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  • Frontline Workers Women Conference

    30/01/2013 Duration: 23min

    Understanding we are amid a faithless population that runs into excuse mode at the first sign of real sacrifice, real trouble, and real hard times. I call them the “stand in” crew. They are fillers in the congregation and seat warmers with no intent to support the vision of the church. They are people who light up wild fires of discord and threaten real workers with their boisterous acts of disrespect and condemnation. They are seeds of satan, sensual who have not the Spirit of God. Separatist, who invite others to evil, who rush to the front trying to lead others. And you know them because they have no moral integrity, they are hypocrites of the gospel; seeking only to fulfill their own flesh, own desires and own ways. How will we as Christians respond to the bold act of disrespect?