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  • Improving Employee Performance w/ Sharon Hamersley

    26/04/2012 Duration: 53min

     Business owners have many challenges in running their business. These challenges can be magnified by poor employee performance, and conversely, reduced by great employee performance. We’ll discuss strategies that engage employees and increase their ability to meet business challenges.Sharon Hamersley, Owner and Principal Consultant for Keys to Performance, is passionate about helping businesses achieve their full potential. Utilizing her Master’s degree in Human Resource and Organizational Development from The Ohio State University, Sharon has worked for the past 15 years in healthcare, education, technology, and retail organizations from 15 to 9,000 employees to increase employee productivity, decrease business costs and risks, increase manager effectiveness and retain the best employees. 

  • Jumpstart Your Motivation

    15/03/2012 Duration: 58min

    Warning! Exposure to this episode may cause severe change in attitude, unbridled enthusiasm, unlimited accomplishment, renewed passion, a more active lifestyle, heightened joy, extended moments of happiness, or increased earnings. These changes may affect your family, friends, coworkers, even complete strangers. If you experience any of these symptoms, keep going. You are now motivated!Shawn Doyle, CSP is a professional speaker trainer and consultant and his topics include leadership sales and motivation. Shawn speaks 120 days each year on a number of topics. He is the author of 13 books and is the former VP of Learning and Development at a Fortune 100 company. He has been speaking for 22 years and in 2009 his Company made the INC. Magazine 5000 a list of 5000 the fastest growing companies in America

  • It Takes 4 to Tango w/ Candy Whirley

    09/03/2012 Duration: 01h15s

     Wouldn't work, and life, be less stressful if everyone acted and thought the same as you? The problem is we treat other people we interact with the same way we want to be treated, not the way they want to be treated. What happens then? We have breakdowns in communication, negotiation, and delegation. Candy Whirley is a speaker, trainer, and author of the book It Takes 4 to Tango. She is famous for her high energy enthusiasm, innovative training activities, and contagious sense of humor. Graduated Cum Laude from Missouri Western State University with a B.S. Degree in Speech Communications, and Human Relations Emphasis, and has earned her Masters in Management at the University of Phoenix.

  • How to Stand Out in a Crowd w/ Mark Grimm

    02/03/2012 Duration: 58min

     Everyone in business or involved with a cause needs to distinguish themselves. Before we "spread the word," shouldn't we first be asking, "what word?" We’ll discuss the best ways to achieve the "clarity" that is so vital to your message and focus on what you can give to someone rather than what you would like to get while networking. Though we often depend on word-of-mouth advertising, what infrastructure is in place to capitalize on that process? Are we really clear about "our edge" and how well and often do we communicate it? Mark Grimm can help you find the solutions to these challenges to help you stand out in a crowd!Former TV new anchor Mark Grimm is a professional speaker and ASTD Trainer of the Year in a 20-county region. He is the author is the book Everyone Can Be a Dynamic Speaker: Yes, I Mean You! He founded Mark Grimm Communications, a public speaking training, media relations, and message strategy firm.

  • Unleash Your Badass w/ George Ira Carroll

    24/02/2012 Duration: 01h52s

     Are you an entrepreneur who is ready to achieve higher levels of results? Do you keep hitting a financial ceiling that limits your ability to grow your business? Are you ready to "unleash your badass" to grow your business by 20%, 30%, and even 100%!Some people play to win while others play just to not lose. The difference between success and failure can boil down to six points: bold vision, action, determination, alignment, strategy, and sincere authenticity.George Ira Carroll, also known as the "Breakthrough Coach", is a National Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Seminar Leader who intertwines insight, humor and passion in his style. He majored in Communication from the University of Northern Colorado, where he played collegiate football and learned the power of goal setting and motivating himself and others. His energetic spark and deep insight connect as powerful ingredients that create uplifting inspiration and deepened understanding for his audiences.