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  • 010 – Called to Relationship


    010 – Called to Relationship She found her calling. She can help inspire you to find yours.   Cindy Hirch is now working with us here at Pursuing Your Calling. She’s managing customer relationships, and doing a great job at it.   A couple years back, she left a job…and an industry for a variety [...]

  • 009 – Choices and Your Calling


    009 – Choices and Your Calling – Pursuing Your Calling Podcast   Are you making choices as you pursue your calling?   You are…whether you know it or not.   Tune in as Josh and I wrestle with what it means to make choices in pursuit of our calling.   How about you? What choices [...]

  • 008 – Called to Non-Traditional Work


    008 – Called to Non-Traditional Work   Sometimes, people take a ‘traditional’ path to their calling.   For example, they find a job they like…a traditional role…in which they can ‘live out’ their calling.   Others…like Derek Olsen www.RootOfProsperity.com find a non-traditional path.   Tune in to hear Derek’s journey from traditional to non-traditional employment. [...]

  • 007 – Making Decisions in Your Calling


    007 – Making Decisions in Your Calling   Decisions. They are a part of everyday life.   But, some decisions are bigger…and have more lasting effect than others.   As you pursue your calling, you will be faced with decisions on how to make changes and how to move forward.   Tune in to hear [...]

  • 006 – Called to Self Employment


    006 – Called to Self Employment Many folks want to start their own business. Few people carry it through. In this episode, we interview successful entrepreneur, Justin Lukasavige.  He left his career as an airline pilot several years ago to start his own business. See details of his coaching business at CoachRadio.TV. And tune in [...]

  • 005 – Enjoy the Process of Discovering Your Calling


    005 – Enjoy the Process of Discovering Your Calling Serious. That’s how some of us get in this process of discovering our callings. So serious…that we forget to have fun along the way. In this episode, Josh and Brent talk about having fun as we discover our callings. Even through mistakes (Brent shares a couple [...]

  • 004 – Blue Collar Calling


    004 – Blue Collar Calling Finding our callings isn’t always easy. It can be a long process of seeing what does and doesn’t ‘fit’ over time. Our guest this week is James Dibben, the Blue Collar Coach. He’s explored and discovered his calling through different jobs and roles through the years. He now knows that [...]

  • 003 – Take Action to Find Your Calling


    003 – Take Action to Find Your Calling Josh Bulloc is my friend and co-host of this podcast. In this episode, we dig into Josh’s story. We find out how he’s pursuing his calling and how he inspires others to do the same. One of Josh’s main themes is ‘taking action’. He encourages his friends [...]

  • 002 – Your Personality, Your Calling


    002 – Personality and Calling Can your personality have an effect on your calling? Tune in to this episode to hear a good discussion between Deb Ingino (from My Wired Style) and me (Brent Green). We discuss 2 of the most valuable personality assessments available; The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the DISC. Both of [...]

  • 001 – What is Your Calling? Pursuing Your Calling Podcast


    001 – What is your calling? Calling is something that many of us wrestle with. My friend Josh Bulloc and I (Brent Green) have been wrestling with our callings. We’ve enjoyed the process and have learned much in the past 10 years. We’ve loved it so much that we’ve built businesses around helping others discover [...]