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Explorations of psychic ability, synchronicities, dreams, and spirituality with professional psychic Michele Anderson.


  • Psychic Reading for Cheyenne - 15 Aug 2006

    15/08/2006 Duration: 36min

    Michele Anderson gives an in-depth psychic reading for Cheyenne, looking at the recent death of her father, questions about a move and relationship. And the significance of obsidian.

  • Dreams, Symbols, and Psychic Development - 17 Jul 2006

    17/07/2006 Duration: 20min

    Michele Anderson discusses dream symbols and symbols during your waking life with several examples from her life. An exercise using cards to better understand this intuitive language of imagery. Also, the medicine of the swan.

  • Psychic Reading for Stephanie - 18 Jun 2006

    18/06/2006 Duration: 52min

    Michele Anderson gives an in-depth psychic reading for Stephanie, exploring questions of injury, career direction... and a new car. A brief discussion of he gemstone malachite.

  • Where is the Intuition Located? - 21 Apr 2006

    22/04/2006 Duration: 24min

    Michele Anderson explores where in the body the intuition is located, where it is experienced - looking at the pineal gland, the solar plexus, and the heart. Also an exploration of the gem tiger's eye.

  • Life as Oracle - 29 Mar 2006

    29/03/2006 Duration: 16min

    Michele Anderson discusses how she works with life as an orracle, life as a living metaphor within her Language of Intuition Training Program. The importance of intuition as "standard operating equipment." And a look at eagle medicine. "The intuition protects. It maintains the integrity of your being by keeping you awake and alert. It keeps you deeply in touch with the spirit of who you are."

  • Time and Timing - 13 Mar 2006

    13/03/2006 Duration: 20min

    Michele Anderson discusses questions of time and timing: Personal will and universal will, readiness vs. pushing time, seasons and deadlines... and ladybugs. "You're always creating in the moment. Time is really an act of creation."

  • How an Intuitive Views the World - 3 Mar 2006

    03/03/2006 Duration: 14min

    Michele Anderson discusses psychic perceptual breakthroughs, trauma as initiation, and the snake as medicine animal. "You shed your skin, but you gain new eyes."

  • The Power of Words - 20 Nov 2005

    20/11/2005 Duration: 22min

    Michele Anderson explores how words and thoughts shape our reality -- how we can use words to open to new possibilities and heal others, and how, when we're not careful, words can become curses.

  • The Language of Intuition - 25 Oct 2005

    25/10/2005 Duration: 23min

    Michele Anderson discusses how to understand the intuition as a language with a vocabulary and grammar of its own.

  • The Intuition and the Intellect - 12 Oct 2005

    12/10/2005 Duration: 19min

    Michele Anderson discusses how to recognize the differences between the intellect and the intuition and explores how the two aspects of awareness compliment each other.