Revolution Catholic



How to protect the Church!


  • Just Call a Spade a Spade! Calling out Catholics!

    28/06/2013 Duration: 58min

    Do you know somebody is believes to be practicing the Catholic faith but, in all reality they are far from it?  We expect this from Careerist Catholics or the professinal Catholics that ruin our Catholic Churches, Schools, hospitals and Charities. How many times have you heard of someone leaving the Catholic Church because they saw Catholics not living in accordance to our faith? How many priests have made people hate the Church? How many of the laity teach our Children garbage agenda at our Sunday Schools. How many people have left our Church because of a Bishops weakness? Let's Call a spade a spade! Let's Call out some Catholics! Call me out if you have to!

  • Let's not be Shy! The Truth needs to come out!

    06/06/2013 Duration: 59min

    Does it feel like the Church is silent? Do you see the gay agenda, liberals, Careerist Catholics seem to be getting heard while the faithful are not being heard? Even though this world may be tilted towards the evil ones, our God is tilted toward His Children. In this show we will aggressively speak about how our voices can be heard in power and solidarity.   Get ready to start a Revolution!

  • How to identify an enemy of your Catholic ministry?

    02/06/2013 Duration: 58min

    The Catholic Church has been infiltrated by the enimy and by those who wish to change Church teaching to fit an evil agenda. The Church around the world have punished faithful Catholics while encourageing and strenghthening the unfaithful. If is clear we have a filthy mess to clean up! However, many Catholics are begining to wake up! Ready to serve and strenthgn the Catholic Church. Even if SOME Lay men and Women are controling the Bishops with the power of popularity or bruacracy we must still fight for Christ! The ego driven priest who seeks and destorys faithful Catholic to fuel his own person agena must be exposed! The lay men and woman who push Same sex marriage or abortion in our Catholic schools must be fired! As we begin to organize and systamatically expose those who have infiltrated the Church we must protect ourselves! This show will give some tips on how to identify an enimy within your ministry! Get those infiltrating un-Catholic careerist OUT OF YOUR MINISTRY, HOSPITAL, SOUP KITCHEN, SCHOOL, AND

  • Are Catholics the Maccabees of the 21st Century?

    30/05/2013 Duration: 55min

    Not only is the Catholic Church surrounded by the enemies of God. Some of the members of our Church leadership have conspired or purposely pushed an agenda of self desire. This weeks episode will compare and contrast faithful Catholics to the Maccabee family of the Old Testament. The world has gone mad with the attempt to suppress our Catholic faith. Since when  has it become taboo or socially  unexcitable to say "Merry Christmas". How is it that the world is completely against our lifestyle of Holiness while celebrating evil? Is the world pressuring us to change to its ways? The same from within the Church walls. Are the Catholic elite in bed with the enemies of this world? Are those Catholic leaders who are unfaithful to the  Church teachings setting the faithful up for destruction? This episode will discuss how faithful Catholics are like the Maccabees for the 21st century. How our revolt against evil and agenda will triumph in the name of our defender, who is God. We will answer such questions as How c

  • What is Revolution Catholic all about?

    15/05/2013 Duration: 57min

    Are you sick of the Catholic faith being sold out or controlled by those who want to "Change" or "update" our beliefs? Does it bother you that Christian persecution is at an all time high? Do you want to really get out into the world and be the hands and feet of our Lord? If you answered yes to any of these then this IS A SHOW FOR YOU! First, Listen to us and get the background about this revolution that will be organizing and aggressively taking back our faith!