Something To Talk About!



Talking about everyday issues and topics then looking at them from a biblical view.


  • Online Parenting

    05/10/2015 Duration: 43min

    Continuing our series on The Modern Family

  • Fall Kick off and Recap from Summer.

    12/08/2015 Duration: 50min

    A recap of the summer and some topics that have hit this summer in our country and how we need to keep our focus clearly on Christ and our Call and that is to Go!!!

  • Education Part 3

    06/05/2015 Duration: 01h11min

    Just a recap of previous 2 episodes and somethings to be aware of in the Public educational system today. Plus some advice on college preparation and how to encourage your children no matter there long term view.

  • Education Part 2

    14/04/2015 Duration: 53min

    How to educate your child in a biblical manner and how Home Schooling can help!

  • Education Part 1

    29/03/2015 Duration: 55min

    How to educate our kids in the public system in a biblical way..

  • Loss

    10/03/2015 Duration: 53min

    A discussion on How to Deal with Loss in our lives and how this looked from our perspective. God is Good.

  • Talking about Finance

    04/02/2015 Duration: 01h04min

    Talking about 7 Baby steps to Being Financially Free God's Way

  • New Years at to the Point

    09/01/2015 Duration: 48min

    A look at how we are ringing in the new year and our encouragement for you and our thoughts on how to bring it in right.

  • Christmas @ the Point

    07/01/2015 Duration: 44min

    Merry Christmas and welcome to our Initial Podcast. Erik and Matt are your host to go through life issues and address them in an everyday way from a biblical view point.