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  • SFP 163: Presidential Ponderings

    20/05/2015 Duration: 26min

    Welcome. Today we are going to be reviewing some famous quotes spoken by American Presidents in regards to the Holy Bible. It is amazing the wonderful words our leaders have spoken in regards to Christianity and our holy book, the Bible. This stands in stark contrast with recent Presidents and public officials that seem bent for leather to deny God and His Word. Two notes before we begin: I’m not interested in getting into a political argument with anyone, and two, I know some of these presidents figure prominently into conspiracy theories. To my mind, it doesn’t matter, praise for God, even if it is to fool the masses, is still praise. Obviously only God and the person themselves know the truth of what’s in their own hearts, so I quote these statements with as little political bias as possible.

  • SFP 162: Easier Without God?

    25/01/2015 Duration: 31min

    Welcome. Today we are going to be talking about God, and whether or not He complicates our lives. Along with this argument we’re going to be discussing education, and what is important in our lives when it comes to educating ourselves. The essence of the question is “Is it better to be ignorant about an issue” compared to being educated. We are going to examine the answer to this most important issue today.

  • SFP 161: A Married Man Part 2

    13/01/2015 Duration: 37min

    Welcome. Today we are going continuing our discussion regarding Jesus and His marital status. In part 2 here, we are going to be looking at the details surrounding the theory that Jesus was married, and point out the evidence that proves the truth about the situation. We will continue through the discussion of the 'Wedding at Cana' and finally will wrap up with answers to the questions about Christ's sexual orientation. Let's get to it!

  • SFP 160: The Good Fight

    05/01/2015 Duration: 33min

    Welcome. Today we are going to be talking about spiritual warfare, a battle that rages all around us every single moment of every single day. Many in the world would deny the war is happening, even as the din from the battle threatens to drown out their very words. We are going to be looking at who our enemy is in this fight, and how we can prepare ourselves for the battle.

  • SFP 159 A Married Man Part 1

    28/09/2014 Duration: 41min

    Welcome. Today we are going to be going down an interesting and controversial path. We are going to be examining the question that has swept through our culture like wildfire over the past handful of years, that question is: was Jesus a married man? Did our Lord and Savior have a wife and possibly children? What proof is there for this idea, and what proof is there against it? Where does the truth lie? We are going to address these questions and more.

  • SFP 158: The Ultimate Superhero

    30/08/2014 Duration: 27min

    Welcome. In the world today there is a clear and strong trend in movies, and that trend is superheroes. On the silver screen we see Spiderman swinging around, the Fantastic Four saving the world, we see Batman brooding, the Avengers avenging, and Superman struggling to find himself. But yet we often forget to talk about, and learn about, the greatest superhero to ever live: Jesus. He wasn't just some man in a suit, He didn't even wear a cape, yet He did what no superhero could ever do, die for your salvation and the salvation of mankind. Let's look at the similarities and differences between Jesus and some of our favorite comic book creations.

  • SFP 157: In God We Trust?

    18/05/2014 Duration: 40min

    Welcome. Today we are going to be talking about God, and our nation. We are going to touch on the controversy surrounding the official nation motto of our nation and that of the state of Florida. Why is this such a big deal?

  • SFP 156: Who Cares, Man?

    08/05/2014 Duration: 22min

    Welcome. Today we are going to be tackling a very serious problem that has arisen in the body of Christ, and that problem is apathy. Nobody cares anymore! Wake up people! We're falling completely apart because of this problem of apathy. We think it is enough to pay lip service to God, but let me tell you friends, it is not enough at all, and has deadly serious repercussions if we live our lives in that manner. Today we are going to rail against apathy and all the things that apathy includes. I pray to inspire you to move for God, to stand for Him, to do something, anything in service to the Lord.

  • SFP 155: Sword Practice

    27/04/2014 Duration: 47min

    Welcome. Today we're going to be talking about Biblical illiteracy and the sad state the world is in when it comes to religious education. Read the Word, practice with your sword!

  • SFP 154: Praise the Lord!

    20/04/2014 Duration: 17min

    Welcome. Today Joe mutters and mumbles his way through praising God for all His tender mercies, and likely misspeaks several times in a vain attempt to sing out with all the joy in his heart for Jesus. Praise God it's raining!

  • SFP 153a: Problem/Issue Resolved

    14/04/2014 Duration: 02min

    The bandwidth issue should now be properly resolved and you guys should be able to download any available episode with no problems. I apologize for any inconvenience this problem might have caused. God bless.

  • SFP 153: Between the Sheets [Mature Content]

    12/04/2014 Duration: 56min

    Welcome. Today we are going to be addressing a serious issue that faces the Christian community as a whole, and more specifically the community of Christian singles. So yes, we are going to be talking about the issue of sex once again, as it is a prominent problem for us, and we just cannot seem to get it right.

  • SFP 152: Let's Talk About Porn

    10/03/2013 Duration: 28min

    Welcome. Today we’re going to be talking about something that is very prominent in our world today, and yet, is a dirty little secret so many people keep. We’re going to be talking about pornography. What it is, how it affects us, whether or not it is sinful, how we can recognize porn addictions, and the steps we can take free ourselves from the evil influences of porn will be our focus for today. Obviously we’re going to be talking about sexual subject matter, so if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing, you might want to skip this particular episode.

  • SFP 151: Unique Bible

    15/01/2013 Duration: 21min

    Welcome. Today we discuss the various ways the Bible is a unique book.

  • SFP 150: Love God!

    29/11/2012 Duration: 20min

    Welcome. In Mark 12:30-31 we have a very important command given to all Christians. This command is at the very heart of Christianity. Let’s take a look at them now. (Mar 12:30) And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. (Mar 12:31) And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. If we don’t live these commands, our walk with God will suffer for it, if not fail completely. Today we are going to be discussing how we can love God, and how we can affect that love in our lives.

  • SFP 149: 100 Ways We Fail Christ P1

    12/10/2012 Duration: 30min

    Welcome. Today I want to share an article that I found online about ways we deny or fail Christ in our lives. In this episode we tackle the first 50 things we do, or fail to do, for God in our lives. Email me at smartfaithpodcast (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • SFP 148: Christian Job Description

    26/09/2012 Duration: 27min

    Welcome. Today we’re going to be talking about something that applies to all Christians; that is what we should be doing in our roles as believers. It isn’t often enough, I think, that Christians in general think about what we should be doing. It’s easy to lose touch with the job description for a Christian because there is so much going on in the world around us, and frankly, we’re all very busy these days right? Well, that dog just won’t hunt, so let’s look at those things that should be part of our work as Christians.

  • SFP 147: A Rocky Situation

    04/09/2012 Duration: 20min

    Welcome. Today we are going to be talking about a passage of the Bible that is often quoted, but not always completely understood. We are going to be talking about the woman taken in adultery that is brought before Jesus as He taught in the temple. This is where the famous ‘he who is without sin cast the first stone’ verse comes from, and we’re going to take a look at the surrounding text to gain a better understanding of the context of this famous quote.

  • SFP 146: Christians Only?

    08/08/2012 Duration: 32min

    Welcome. Today I want to talk about the shooting in Colorado again in a way, I want to talk about some comments made by a radio host who then seemed to backpedal away from what he seemed to be saying. What happened is something that I think is happening more and more around the world today: political correctness is rearing its ugly head and causing the faithful from backing down from the truth of God’s Word.

  • SFP 145: Health, Shooting, and Gun Control

    24/07/2012 Duration: 18min

    Welcome. Today Joe rambles on about his health, the recent tragic shooting in Colorado, and about the ensuing question regarding gun control. Life is a fragile thing, and we would all do well to remember that. Serve God first with your life! Email Joe at smartfaithpodcast (at) yahoo (dot) com!

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