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One of the premier sports blogs on the internet now has its own podcast. Some of the biggest names and newsmakers in the sports media will join us regularly on the AA Podcast.


  • Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 55 - Adam Amin

    19/05/2020 Duration: 54min

    5:30 - In Watching "The Last Dance," when did the early memories of being a kid in Chicago watching the Bulls kick in? 7:35 - Did he ever try to emulate any 1990s Bulls when he was hooping it up? 8:42 - How and when did his father, as a Pakistani immigrant, become a huge Chicago sports fans? 10:36 - Their shared love of sports despite never going to a game in-person together 12:53 - The story of a really beautiful connected moment between his dad, him, and Steve Kerr 19:22 - How he views the series through the lens of his family/memories of watching the Bulls as a kid 22:18 - Did the documentary change his perspective at all of the 1990s Bulls? 24:50 - Does he envision more accessibility from teams and players in the future? 29:10 - Did he felt like there was anything left out from "The Last Dance" worth telling? 32:00 - On his competitiveness level and the feeling of having to outwork everyone in his path 37:33 - Is there a way to stay fresh as a broadcaster amidst COVID-19? 40:29 - Any surprise that both th

  • Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 54 - Joe Buck

    22/04/2020 Duration: 54min

    5:48 - How he admired his dad's ability to remember and connect with everyone he met 7:22 - Have things slowed down for him after starting his career so fast and quickly? 8:41 - Parenting in his late 20s/early 30s vs now at 50 with two young twin boys 10:30 - On his dad being his best friend and how he handled getting the Cardinals gig at age 21 13:21 - Did he feel like he got unfairly singled out early on because of his name? 15:24 - His relationship with him mom/sister and how his mom gave him far more feedback on his broadcasting than his dad 19:10 - Is he still able to get actual legitimate feedback for his broadcasts at FOX 24:15 - Who he envisions as the next Romo & great NFL broadcast analyst 25:56 - When did he feel like he needed to start opening up and feeling like he could be his authentic self 29:04 - On being able to break out of his shell after nearly 20-something years of feeling like he couldn't 30:50 - His newfound relationship with social media and the importance of being your real self on s

  • Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 53 - Ernie Johnson

    16/04/2020 Duration: 34min

    5:38 - How he and his family are handling/keeping busy during the pandemic 7:30 - On finding a routine / starting EJ's Journalism School 11:35 - Which of the "J-School" lessons has stood out most? 14:35 - His path in broadcasting... was there apprehension about working Braves games with his dad 16:50 - When did he feel like he found his voice in broadcasting? 20:36 - The moment he knew that there was something different and special about "Inside the NBA" 23:45 - On the origin of the "Inside the NBA" games like "Who He Play For?" "How You Say That?" (etc...) 29:25 - Memories/stories of travels and experiences with his NBA on TNT crew 32:21 - His NBA Together show

  • Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 52 - Joe Davis (Fox Sports)

    25/03/2020 Duration: 43min

    0:21: Podcast Introduction 5:30: Introduction with Joe Davis 6:35: How he's stayed busy throughout quarantine/stay-at-home in CA 8:47: Favorite spots around the country to find the best smoked meat in America 10:04: First interest in broadcasting and how he started calling his first games 11:05: The first broadcasters he emulated early on 15:13: Getting letters/DMs asking for broadcast advice after he did it when he was a kid 17:00: His college football days - was he good with the media as an athlete? 18:25: His time in Montgomery, taking every broadcast and gig that he possibly could during that time 22:20: What was his first "Welcome to the Big Leagues, kid" type of moment? 23:30: Reflecting on taking over for Vin Scully after getting the Dodgers job 24:41: The unbelievable advice Vin Scully passed along, and who he got that same advice from 26:23: Does he miss play-by-play on radio? 27:24: How he envisions the baseball season going post Corona Virus 30:00: How will the Astros scandal discussion likely unf

  • AA Episode 51-Dianna Russini

    07/02/2020 Duration: 51min

    2:45 - Intro 3:50 - Her start at ESPN, struggles on SportsCenter and how it changed her career 7:00 - How management was committed to helping coach her up and improve 8:55 - Her parents and how their tough love was instrumental early on 12:20 - On being an open book and living her life on-air 15:40 - If her producers have been receptive to her looking for more fun in the shows she's a part of 17:19 - On her famous impression of her mother and how she owes Stugotz the credit for it 20:00 - Her transition from DC to ESPN + why ESPN has found so much on-air talent in DC 24:03 - Where her "newshound" instinct came from 26:05 - If there's a lack of representation for women in sports media 29:50 - On the networking side of the business, and develop sources 33:15 - Has she found any insiders or newsbreakers that have found a work/life balance + how she met Woj 35:40 - Does she have a preference between being a host or being the analyst/insider 37:50 - On a type of show she'd love to pitch/be on - The NFL version of

  • Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 50 - Chris Fowler

    10/01/2020 Duration: 40min

    3:00 - Why he loves creating a bunch of new content on Instagram/Why it's more positive than Twitter 4:30 - Finding a good balance between talking sports vs life on social media 6:05 - Was leaving Gameday emotional for you? 8:41 - Does he still watch the show? 10:02 - His first interest in college football living in State College 12:08 - Early influences in the broadcast world 14:29 - His father being a Theater Professor and if there's any influence in getting him started in sportscasting/speaking 17:00 - On finding ways to stand out when newer generations are growing up comfortable in front of a camera 18:58 - Starting at ESPN just a few years out of college 22:02 - Does he ever think of the "what if?" Including a decision for him at ESPN that would've taken him away from the Gameday opportunity 25:30 - On the decision to move from Gameday to more play-by-play coverage, specifically the Saturday night game of the week 27:05 - What stands out the most in the 25+ years of being a part of the show 32:53 - On hi

  • AA Podcast Episode 49 - Todd Fuhrman of "Lock it In" & "Bet the Board"

    12/12/2019 Duration: 37min

    3:30 - On him being "Most Likely to Be a Bookie" for his high school yearbook superlative/first interest in sports wagering 6:04 - On choosing the career of an oddsmaker and whether he ever wanted to be a professional better 8:40 - First eye opening experience of working in and for a sportsbook 10:38 - What happens when a sportsbook has a bad day 11:57 - Does he remember the first bet he ever placed in Las Vegas? 12:50 - When he wanted to get out of oddsmaking and into content creation & media 15:33 - What were the conversations like surrounding sports betting in media 10 years ago vs now? 17:21 - How he met Payne, started the "Bet the Board" Podcast and what their ultimate goal is 19:53 - How they can appeal to casual betters, new betters and experts 21:38 - His initial reaction to PASPA being overturned and what the snowball effect might look like 23:35 - The day to day notes of "Lock it In" and what the reaction has been thus far 26:36 - What does he think the biggest misconception in sports wagering 28:12

  • Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 48 - Colleen Wolfe of NFL Network

    21/11/2019 Duration: 50min

    On this week's edition of the podcast, host Ben Heisler was joined by NFL Network's Colleen Wolfe. 4:20 - Her love for rescuing animals, despite being allergic to them 6:00 - Her rescue pet story gone wrong 7:56 - Family dynamic as a kid in Philadelphia / were they all sports fans? 10:10 - Her mom is a hot take artist 11:22 - Going from a potential art major to communications 14:56 - Her start in radio at WIP in Philadelphia 18:21 - How radio allowed her to have many opportunities and have fun in sports 20:50 - Why she believes there's not more women in sports radio 24:10 - Tough conversations she had with producers/management 27:05 - Being a "one-person band" in TV and doing everything on the fly 29:30 - How she was super close to quitting TV before the NFL Network gig came along 34:15 - When did she finally feel comfortable in her role at NFL Network? 39:00 - An inside look into the postgame show from the crazy ending to Browns/Steelers (the Myles Garrett incident) 47:15 - Stories from the travels with th

  • Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 47 - Candace Parker

    23/10/2019 Duration: 25min

    2:08 - Her dominant High School championship performance against Ben's HS team 3:05 - Where her love of basketball first began 4:50 - How her and her dad were part of the "positionless basketball movement" early on in her life 6:00 - On all the challenging coaches that impacted her life/career 7:10 - Toughest player/competitor on the court she's ever faced 9:18 - Could the NBA learn or grow from anything the WNBA has been doing (or vice versa) 12:55 - Could she see herself running an organization or coaching after her playing career is over? 14:11 - On how she was approached by Turner to be an analyst 15:29 - Early influences in her media career and who helped her along the way 16:20 - Her new podcast with Kristen Ledlow 17:48 - Does she feel a connection to Zion Williamson as two highly touted prospects coming into college/pros 19:40 - Which team does she always have to tune in to watch? 21:05 - Any potential surprise teams this year? 22:55 - Any chance the Bulls could be a playoff team this year/Zach LaVine

  • AA NFL Opening Weekend Roundtable + Mike Pereira

    05/09/2019 Duration: 41min

    ROUNDTABLE (PART 1) 2:00 - Thoughts on the updated ESPN MNF Booth 6:20 - Are we likely to see more "hot take" style analysts on broadcasts in an "embrace debate" society? 8:40 - Tony Romo entering Year 3... is he likely to take more criticism after these last few years? 11:10 - Would they be interested in moving some analysts around to different pairings to try and make it a little fresh in the booth? 12:05 - How much longer is Dick Stockton going to hang around at FOX 13:30 - FOX's new College Football Pregame Show and its new time 18:50 - What role will FS1 play in all this? 20:40 - Favorite/under-the-radar pairings that more people should know about? 23:45 - CFB 150 and the impact it will have on this season MIKE PEREIRA (PART 2) 27:30 - Helping couples fill out a prenup agreement ahead of football season 29:20 - Does he remember the first game he ever officiated? 31:02 - What was his first "Welcome to the NFL" moment? 32:15 - 10 seasons at FOX, what did he think the position would be and how has it

  • Awful Announcing Podcast: Jason Benetti

    03/09/2019 Duration: 01h01min

    4:30 - Calling an Electrician Championship on ESPN 8 the Ocho this year 7:20 - When he learned that broadcasts could and should be fun 9:28 - Where did his love of sports first come from? 10:20 - How growing up in Chicago in the Michael Jordan era helped make sports part of the every day conversation 12:15 - The value of doing radio early in his life (high school) 13:20 - The impact of early feedback 14:10 - How he responded to the competitive atmosphere and nature at Syracuse 16:10 - Does he regret setting the tone for much of the competitive, aggressive environment 18:42 - What did he want to do when he left college 20:50 - On learning to do TV and deal with the challenges of it for the first time late in his career 25:00 - Did he ever want to be a radio talk show host 28:50 - On the possibility he could return home to the White Sox for his dream job 33:31 - Early broadcaster influences 39:10 - On the pace of baseball & college football and what can be done to fix it (if anything at all) 42:10 - Why do peo

  • Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 43 - Matthew Berry

    12/08/2019 Duration: 53min

    4:48 - The challenges and exciting things that come with putting out a 28 hour fantasy football marathon 5:33 - Keeping content fresh vs allowing newcomers to get the core information they need 7:53 - How he's done all 28 hours the last three years 9:30 - What does he remember about the first fantasy team/league he was in? 12:20 - When did his first break come when he was working in show business in LA? 17:42 - The fleeting nature of the TV/movie industry - How unhappy he was late in his show business career 21:30 - When the moment came to him that he wanted to leave show business 26:00 - Why people have a hard time leaving an industry they think they're supposed to be in... 27:00 - Did he have any idea the "fantasy sports revolution" was coming? 31:00 - What ultimately led him to ESPN after starting his own websites and developing a major following 32:30 - The transition from writing to more on-air work and if there were difficulties that came with it 36:00 - Learning the mechanics of TV and finding a dynami

  • Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 42 - Mina Kimes

    05/08/2019 Duration: 28min

    4:20 - Is her next opportunity to be a Head Coach in the NFL now that she's working with Sean McVay 5:35 - How the idea of being a booth analyst didn't really occur to her and how that changed 6:50 - Who were/are NFL analysts & color commentators she's enjoyed viewing/listening to 8:30 - The best way to incorporate more and new information into broadcasts 10:34 - When she knew she first wanted to become a writer 11:15 - Was the transition from the business world of journalism into sports an intimidating one 12:09 - Who helped in the initial transition? Who was in her corner from the beginning 13:05 - Was there a concern that transitioning into sports would ruin her ability to be a fan 14:35 - Balancing the joy of football with the on and off the field issues the sport provides 16:35 - Would football consider a more transparent approach when it comes to injuries/health issues 17:25 - Her takeaways from her profiles of Aaron Rodgers and Baker Mayfield - represent different times of players 19:20 - Do we expect

  • AA Podcast Episode 41 - Mike Florio

    29/07/2019 Duration: 35min

    2:53 - How he became a Vikings fan growing up in Steelers country 6:40 - Growing up in Wheeling, West Virginia and the impact WTBS had on him as a sports fan 8:50 - When did he take to the NFL away from baseball? 10:11 - How he "stumbled" into his first NFL writing job 13:16 - Did he have ownership stake in the first NFL company he worked for? And how did that lead to a quick stop at ESPN? 14:35 - How his legal degree and career in law has been essential in his work 17:10 - What he considers his most important or memorable work in 18+ years of running Pro Football Talk 19:30 - How does ownership/partnership work with NBC/NBC Sports 20:31 - What would entice him to go out on his own and move away from NBC 21:20 - Al Michaels' career + Can he confirm that he's never eaten a vegetable? 22:52 - Is there a great future NFL analyst none of us are talking about yet? 24:00 - What does he look for in a good in-game analyst 26:20 - What would it take for the NFL and Players to avoid a labor dispute in 2021 28:05 - Are

  • AA Podcast Episode 40 - Jay Bilas

    26/06/2019 Duration: 48min

    4:42 - His basketball camp wrapping up and if they've had to change their approach with how basketball has changed 7:40 - When did he first start to play and then grow to love basketball? 9:55 - Did basketball ever come easy to him? 11:20 - Life as a Duke player vs life as a Duke Coach (both under Coach K) 14:00 - What was Jay Bilas outside of basketball like? 16:45 - Did he think he'd be a full-time coach and pursue it as a career once he started in 1990? 18:42 - Was there any anxiety in becoming a basketball analyst? (Two-part answer) 21:28 - If there was a moment where he finally felt comfortable knowing he could be good at this job 24:10 - Understanding how to be a good analyst for television - perception of his role as an analyst/commentator 28:00 - On the realization of "you can't please everybody" and having fun with social media trolls 29:15 - Reminiscing over the 2015 Elite 8 broadcast between Arizona and Illinois 33:30 - When did the Young Jeezy daily lyric tweets start to become really popular? 35

  • Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 39 - Sarah Spain

    16/05/2019 Duration: 57min

    4:34 - Her co-host Jason Fitz's inability to pay up on bets 5:40 - The origin of how she became "The Commish" 9:10 - Has there been a scenario where she hasn't been able to solve someone's dilemma? 11:20 - Her time growing with the Le Batard Show 14:03 - What kind of kid was Sarah Spain? 15:56 - Learning to balance so many things all in one day and how it translates to her current career 18:05 - Was being a star HS/College athlete a part of her career path / what her ultimate goal ended up being 21:30 - Her time in Second City learning comedy and improv 24:38 - Does she feel like she was one of the first sportscasters that had to learn how to do everything to break in? 27:30 - The one fear she still has after all these years as an on-air personality and how to combat it 30:40 - Impact of power through association & improvement of women representation in sports media 33:40 - Early and current influences in the industry 36:12 - How Jemele Hill made a huge difference in her life 38:45 - How do we get the hiring

  • Awful Announcing Podcast Episode #38 - Kristen Ledlow

    12/04/2019 Duration: 42min

    RUNDOWN: - 3:43: The insanity of Tuesday night (Magic stepping down, Dirk & D-Wade's last home game) - 4:30 - Her interactions with Wade & Dirk over the last several years - 6:48: Her first interests in playing basketball and playing it competitively for many years - 8:20: Did she anticipate trying to play sports professionally? Or was broadcasting always something she was interested in? - 10:39: Early influences growing up in an era where there were more female sportscasting role models - 13:00: Why she likes to mentor young women in broadcasting and sportscasting - 14:50 - Her growth as a broadcaster and when she started to feel comfortable with her own voice and style - 16:55 - Does she miss being a radio personality at all? - 17:53 - Getting the call from Turner to revive and host Inside Stuff - 22:03 - Having rare opportunities to reflect on her accomplishments - 23:56 - Her friendship with Grant Hill and his influence in helping her make relationships with players/coaches in the NBA - 27:54 - What it

  • Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 36 - Hank Azaria

    01/04/2019 Duration: 35min

    5:00 - Does he have any optimism for this upcoming Mets season? 8:50 - Was Brockmire created as an homage to the older, more personality driven baseball broadcaster? 10:50 - On his show connecting with younger audiences and millennials despite baseball's issues relating to younger fans 12:10 - On Jim Brockmire starting off Season 3 sober 13:50 - On adding Bob Costas, JK Simmons, Tawny Newsome, Richard Kind amongst others to the mix 14:30 - On Costas and Joe Buck and Brent Musburger really showing a ton of personality on the show 16:40 - How much of the show is improvisation vs entirely by script? 18:05 - The complete and total trust he has for Joel Church Cooper (head writer/creator) 19:10 - How long does it take for him to work on a voice to have total control of that voice 20:45 - The impact of 31 years of the Simpsons 21:50 - The origin of Moe from The Simpsons and the connection he has to Al Pacino 22:43 - Has he lever lost a character voice and if so, how would he try to regain it 23:55 - Where the voi

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