Pit Paranormal Show



Pit Paranormal is the Paranormal Investigation Team of GA. Lead investigator Jeff is a Certified Paranormal Investigator and has been practicing Paranormal Investigations for the past seven years. Our goal is to discuss and educate on topics of the Paranormal. Join us each week for exciting and interesting new topics!


  • Pit Paranormal Show #4


    This week we talk about Matrixing and a very controversial subject....Death. We also touch on the difference between our Physical self and our Energy Self.

  • Pit Paranormal Show #3


    This week we talk about Imprint hauntings and Naturals! We will also listen to enhanced edited EVP's!

  • Pit Paranormal Show #2


    This week we talk about our latest investigation and you will hear two actual EVP's that were captured during the investigation! We also Discuss Poltergeist and Entities and the differences between them!

  • Pit Paranormal Show #1


    This weeks debut show features topics on the Paranormal, today we discuss the diffrence between Ghost and Spirits.