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  • Who Does Jesus Claim to Be?

    07/06/2021 Duration: 45min

    Because Jesus either is Who He claims to be or He is not, we must decide whether we will believe and follow Him as Lord, or turn away and reject Him as a Liar or Lunatic. As C S Lewis said, He is either Liar, Lunatic or Lord. We must either follow him or reject Him.

  • Who Are You Following?

    31/05/2021 Duration: 49min

    This message is given to a group of people who are in the process of turning away from Jesus, and so seeks to address those who are struggling with doubts as well. Ultimately, it comes down to who you are following- Because people show by their actions which authority figure they follow, we must return to Christ Himself and listen to and believe what He says.

  • Considering Jesus

    27/05/2021 Duration: 44min

    In this message, we consider how carefully considering Christ's endurance of Israel's rebellion against him helps keep the Christian from growing weary and giving up in the race He has called us to run.

  • True Freedom vs False Freedoms

    24/05/2021 Duration: 50min

    True freedom is found only in Christ, the Son, who sets believing sinners free and unites them as one people to follow Him. In this message we contrast the true freedom given by Christ with two -false freedoms- that are embraced by our secular and confused culture- Expressive Individualism and Critical Theory

  • What Does It Mean to Be Rich?

    20/05/2021 Duration: 36min

    Jesus reverses the roles of the rich man and Lazarus, and we find out what true riches are in the eyes of God.

  • The Blind Man Who Could See

    20/05/2021 Duration: 32min

    The blind man saw something the crowd could not.This passage about who Jesus is and what he has done.

  • True Freedom

    03/05/2021 Duration: 46min

    Because every sinner is bound as a slave to sin, we must come to realize that the only hope for freedom for us is to abide by faith in Christ, the Son who alone has power to set sinners free and make them sons-

  • Abounding in Hope

    26/04/2021 Duration: 46min

    Because we trust in as the God of Hope, we can be filled with confidence in him as we face suffering and trials with joy and peace by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the final message from this year's Grace Bible Conference on -Walking in Hope---May the God of hope -that's who He is- fill you with all joy and hope -that's what He does- in believing -that's how He does it-, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in Hope.

  • Hope in a Known God

    26/04/2021 Duration: 42min

    In this sixth message from our Grace Bible Conference, Jacob Adams shares the hope of the -elect exiles- based on the faithful promise and work of God from 1 Pet 1-1-3.

  • Hope in the Resurrection

    26/04/2021 Duration: 52min

    In this fifth message from this year's Grace Bible Conference 2021, Dr Josh Wilson shows us how our hope is tied the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. If Christ has not risen, we have not hope. If He has, we have a sure and certain hope.

  • Hope That Won't Disappoint

    26/04/2021 Duration: 43min

    From this year's Grace Bible Conference, Pastor Geoff Ingrum of Heritage of Grace opens God's word about -A Hope That Will Not Disappoint.- The world's version of hope will ultimately leave us disappointed and broken. God's hope will not.

  • Hope That Binds

    26/04/2021 Duration: 40min

    In this third message from our Grace Bible Conference 2021, Pastor Evan Skelton of Bayless Baptist Church talks about A Hope That Binds us to Christ. The author of Hebrews addresses those who are in danger of losing their faith and turning away from Christ with the good news that there is a living hope to be found in binding ourselves to the Gospel of Christ and His church in a way that gives a full assurance of faith.

  • Hope in a Daily Walk with Christ

    24/04/2021 Duration: 42min

    In this second message in our Grace Bible Conference on Walking in Hope, Jamie Haguewood from Reaching and Teaching International Ministries share about Cultivating Hope through a Daily Walk with Christ.

  • Hope in the Entire Story of God

    24/04/2021 Duration: 45min

    In this first message of our conference, Tim Gray, Pastor of City on a Hill Church in Arnold, MO shows how our hope is founded on knowing and believing the Whole Story of God in the Bible. This is the message most urgently needed by the church and an empty, secularized culture.

  • Unless You Believe I AM . .

    19/04/2021 Duration: 42min

    Because we are hopelessly bound in our sin, our only hope of salvation is found in trusting Jesus, the great I AM, who has come into the world to rescue sinners who believe in Him.

  • I AM the Light of the World

    12/04/2021 Duration: 51min

    Because Jesus is confirmed by God the Father to be the Light of the World, we must believe HIs testimony and follow Him to receive the Life He gives. This is a call to discipleship, to walking in the Light. We also see the self-authenticating truth of Jesus.

  • The Authority of Jesus

    10/04/2021 Duration: 41min

    In this men's breakfast devotional, we see the power of Christ's authority and how he is our one hope in our desperate situation. He alone has the authority to help desperate people.

  • The Death-Shattering Power of Christ's Resurrection

    05/04/2021 Duration: 37min

    Because of how he lived, died and rose again, you cannot deny the power of Jesus or escape the unavoidable conclusion that He is your only hope in life and death. Here we see the undeniable power of Christ's resurrection for the salvation of sinners

  • A Savior Who Sighs

    30/03/2021 Duration: 33min

    An encounter with Jesus changes everything. This healing and restoration account is a gracious and loving act, and a sign that the Messiah has come-

  • A Trustworthy Saying

    27/03/2021 Duration: 41min

    This message, by Bro Kyle Davis helps us understand God's faithfulness to us as we persevere through suffering.

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