Sanford Vampire And Shadowlore Meet Up



For vampires, psychic and sang, and members of the Shadowlore yahoo group, to discuss topics related to vampirism and energy exchange.

To donate membership dues and help us continue to provide this resource, email me at and I'll send a paypal invoice. We have lots of listeners to the podcast archives, and we could use the help to continue to pay meet up fees and skype fees, but I can't get a paypal button to work here.

If you want to join the meet up group for regular updates, access our files and other resources, visit us at

Generally, I start off by presenting on the topic, ask my co-organizers to add their thoughts, and then open it up for comments and discussion. We all learn a lot from each other. Online reading resources are listed on a page in the files section of the meetup: These include links to many useful articles. We want to continue to reach out to more like minded people in our area who need some networking and social acceptance, and who want the opportunity to learn and to teach. We're here to be an educational resource and support network, and the more talented people we get who are willing to share their experiences, the better that resource will be for all our members and for the larger community. There is a lot of creative cross-pollination going on, and I want us to continue to create a space and network that encourages productive, creative interaction, personal growth, and community cooperation to make great things happen! Looking forward to meeting more of you at the next meet up. BB, Vivienne
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