Roxborough Church Podcast



Listen to messages from Sermons and Special Events recorded at Roxborough Church in the Northwestern Section of Philadelphia. The Congregation of Roxborough Church is a diverse collection of seeking and believing Christians. So What Does THAT Mean? It means that we are believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Creator. It means that we are on our spiritual journey through this life together; and that we help and support one another in building faith in Jesus Christ. We as the Roxborough family help one another to Seek and Believe in the Faith Journey that each of us is on. Through our own individual Journeys of Faith, God gives us challenges and talents to move forward through life. It's up to us to use those talents, and our experiences, to help others along as well. As we worship, fellowship and walk together, we learn our strengths, and how we can strengthen others. We hope you wish to join us in this journey.