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Maine Stories and Moon Musing. It's "All Things Considered" for the moon and short fiction about modern Maine life. Hosted by Jennifer Ellsworth. Episodes are produced on each New Moon and Full Moon.


  • Beginnings and Endings

    18/09/2019 Duration: 17min

    Episode 103—Autumnal Equinox, 2019 As the yearly wheel spins towards Fall, Lunar Datebook looks at beginnings and endings. Host Jennifer Ellsworth shares an essay about the rite of passage that begins many love affairs, the first kiss; and a memoir about her farming days now ended. Or are they?  My Two First Kisses, a walk in the vineyard, and a good drink in good company. 

  • A Love Letter to Chase's Daily

    24/01/2019 Duration: 34min

    Episode 102—Winter 2019 After sixteen years working for the Chase family, host Jennifer Ellsworth is moving on to see what else is out there. But first she offers lessons learned and experiences gained from the restaurant and farm.  How to Host, the World's Best Bean Picker, and the Last Saturday Breakfast at Chase's Daily.

  • Moving Blood and "Obedience"

    11/10/2018 Duration: 38min

    Episode 101—Autumn 2018 Moving blood. This is the clinical definition of life as we know it—a beating heart, circulating oxygen rich blood through the body. It is also the evolutionary end game. Reproduction. Moving our bloodline forward. And a metaphor for inheritance. These themes converge in this season's episode. Host Jennifer Ellsworth interviews dancer Shana Bloomstein, founder of Women's Works, about a piece she created with her daughter. And we read a short story about a gift passed down, called “Obedience.” "...Obedience was only 12 years old, yet it had aged well, already taking on the gnarled bark of a much older specimen. A middle-aged bonsai achievement in a short span. This was why Jacob’s father won prizes. He aged his plants well..." Essential form in bonsai and life and holding our babies again.  

  • Eddie Wonder Why—Act 2

    11/08/2018 Duration: 26min

    Episode 100—August 11, 2018 Welcome to A Lunar Datebook Production's dramatic finish of Eddie Wonders Why, a radio play based on Sophocles' tragedy Oedipus Rex, where the king who loses everything becomes a mafia lord.  Act 2 features Sean Cash, Dr. Liz Yori, Bill Yori, Marsha Coller, Eric Robotaille, Jeremiah Kemberling, and Erik Perkins.  Moon Astrology: New Apple Moon in Leo: Bask in the sun. 

  • Eddie Wonders Why—Act 1

    12/07/2018 Duration: 31min

    Episode 99—July 12, 2018 Welcome to A Lunar Datebook Production of Eddie Wonders Why, a radio play based on Sophocles' tragedy Oedipus Rex, where the king who loses everything becomes a modern mafia lord.  Act 1 cast features Sean Cash, Bill Yori, Erik Perkins, Eric Robotaille, and Liz Yori, N.D.  Moon Astrology: New Thunder Moon in Cancer: family is everything.

  • Old School: interviews with Don Schultz and Danny Lobo

    13/06/2018 Duration: 33min

    Episode 98—June 13, 2018 As host Jennifer Ellsworth contemplates sending her firstborn to kindergarten, she interviews two Maine public educators: Don Schultz, one year out of teaching, and Danny Lobo, one year in.  Moon Astrology: New Herb Moon in Gemini: twin tales.  A big pond with different fish, a snort for emphasis, and one question you can't Google. 

  • Gemini Lessons and "Amen"

    15/05/2018 Duration: 26min

    Episode 97—May 15, 2018 Gorgeous spring has sprung and with it competing interests. Host Jennifer Ellsworth tells the history of the Gemini constellation, and shares the lessons the twins Castor and Pollux have about time management. She also reads an essay about the two sides of her own personality and reads a short story about a different sort of twin, an imaginary friend. It's called "Amen." "...Amen comes every night after my prayers. He comes in through the window and walks across my floors picking up my broken pieces. When he has gathered them all up, we try to put me back together while he tells me stories. Amen tells the best stories..." Moon Astrology: New Dandelion Moon in Taurus: From the ground up.  Swan seduction, gluten-eating orgy, and a river of dreams. 

  • Spring Soapbox: Star Wars Philosophy and Instant Karma

    15/04/2018 Duration: 30min

    Episode 96—April 15, 2018 May the Force be with you.... Host Jennifer Ellsworth waxes philosophical about where Star Wars, science and religion collide. She also shares Sean Cash's two cents on "instant karma," and reads a poem about living in the moment.  Moon Astrology: New Grass Moon in Aries: Nothing is not nothing.  The Gospel of George Lucas, the Cult of Einstein, and Richard Pryor rules the Dark Side....

  • High Flight: Remembering Grandpa

    17/03/2018 Duration: 30min

    Episode 95—March 17, 2018 "High Flight" is a sonnet written by 19-year-old John Gillespie Magee Jr. before a mid-air crash took his life during World War II. In this episode host Jennifer Ellsworth uses the lines of this poem to remember her family's 19-year-old World War II pilot, her grandfather, who died last month. He was a POW, an artist, a storyteller, and one of Ellsworth's greatest influences.  "The Surly Bonds of Earth:             Roldan Ellsworth Jose Stumpff de Whitt lived two lives growing up. One in the Pennsylvania Dutch world of his father, and another in his mother’s Mexico...." Moon Astrology: New Egg Moon in Pisces: flying dreams. Goodnight, Pumpkin; ghosts; and a great man. 

  • Lunar Datebook 94—Earth Dogs and _Moon Man_

    15/02/2018 Duration: 26min

    Episode 94—February 15, 2018 Happy New Year! The second new moon of 2018 welcomes Chinese New Year and the Year of the Brown Earth Dog. Host Jennifer Ellsworth offers an astrological forecast calling for loyalty and diligence to be rewarded. She also shares a true story that exemplifies those traits from Carol Visser, recorded at Lunar Datebook's Disruption! event; and reads a short story about a cosmic connection between two men, called "Moon Man." "...Three minutes. June 14, 1946 10:54 a.m. and June 14, 1946 10:57 a.m. Three minutes separated their births—Silas in Waterville, Maine; Donald J. Trump in Jamaica, Queens, New York. On a total lunar eclipse. They were Moon Men, baby! Watch out! Of course Silas didn’t believe in astrology, knew it was all crap, but, but, but—..." Moon Astrology: New Sap Moon in Aquarius: work for the greater good. Up, around, or through; a crowded honeymoon; and Donald Trump's birth chart.

  • Taming the Beast and "The Lion and the Unicorn Parable"

    17/01/2018 Duration: 22min

    Episode 93—January 16, 2018 The upcoming Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31, 2018 sounds amazing, but what does it mean? Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores the astrological significance of a Leo moon in opposition to an Aquarian sun. She also reads an essay about the challenges of disciplining children, and explains a Mother Goose nursery rhyme in "The Lion and the Unicorn Parable."  "...Once upon a time, all the people in the world were warring with each other, distrustful, and greedy. The Lion got sick of it. He came out of the forest and roared, “Enough! I am King now.” Then he went old school, demanded balance, and enforced the law that said “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” He always took those eyes and teeth himself, never going further, it wasn’t a tooth for a tooth and the tip of your finger; but if you’ve ever had a lion at your door, you will appreciate the incentive that provides to avoid one there again..." Moon Astrology: New Hunger Moon in Capricorn: Tame as verb. Tarot card 8, a fire-bre

  • Solstice Pause and Squidge's Story

    18/12/2017 Duration: 23min

    Episode 92—December 18, 2017 The Winter Solstice marks the true New Year. In this episode host Jennifer Ellsworth pauses to reflect on events and people from the past year, including a Remembrance Service at Riposta Funeral Home. She also shares a segment from Disruption! featuring Squidge Davis, and her story about how she came to help a junkie.  Moon Astrology: New Moon of Long Nights in Sagittarius: end of a journey. Living the Serenity Prayer, a shared blanket, and a good place to stop. 

  • Combating Darkness and "Your Smile Signals the World"

    18/11/2017 Duration: 19min

    Episode 91—November 18, 2017 People will go to great lengths to keep darkness at bay, including shifting time. Host Jennifer Ellsworth discusses the history, intent, and limitations of Daylight Saving Time. She also describes the dim after-effects of marijuana use, and reads a short story about a woman who wants to light up her life. It's called "Your Smile Signals the World." "...Sixty monthly payments of $50 at 0% interest. Doreen’d made three and the world was opening up. She’d been the transfer station attendant for eight years. She was quick about it always, jawing on with Ivan, sure, about who took what from the swap shop, but stepping up to vehicles while they talked and flagging at the cars how much to back up to the dumpsters..." Moon Astrology: New Snow Moon in Scorpio: self defense A Benjamin Franklin brainstorm, moon landings, and the sound of silence.  

  • Trusting the Scorpion and "Morning Smoke"

    19/10/2017 Duration: 21min

    Episode 90—October 19, 2017 The Astrological Sign Scorpio may not be warm and fuzzy, but its no-nonsense attitude is necessary in the 11th hour of winter preparations. Host Jennifer Ellsworth celebrates this often-maligned Sign. She also meditates on faithfulness in an essay about marriage and a short story about a man who appreciates options. It's called "Morning Smoke." ...“You sly dog.”             Frank’s eyelids quivered. “Excuse me?” he said.             Meghan clucked her tongue.             “Excuse moi-“ Frank slid a hand under the sheet toward Meghan’s breast. She caught his hand, brought it to her mouth, and bit him.             “What the hell!” Frank’s eyes shot open.             “I know you didn’t deserve that, but I feel better.”... Moon Astrology: New Root Moon in Libra: fill the cellar Loyalty in low places, stacked wood, and dreams come true.

  • Slow Fall and "Noon"

    20/09/2017 Duration: 16min

    Episode 89—September 20, 2017 This week welcomes Autumn, but trees have been showing seasonal changes all month. Host Jennifer Ellsworth explains the science of colorful fall foliage—how it is always there waiting to reveal itself when things slow down. She also describes the forty minute visit with her grandparents that is supposed to teach a lifetime of experience, and reads a short story about a farmer's thirteen minute lunch break called "Noon." "...Alden shut off the tractor ignition and reached for his lunch sack, bungeed behind the seat. Bologna and mustard. Plus what was left of a potato chip bag. He’d meant to grab a cucumber off the counter this morning, they were just about done, but he’d forgot...." Moon Astrology: New Hunters' Moon in Virgo: The hidden side says take a break. Photosynthesis, fresh salsa, and a half million pair of wings rub together.   

  • Higher Powers and "Transcontinental Booty Call"

    21/08/2017 Duration: 23min

    Episode 88—August 21, 2017 Happy total solar eclipse! This episode host Jennifer Ellsworth celebrates the awe inspired by this celestial event as we step outside and look up. She also applauds her old chorus director, David Stevenson of Mount View High School, and the magic he cast in his thirty years of service; and reads a short story about love, the most powerful force of all. It's called "Transcontinental Booty Call." "...Bishop had driven out straight in just over three days, slept stretched out on picnic tables, eaten his cooler of peanut-butter-pickle sandwiches until Nebraska then switched to trail mix to tide him over, his body humming the whole time..." Moon Astrology: New Moon in Leo: Last summer roar. The whole Earth responds, patting a bird's head, crab rangoons.

  • Last Universal Lammas and "The Ama Story"

    23/07/2017 Duration: 29min

    Episode 87—July 23, 2017 Concern for our food's origins has become common. In honor of Lammas, the seed gathering holiday, host Jennifer Ellsworth considers the ultimate seed source: LUCA, our Last Universal Common Ancestor. She also shares examples of metaphoric seeds we exchange. This episode features work by singer songwriter Sara Trunzo from her album Thanks Birdie and "The Ama Story," a bedtime tale that may become planted in your mind, too. "...When Ama was younger she lived overseas with Grandpa George. I can’t remember if it was in Thailand, or Singapore, or the Philippines. When she was there she volunteered at an Army base where soldiers went to recover from being in the Vietnam War...." Moon Astrology: New Moon in Leo: roars and whispers. Hydrothermal vent home, living a country song, and feeling human again.   

  • Dark Matters and "Neighborly"

    23/06/2017 Duration: 27min

    Episode 86—June 23, 2017 The summer solstice brings the most light of the year, yet there are still things we cannot see. Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores the invisible 95% of the universe, Dark Matter. She also delves into Downtown Tattoo in New Orleans, Louisiana to hear about the secret history of a very public tattoo; and reads a short story called "Neighborly" where a young man runs into the rough past that he doesn't want to see.  "...Lawrence saw the old fucker immediately, standing alone at the end of the buffet table eating a hotdog. More grey, stooped in his shoulders and favoring his left knee, but still wearing green Dickies top and bottom, and that fool belt buckle, wide as a metal plaque outside a cemetery, engraved thus: Wanna see my lucky charms?..." Moon Astrology: New Hay Moon in Cancer: Family ties bind. Infinite energy out, the good son, and a starburst on the grill. 

  • Expecting Forever and "Uncle Remy's Birthday Cake" Part 2

    25/05/2017 Duration: 35min

    Episode 85—May 25, 2017 The gulf between What Is and What We Would Like is deep. Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores these depths in a meditation on expectation. She also shares how a local feud has changed her idea of forever, and reads part two of "Uncle Remy's Birthday Cake." "...It was 1:02 when Mary scooted into the solarium at Tall Pines, out of breath, but with the birthday cake balanced on her forearm. Her phone had dinged in the car, 1:00 on the nose. Mona with a text message. Such prompt timing from her sister meant she would not be attending the party, so Mary ignored it and attempted to recover a few of the many minutes she had squandered this morning by long striding it across the parking lot..." Moon Astrology: New Strawberry Moon in Gemini: welcome Summer. Rotating bodies, hug dreams, and clams on the beach. 

  • Gritty Grace and "Uncle Remy's Birthday Cake" Part 1

    26/04/2017 Duration: 33min

    Episode 84—April 26, 2017 Dandelions are not top of the flower grace scale, yet host Jennifer Ellsworth believes they deserve the May Moon title. She also describes seeing a long lost friend who has not lost his saving grace, humor; and reads part one of a story about the graceless Nickerson sisters: Mary, Melissa, and Mona. It's called "Uncle Remy's Birthday Cake." "...The man was nearly dead and the last of his generation: Mary’s grandfather’s retarded brother. Uncle Remy in Tall Pines. He liked strawberry cake with rainbow sprinkle frosting. Mary hadn’t seen the man since Bush 2 was in office, but since this was certainly Remy’s last spin around the sun, why not go big?..." Moon Astrology: New Flower Moon in Taurus: smell earth. Spring Soup, Spaulding Rehabilitation Center, and Old Sits With Flames.

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