the people who choose the brand.Discover the latest HUGO Tracks to make your HUGO Style complete and get your free downloads on a curated selection of new and innovative electronic music and explore the eclectic influences and progressive sounds of groundbreaking DJs and musicians from the international music scene.


  • HUGO Tracks Podcast #43 - with OID, Terranova, Niagara, Funktsörung and more.

    24/09/2015 Duration: 01h46s

    This month's episode features the artists OID, Terranova, Niagara, Débruit, Babicka & Mic Mills, Funkstörung (Feat. Anothr), Left/Right, Sau Poler, Sovgner, Portable Sunsets, Jori Hulkkonnen, In Flagranti and Cales Parks. With kind support from the labels PNN, Kompakt, Príncipe, Untzz Twelve Inch, Monkeytown Records, Audiophile Deep, Atomnation, Police Records, My Favourite Robot, Codek Records and HAKT Recordings